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  2. Welcome to Bill D's Monacoers' Daily digest for *|date|* To view this on the web click here: https://www.monacoers.org/newsletters/issue/311-monacoers-daily-digest/. To respond to a post, click on the post title to be taken to that topic on the website. Hello *|member_name|*, Here's what the Monacoers were talking about yesterday: Index Alert for rechargeable Oral-B toothbrush erperry_44 17 hours ago wireless heater controller?
  3. Any place out west that can make a copy of the CPU Multiplex system? I am in Tucson currently. Live in Colorado. Thanks!!
  4. Nice writeup! Thanks. I'll give those products a try.
  5. Gary, your melted plug could be anything from a loose connection in the plug itself or a lightning strike on the storage facility power to a loose connection in your breaker box. Since you obviously need a new plug end you will eliminate the plug issue and if the DC breaker for your cable reel actually went at the same time as a power surge, I would guess a lightning strike on the storage facility. Unfortunately it is difficult to diagnose but I would check out all of the remaining appliances/items in your coach looking for other failures to determine a power surge. Another thing to do is clos
  6. I saw this video on Facebook and found it informative about what can be done with the shifter pad.
  7. Yep! Rainy today so guess what I've been doing? Time to clean the floor grout. I've been wanting to get to this project for a few months now as the grout has lost some of it's luster what with the weekly cleaning and mopping. Deb asked me last summer how big a job I thought it would be. Well, today was my day! After watching several videos, it appeared a toilet bowl cleaner was the choice of the 'pros'...at least the video pros. Armed with the info, off to the market I went. Amazingly many of the stores were out or at least in very short supply of cleaning products period. Guess everyone is cl
  8. Breakers can be different animals depending on what it does. The Cable Master system does utilize a 20 amp resettable breaker but not the kind found in the traditional breaker panel in the bedroom. Look in your rear run bay and you should see a resettable 20amp breaker there. If it hasn't reset, you may have melted it as well and it'll need to be replaced. Any auto parts house will have it in stock or you can get it at Amazon if you don't want to go out but don't mine waiting a day or two for it to be delivered. I've attached a picture for your reference. Your mileage may differ but it'll be c
  9. As far as I know, the reel should be operating on 12V so no 120V breaker would be involved. Our 00 Sig reel has a autoreset 12V breaker at the driver side engine room panel. Don't know if 02 is the same but it could be. It is the second row from left, second from top and goes directly to the motor/switch. I would start by checking for power right there.
  10. Yes they do. I'll post what pics I have on my phone. Shipping to where? Probably I'll have to get weights and dimensions and check w UPS. I was there one day and asked about this. He said that they can package them up for safe shipping. As far as cost, I'm open to what you think is fair plus shipping. I'll look around and see if I can find pricing.
  11. I recently found our our stored 2002 Signature with dead houses batteries and a melted 20 amp wall receptacle along with the melted 30 amp dog bone and I also found an unmarked breaker which had tripped. I replaced the all the melted components with new. I have no idea what caused the meltdown. Perhaps a receptacle wiring which was not fully tight? Without a label, I have no idea what the tripped breaker protects. I reset the breaker and now all batteries continue to be charged. However then I find; The CM-7, 50 Amp Cable reel system does not work, when I hit the payout, (or "cable-i
  12. Look in the download / brakes section for your specific ABS manual. Frank got it awesomely organized for an easy lookup.
  13. Did you figure this out? Does the alarm seem to be in the transmission itself or with the levelers? If transmission, you can use the control panel to get a diagnostic code and go from there. If it's coming from the levelers, do they work as they should? When my Nason switch went out, my levelers wouldn't work, but my transmission was fine.
  14. I was able to replace the switch. That appears to have fixed the beeping. 2 Days driving with stopping and starting no problems. Did have an issue with the ABS light coming on and off.. Anyone know anything about the ABS? Thanks' for all the import.
  15. Yesterday
  16. Hum.....do they have gaskets and are ready to hang? How much to box and ship?
  17. Hi Woody, Can't remember where to camp. It was several years ago. Unfortunately the best viewing is from the Canadian side. However, you can get several spectacular views from: Walk behind the Falls. cross over to Goat Island where you'll be right on top of the edge of the American Falls, Maid of the Mist boat. Also, view the Falls at night from a park with gorgeous flowers. You'll never forget it, even if you never get to Canada. Woody, and everyone, If it's a very cold winter and you are in the area, the Falls and the surrounding ice and frost are spectacular. The HUGE chunks of ice
  18. The KOA Campground is about five miles from the falls. Nice Campground large sites and great staff
  19. Heading for Niagara Falls in Sept. I believe Canada is shut off to cross, where is the best place to park for a few days? Best viewing area? Not sure if this is the correct place on the forum to ask this question. thanks, Woody Miller 09 Dynasty Regal IV
  20. Cummin's should know what they're doing, but they may sub it out. As others said make sure all connections to the batteries are completely and physically removed. Takes a good eye, I kept seeing a led on in the FRB after disconnecting the batteries, but there were a couple small wires, 12ga, way in the back hiding. Welders don't like lugging the cables any further than they have to, you might want to help the guy get his ground lead next to the work.
  21. It's rack and pinion The batteries are new last year and all of the other slides work fine. I'm thinking the motor is weak, just hoping not to have to pay the $300 plus if it was a roller aliment problem.
  22. Maybe batteries getting tired.
  23. How much do you want for the door and to box it up and take it to shipping? Will it come complete with wood grain?
  24. Thats fine but hydraulics have a motor also. Nothing was mentioned about rack and pinion or gears. Then I would have known it was not hydraulic.
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