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  2. When the antifreeze heats up it expands, pressurizes the tank, pushes past the radiator cap and flows into the expansion tank. Then when the system cools down, it pulls the antifreeze back in. In mine, the difference between hot and cold is about 2-1/2 qt. If your level is not changing in the expansion tank it could mean there’s a leak where the pressure cap is soldered to the tube coming up out of the tank. This is a common failure point. If the tank is really low, it might explain yours not pulling in antifreeze when it cooled down, but if everything was sealed up it would likely expel
  3. I replaced mine on a 2001 Diplomat. I ordered the new ones from Amazon they were made by TYC and if I remember they were for a mid 80's Ford van. The shells that hold the headlights are bolted to the cap from the rear using self tapping metal screws. Removing & replacing these almost made me loose my faith in my abilities. I removed my gen door to make it possible for me to do this. The passenger side was not that hard but the drivers side was painful at best. I have pictures that I am attaching that I took. I tried to think of a way to remove the lights and leave the buckets in place &
  4. Agree with Randy that it’s the missing ring...could be stolen from another fitting instead of replacing the entire fitting. I may have messed up having just talked our daughter into buying a 06 HR Navigator with a Detroit 60. Now I’m working on 3 rigs. Only major thing it needs are two 315’s for the front.
  5. Thanks Richard, you said it all in your first line. My Aqua Hot is of the 431 series and does not have zone lights or low fluid level cut off switch. Roger Berke replied to check fluid level and the good part (not known to me) is that the early 431 series uses everyday anti freeze like prestone. Big money saver there. Jim
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  7. Couple years ago I bought a W01-358-9376 air bag made by Blacktech off EBay for $110 as a spare. A year ago it was $125 and currently I do not find it listed. Did find Firestone for $172 instead of VanHorn’s $169. https://www.sdtrucksprings.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=8571&gclid=CjwKCAjwvMqDBhB8EiwA2iSmPGF9EqqSX-g1MUWxkTsQSRFd8qb_0NDNn3Ec1TjUceYVMBBb-80IPxoCvTYQAvD_BwE
  8. @Jonbrooks good am and have a great trip. I noticed you have a PT cruiser on a tow dolly. The PO of our coach had a PT cruiser he towed and had a lube pump installed so he could flat tow it. You may be aware of that, but if not, I thought I'd share that. Happy travels.
  9. The King Jack head replacement ($40) is what I would buy. It’s less directional and while 3’ higher than the roof is not much, it helps the signal strength. The ACs will block the signal to a roof mounted antenna.
  10. How do you synchronize the cylinders ???


    1. Rob M cKeown

      Rob M cKeown

      The HWH Manual has the procedure detailed in it. I am not near my coach to scan and send what I have but HWH has it available on line for the different systems.

  11. If the PTC fittings are metal, there is a brand (camozzi) bodies are all metal. The plastic PTC fittings (Legris) work just as well. Do a google search for Camozzi Air Fittings. You will need to know tube size and thread pitch. You picture seems to show the fitting is screwed in to the block By the way, the ring that is missing is pushed in to remove the plastic tube
  12. Thanks to all for your input. It’s been a great help. Tomorrow, we go to work and pull the cylinder,, and may do the other side if all goes well. Considering the sync cylinder as well, assuming it’s the one on the basement ceiling wit a long exposed rod , that runs north/south.. Bob ‘03 Dynasty Baroness 40’, 3 slides
  13. Jim, for years I have used SS braided washing machine hoses snapped together with quick disconnects for my shore water hookups. We do NOT use any shore water for drinking, only for showers, toilet and sinks. I do carry a 25 foot collapsible canvas hose I purchased from Camping World many years ago just in case the water hookup is too far away not allowing me to use the few sections of SS braided hose that I carry. However they no longer carry that product. The only place I found that carries something similar is West Marine and it only comes in a 50 foot length. https://tinyurl.com/p
  14. With ANY fluid problem you FIRST check to make sure that the boiler tank is full by removing the radiator cap and stick you finger down into the hole. If you can't feel any fluid then it is too LOW. Once the boiler tank has been filled and you know that the hose between the radiator cap neck and overflow tank is tight without any leaks then you can observe the level in the overflow tank rise when the Webasto burner is running. Once the burner turns off, check the fluid level to make sure it is close to the FULL mark on the overflow tank. Now you can monitor the level changes as the boiler heat
  15. The PTC fittings that I have worked with on my Windsor have all been metal not plastic. However, I haven't been behind the dash even since owning the coach for over 17 years now so I don't know what they used behind the dash. Plus they have all been an integral part of the fixture.
  16. Welcome to Bill D's Monacoers' Daily digest for *|date|* To view this on the web click here: https://www.monacoers.org/newsletters/issue/388-monacoers-daily-digest/. To respond to a post, click on the post title to be taken to that topic on the website. Hello *|member_name|*, Here's what the Monacoers were talking about yesterday: Index Air pressure gauge line blew off... HELP APPRECIATED willbo777 20 hours ago Fuel Injector Priming Pump and W
  17. When I bought it, it had been chipped to 525 HP. Didn't notice much difference except lesser fuel economy. I removed the chip and it's been great for over 100,000 miles....Dennis
  18. Wish I could say the same. Pretty much took a coach nobody could sell and turned it into a modern coach nobody could afford to build and sell ! Thanks Monoco and especially Chrysler!
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  20. I heard about the 'Ugly Fix', if that's what you're referring to. I've heard about it with the DD60 and some with the ISX. It is in the compoany's product list but I never before heard a motorhomer with it installed on the ISM. I've looked on mine and cannot even locate the atmospheric sensor which it's supposed to replace. By 'chipped' do you mean the Ugly fix for the ISM or something else?
  21. I certainly agree 👍👌💯 percent. I think you well understand the engineering of the Allison Transmission s Mel
  22. I doubt anyone on here has steel rims on the front so aluminum. I’ve seen as low as 7400 lbs up to our rims that are 7650. Looked up what a Alcoa 8.25” is rated... 2400 lbs but found it interesting that it’s rated for a 315 tire.
  23. https://familyrvingmag.com/2012/03/01/allison-transmission-mode-button/
  24. I would agree with Bob. There should be no need to run an additional wire. I would caution on the 360 degree antenna. While it is nice to not have to aim it, you will not get the level of reception that you get on the batwing with the extension for DTV. The 360 should work for close stations.
  25. Keith W keithwiedenhoeft@comcast.net Thank you
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