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  • Monaco-HR-Beaver-Safari Equivalent Coaches

    Scotty Hutto

    This is a question frequently asked on the site (and other Monaco sites).  I've done the best I can to compile what information is available. See note at bottom regarding corrections.

    Monaco Holiday Rambler Beaver  Safari “Mostly” Built in
    Signature - Marquis - Oregon
    Executive Navigator - Panther Oregon
    Dynasty Imperial Patriot Thunder Zanzibar Oregon
    Windsor Imperial (02-05) Contessa Gazelle OR / IN
    - - Monterey Sahara Oregon
    Camelot Scepter Sabrina Cheetah Indiana
    Diplomat Endeavor Santiam Simba Indiana
    Knight Ambassador - Passage Indiana
    Cayman Neptune - - Indiana
    (2006-9 DP)
    (2006-9 DP)
    - - Indiana
    LaPalma (gas) Vacationer (gas) - - Indiana
    Monarch (gas) Admiral (gas) - - Indiana

    1. 2004-2007 considered "prime" years of MCC by some because of quality, non-DEF engines, etc.
    2. Late 2007 through 2009 MCC was heading into bankruptcy (unpaid vendors, random parts).  Still great coaches, but some parts may not be standard.
    3. Beaver coaches are known for beautiful burl wood designs, cabinetry, and multiple species of wood on raised panel doors
    4. Higher-end Beavers have more robust slide construction, with encapsulated corners and additional cross-bracing

    Please provide any corrections, updates, or additional information in the comments below.  This will be updated as new or more accurate info comes available.

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    I think there was a Safari model called “Panther” in the early-to-mid-2000s that was roughly equivalent to the Monaco Executive. Somewhere along the way I collected a set of wiring schematics for a 2005 Panther that are very similar to the ones in my 2005 Exec book. And many (but not all) of my pages list “Pan” as one of the applicable models. Not sure of Safari Panther start and stop dates.

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    In reading where coaches were built, Knights were built in Indiana, but mine was built in Oregon according to my build sheet. Or was it built in IN and shipped to Oregon and then shipped to 1st owner in California?

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    According to the build sheet out 2005 Safari Cheetah 40DST was built in Oregon. Ours has a CAT C7 engine on a Roadmaster R4R chassis but I have run across a few with Cummins engines. Build location may have been  determined by chassis availability in those days. I think maybe the floor plan designation (ie: 40DST) across brands may indicate the closest cross over.


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    Thanks Scotty for posting this cross reference listing. I find it very informative and a real help when looking for information on builds and parts. It might be helpful to others make a pdf version and add it to the reference data file for easy download.

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