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  2. The ABS light came on while driving and stayed on. Tried to read codes while stopped at rest stop and got 2 codes on the Tag ABS system only. They were 17 - 8 and 17 -3. Cleared codes and light went out and stayed out for 50 miles then came back on. Got home and checked codes again, could not get any codes from main ABS system only from Tag system and same codes were there. Manual says the 17 - 8 code is the Tag ABS is disabled. Can't find anything about 17 - 3 code. Anybody got the code diagnostics?? Safe travels Dave
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  4. I just uploaded the 07 Diplomat wiring diagrams. They should be available once the moderator approves them. Roy Frank, I just noticed that there are a set of wiring diagrams already uploaded for the 07 Knight. However, when I tried to download them, Mcafee said that they are dangerous and possibly infected with a virus/spyware. I don't know whether this has something to do with how the files are handled by the web site or whether Mcafee is correct. Any idea how I can get someone to look into this? thanks Roy
  5. Yes He is. Over the past many years. Land has been a good solid long term investment. Now he can grow food, graze cattle? Or put all the land in a government funded set aside program. And get pd to leave the ground idle and sell carbon credits or collect set aside funds, or both. Only time will tell what he chooses to do.
  6. Another Wash WaxAll fan here. Have been using it for about 5 yrs now. There double sided microfiber head with their awesome extending pole is also highly recommended and a must have in my opinion.
  7. Try using a wire pulling mule and pull as many wires as you can get in the conduit. Never know when you will need additional.
  8. Isn’t Billy Gates the largest farm owner in the US now?
  9. Main advantage is it covers the fabric when the slide is closed. Replacing the fabric more often will be cheaper than trying to find one.
  10. The outline of the gasket is easily visible in that photo. I'll bet they are on the cover.
  11. Have you looked on the Mfg. of your units web site for that information? Maybe a email to tech support asking for it? A drawing of the template they use for locating the tape during manufacturing?
  12. Political or Policy driven ??? Policy is used to project the future. Corporation s spend millions studying the future results created by today's policy's Regardless of politics. We all can see that today's policy's can creat very inflated fuel prices. Study the past 6 months for example. Now we did live with diesel at $4.00 + Plus a gallon a few years ago . Many soon forget. Many slowed down theirrv travels. It's possible that we will have $8.00 Diesel in the near future. That alone will curtail recreational travel. Maybe that's the goal of some people? I don't know. I don't see any of the above as Political, just sharing experiences and future projections like every Corporation and family's planning budgets and future opportunities, vacations. Now if it costs double in fuel costs to harvest wheat, corn, soybeans etc. The cost to truck will increase. Bread could double in cost on the shelves And milk, cereal and meat. All because of a few Policy's, goals, desires. Bill Gates states that the American puic will get used to Lab manufactured meats. His goals appear to be, no beef, no hogs maybe ? And he is in no way an elected official, politician. But every farmer, Rancher, meat packer listens to his every word very carefully.
  13. Tried to find the spare wires on our 04 Dynasty, found the ones in the dash but could not find where they were in the back of the coach. Gave up and mounted the brake controller in the engine compartment (took 45 minutes) and then a year later, behind the rear run box, I found the four wires connected to a white plug….same as in the dash near the steering column.
  14. Echoing what Frank said…. My gaskets were attached to the covers (and looked about like Frank’s), and when I replaced the covers after a storm blew them away in summer 2017 I attached the foam to the AC unit like Frank did. I wasn’t as smart as Frank… I just couldn’t figure out where the gaskets were supposed to go on the cover, but I could clearly see where they had been touching inside the unit, so…. As my older brother would say… “even a blind hog finds an acorn once in a while…”
  15. It would be cool to know how far from the last one I have. No idea how to figure that out though. Last 8 of my VIN are 91049124
  16. I also am a big fan of Wash Wax All. It's not exactly a presoak but when used regularly it makes it much easier to wash. When traveling I use it on my windshield and front end every night.
  17. I was able to contact the Event Coordinator for the 2022 Gathering and confirmed why the changes in the cost. The original cost for the Gathering of $498.40 did include all taxes and is for 2 adults attending. The $403.92 cost is for just 1 adult and includes all taxes. I misunderstood that it was inclusive and will make the change in the information posted. Lazydays made an error on the taxes and adjusted the All Inclusive Rate to reflect this mistake and it reduced the cost by $4.27. The new cost is $494.13 as reflected on your statement.
  18. So rules state we cannot talk about generalities on where our future prices might be to maintain our rigs and how we can plan for such? If someone wants to get political is that my fault for bringing the question?
  19. I'm replacing my monitor/cameras. My selector switch died some time ago and I understand there is no replacement. That's OK, the new monitors can do the switching. I'm replacing my all three of my current cameras and monitor. The selector switch went into the garbage when I rebuilt my side arm dash and moved the switches where I wanted them. My Sony system has the 6 pin connector, which I will reuse the cable by splicing onto the 4 wires that I will need for the new cameras. Copper is copper, insulation color is just for identification. There are butt splices that contain solder in them. You join the wires in the butt splice, heat it up, the solder melts and seals both ends. Woody Miller 09 Dynasty Regal IV
  20. Asking for a friend. Who follows the rules these days??
  21. Paul, after talking with you I checked into the BOYO monitor and cameras. Pulled the trigger on their 9 inch DVR monitor and a camera for the rear view. Of all places, Wal-Mart sells BOYO and the lowest price with free delivery. Seems like the only thing I can't find a lower price on is the RAM mount stuff. RAM is pretty proud of their stuff, but it does the job.
  22. The foam tape might be installed on the top cover and if done right, you should get a good seal such that all the air flows through the condenser. On mine it wasn't done correctly so I just put the foam directly on the condenser and associated parts vs trying to figure out how to get the foam properly positioned on the cover. I looked up where I bought new foam tape and back in 2017, Dyers was selling the kit with 10 feet for $10. It was item #83697. I just checked and it is out of stock. But there is nothing special about 1.5" x 1.5" foam tape. I'm sure you can find a supplier on Amazon.
  23. Thank you David & Richard! I had not noticed that. I called Lazydays this morning. I was told that there is still a problem with the reservation system. The correction will be made within the coming week, at which they will be calling me with the update. So I will continue to watch... Dave Elsner 04 Camelot 40ft/PST Reno, NV.
  24. Dave, After looking at your Statement, I see that the only issue is that it is less than the rate that I was originally quoted and it includes taxes. The original quote was $498.13 plus taxes and was for the Site with 2 adults and includes all the evening meals and Seminars. If there is only one adult then you will only pay $403.92 plus taxes. I do not know if the person that took your Reservation made a mistake and did not charge the rate that was originally agreed upon in the contract. I will call Lazydays on Monday and find out why the change or if there was a mistake made and get it corrected. Also, in the past for the Gatherings, Lazydays did not require a Deposit in advance when you made your reservation and charged you the full amount when you arrived. They now require a 50% deposit when you make your reservation and send you an Itemized statement of the charges. Lazydays will collect the balance when you arrive for the Gathering. The original Quoted price for the gathering was $498.40 plus taxes. your statement total is for $494.13 and includes taxes so it is a win for you if it was not a mistake. I will post what I find out and make any corrections necessary in the information that is posted. AS OF TODAY OVER HALF OF THE SITES FOR THE GATHERING HAVE BEEN RESERVED! IF YOU ARE GOING TO ATTEND THE GATHERING MAKE YOUR RESERVATION EARLY!
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