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  2. My husband used Contractor's Solvent and it worked great with no need for any repainting after. Tricia N. '06 Diplomat
  3. Thanks. I did see that before I posted this and it's informative. I can't even imagine me ever getting close to the 1M cycles in my lifetime. And as Bob said, that is misleading too. Since you can screw the cap on and lower/raise the black plunger housing inside the switch, I was wondering if anyone had just done some sort of 'calibrating' to the adjustable part. I don't know if Nason did it that way or not. I know I can put the cap on tighter that it was originally, and keep the switch closed all the time.
  4. In my opinion, white/light color would be longest lasting because of the heat reflection, if done with a quality paint. Don't know about boat paint difference but look at high end light color cars looking good after many years compared to dark ones. The prep is the same regardless of color, you just have to be careful not to sand or scuff past the edge. Having said that, light colors are more forgiving to lousy prep than black which is the worst in making imperfection visible.
  5. Chris, said like a true senior who has experienced life's wonders and beauty. Now enjoying them thru different eyes. Enjoy my friend and stay safe. Nor I Dennis
  6. https://www.irv2.com/forums/f115/my-thoughts-on-the-nason-parking-brake-switch-197560-3.html Bob details how to build your own in a PDF in post #32
  7. Flies, mosquitos and spiders get no love from me...just sayin....Dennis
  8. Definitely interested in the answer to this question. My Nason switch even after replacing is a constant pain.. have to push it in and out a couple times to get the parking light to come on now.
  9. Just an F Y I. Colaw RV | Used RV Parts & RV Salvage | North America's ... colawrvsalvage.com Colaw RV Parts specializes in New And Used RV Parts & Accessories. Operating The Largest RV Salvage In The Midwest. We Have Your Part! ‎Miscellaneous RV Parts · ‎RV FurnIture · ‎Salvage RVs · ‎Used RV Appliances
  10. My nason switch at the parking brake plunger has been intermittent. I had a new spare switch so I swapped it out and seems to have solved the issue. The old one isn't that old, maybe a few years. I took the old one apart on the bench and it's pretty simple. Depending on how tight you screw down the cap, seems to be how much air pressure is needed to make the connection. With my meter connected to the bed and black wire, I can tell when the switch does activate when I add air pressure while on the bench. There was no debris or corrosion when I took the switch apart. My question
  11. Currious, has anyone considered repainting just the roof line and end caps down to clearance lights white. What kind of paint is used on large boats ? Would I end up with the same problem again in time? Would the prep work be the same with a different paint and color. Don T.
  12. Jim: If you look across several RV sales sites you will find listing prices. I have found RV Trader has some insane asking prices. PPL motorhomes has pricing that is more in line with the current market and are closer to what coaches actually sell for. I watch several sites including e-bay. I wholesaled our first coach off E-Bay from a dealer, drove it for 2 years and sold it for what I paid. Some coach owners get ridiculous with their asking prices which all relates back to thinking what they own is gold. The art of selling is hitting the right price point where you get a decent sales pr
  13. Yeah, it's fine to run it for coach heating with the fresh water loop filled with plumbers antifreeze. I've never read anything warning 'not' to run it with an empty loop. Anyone else?
  14. 2008 Monaco Camelot. Sorry I thought it was in signature.
  15. You can have your body shop try and get a front cap from a salvage yard. Visone RV Salvage has a lot of coaches.
  16. Good article. I decided two months ago to sell my 02 Monaco Cayman. I finally got it all polished up and ready to sell. Where would you go to place an ad for selling my MH? Where can I get the value so I can price it correctly? It still has an extended warranty thru next August or up to 160,000 miles and transferable on major appliances, engine, tranny and seals. I think that by itself is worth a lot, but I'm not sure how to price it. It's in excellent condition with 117,000 miles. Any suggestions? Jim
  17. Thank you! Agh yes I forgot they would be full with antifreeze of course! Then there really shouldn’t be a problem with running it. If I need to. I’ll run a space heater first and see if I can get by with just doing that. And if not I’ll start up the Aquahot
  18. You should use the mechanical slide lock rods when traveling. Relying on the hydraulics alone can be catastrophic.
  19. In 2011 just under the 2 year warranty Lipper agreeded to replace my slide pump after I pointed out the 6 design problems with the original. Those were 1 Unsupported long tank, 2 failed pump seal, 3 no drain for the failed seal which caused the fluid to enter are ruin the motor, 4 no hex socket to turn the motor, 5 and believe it or not a nut on the end of the shaft to turn the motor with a drill - never mind that it was a right hand nut that had to turn CCW and came right off, 6 a very short shaft and no way to jam the nut on the shaft. Son and I had one hel* of a time getting the shaft to tu
  20. It would help if you posted the year your Camelot was made. Chuck B
  21. You need to ask aqua hot whether it is OK to have the coils empty. An aqua hot rep and my service person says water lines should be filled with RV antifreeze to prevent condensation causing freezing and then busting coils. With lines full, he said there is no problem turning it on for the heat. I learned this the hard way. Other models may be different.
  22. Just an update on coach prices in case someone is buying or selling. While many rely on Kelley Blue Book for prices, the true and actual value of your coach is more reliable using the dealers Black Book. This gives a much truer representation of what coaches are selling for at auction. For those who may not understand the auction prices, dealers are trading ( buying and selling ) at auctions constantly. A coach sitting on a lot at Lazy days in Tampa on Monday maybe sitting on a lot at RV ONE in Orlando on Friday. Dealers buy these coaches at auction ( black book ) prices which change by t
  23. I’ve already winterized the coach but need to heat it to work on the inside. Is it possible to heat the coach with the aquahot while it’s winterized or should I put space heaters in it and heat it and warm it that way?
  24. If you remove a window you should clean the surface of the frame and coach side wall. When re-setting the window use butyl tape between the frame and coach wall. Be sure the seam ( the ends of the tape ) are placed at the bottom. Tighten the window using a star pattern. Once the window is back in place caulk the frame using Proflex RV caulking.
  25. I believe as we get old we understand the struggles of living a long healthy life. This probably is why we now have an appreciation for all living creatures. I was an avid hunter and spent every spare hour I had in the field. I can remember days I would take my hunting dog and gear to work with me so I could head straight to the field after I left work. Since I have gotten older I no longer hunt and leave my passion for firearms to the gun range. I give a pass to all living creatures these days except poisonous snakes and rats. One only has to be bitten by a poisonous snake once like I ha
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