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    On Jun 3 2020, I had to be towed from an RV park in Dillard, GA to a repair shop I trusted in Cumming, GA. The shop was MTR Fleet Services. That is approximately 94 miles. I called Coach-Net. I’ve been a member for many years, but have never used them. I explained that my problem was with the ECM of the coach and there was no point in towing it to any shop that did not have INSITE (Cummins Engine Diagnostics) software. They agreed, which pleasantly surprised me. The towing company was United Towing from Alpharetta, GA. I spoke to them and gave them all pertinent information—coach length, weight, height, number of axles, air suspension, air brakes, automatic transmission. The most important thing I stressed to them was that NOTHING less than a Class 8 wrecker could do this job, and that it must have a stinger at least 7’ long with “cradles” for the coach’s wheels. I did not want it towed by attaching anything to the front axle. I had heard too many horror stories that resulted from that method of securing the coach to the wrecker’s stinger. Raymond was the driver. He was a pleasant, professional fellow who obviously had a great deal of experience towing very heavy vehicles. He crawled under the coach and “caged” the parking brakes. The driveshaft had cap bolts that were difficult to remove, so he promptly removed an axle. In no time, Raymond had the front tires in the cradles and was ready to leave. The long drive was uneventful. I followed in my tow vehicle to the destination. Jason Martin, owner of MTR Fleet Services, greeted Raymond as he pulled in with my coach. It was obvious they knew each other well. Jason later told me I had “one of the best and the safest” wrecker operators he had ever known. My thanks to Coach-Net, Raymond from United Towing, and Jason Martin of MTR Fleet Services. There is much more to say about the excellent, above-and-beyond service I got from MTR. I’ll do that in another post.
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    While not Monaco specific, the attached link is for service manuals for much of the added equipment in our coaches. These manuals are in .pdf format and can be downloaded free....Dennis SERVICE MANUALS
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    OK guys, sorry about being late with this request as it totally slipped my mind with all that's been going on the past months. I have attached two photos of the old HWH Air Compressor which sits up high on a platform to the rear of the front axle just in front of the first bay containing the diesel and LPG tanks. The post below is a copy of the follow-up post I had made after completing the project including photos of the new compressor and rebuilt platform. Here is a re-post of my HWH Air Compressor project which I had done back last summer while Workamping up in New Hampshire. Hi Folks, Just to close out this thread with a follow-up, some photos and description of what I did to relocate the failed air compressor for the HWH Air Leveling System. After the complete unit was removed from under the coach where it was housed in a cage just to the rear of the front axle (VERY poor location - what were they thinking????) I removed the defective air compressor, relay and pressure switch. I then verified that the air/moisture spitter valve still worked by hooking it to a 12 VDC battery. I removed the filter above the valve and that did not need any further maintenance so I replaced it without any maintenance. I then cleaned up the base and proceeded to install the three new components. I had previously purchased a new air compressor, Viar Model 450C, an Emerson Relay Model 120-105711 and a Viar Pressure Switch Model 90100 which is On @ 90 psi / Off @ 120 psi. All three were obtained from Amazon. I also purchased 10 feet of 3/8 air line, one air-line union-coupling, some wire and split loom from the local NAPA store. I extended the two wires using crimp connectors and heat shrink. I installed the air-line coupling onto the line coming from the rear of the coach that goes to the rear 6 pack valves and also hooked it to one end of the new air-line. I then removed the old short air-line coming from the front 6-pack valves and attached the other end of the new air-line to the 6-pack valve. I used spilt-loom to cover all of the wires and air-lines for protection. All of those extensions were routed through a chassis frame which went directly into the adjacent bay where the diesel fuel and LPG tanks were located and where the new location will be for the air compressor. I had previously constructed a wooden shelf over the passenger side of the LPG tank which will hold the air compressor unit. The Viar Air Compressor came with rubber isolators but I added the springs that were used on the old Thomas Air Compressor to the mounting also. I also used some new springs between the base of the unit and the shelf to help further isolate and help dampen any vibrations coming from the compressor. I positioned the complete unit so it was easily accessible for routine maintenance if needed. Due to my installation of the compressor unit onto the wooden shelf I installed a ground wire from the metal base of the unit to the chassis to form the ground needed to run the system. I have attached photos of the rebuilt base unit installed in its final resting place. I am VERY pleased with the outcome and appreciate all of the help from my Workamper neighbor who was hired to do all of the work under the coach while I assisted him from outside with tools and materials. I am now able to re-level the coach without having to start up the engine to air up the system plus I no longer will have to worry about the air compressor failing once again from exposure to the elements, road debris and whatever it was exposed to in its previous location. Richard S. 02 Windsor PBT Saco River Area Campground North Conway NH
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    I posted these several months ago but thought it appropriate to repost here. You coach is open to all kinds of critters. I had 'droppings' on my engine just below the bedroom so I put a camera inside to see if I could find what critter was hiding out. I also put out a large trap. Here's what happened.. vid one is the first night vid two is the second.....Dennis Vid One.MOV Vid Two.MOV
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    I think some are missing the point: The head guy at HF not only issued the recall, he said they'd reviewed their other stands as well, and (as they say), out of an abundance of caution, they would offer refunds for their 6 and 12T stands as well, although those units are not in the recall. He also issued an apology; When was the last time a corporate CEO issued an apology along with a recall? Good job by HF. The guy at the top actually knows what is going on in his company, and takes responsibility for it. As for me, I don't work on the undercarriage of my MH, as I lack the space and tools to do it safely.
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    Every HF I've gone to has a mark down bay, usually at the back of the store. One of your drivers failed and they gave you a new one. Depending on the warranty time etc. they might have simply said sorry. That they make you whole again shows they did the right thing. Now if you returned the entire set and they simply gave you a new one then that would be fair also. That they will try to make a few pennies on the open package should be of little concern to you. You could have asked them what they will be marking it down to and maybe purchase it then that might be an alternative. How far you have to go to get to the store is irrelevant....Be safe, go camping....Dennis
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    I am attaching a list of RV Salvage Yards. This should help the members find needed parts that may no longer be available from the manufactures and Orphaned Coaches https://www.azrvsalvage.com/home.html https://www.hugedomains.com/domain_profile.cfm?d=ronthebusnut&e=com http://bontragers.com/ http://www.nwrvsupply.com/index.htm http://www.cherokeervparts.com/ https://www.bing.com/search?mkt=en-US&FORM=IA10AR&pc=RTME&q=www.rvsurplussalvage.com%2Fcatalog%2Fdisplay.php%3Fcategory_id%3D36 http://www.olywa.net/singletonsrv/parts.html http://en.visonerv.com/cgi-bin/c/rvsalvagemotorhomes-partingout.pl
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    Just as an update, I learned today that new penguin II units may not ship till September and some dealers are reporting October. If this is true then it is going to really hurt if you lose an AC unit. The good news is that my tech, Dustin, just did a Penguin II change out today with their latest model on a unit with a 5 button thermostat. It appears Dometic changed their board setup this year and the units are direct change outs and the new boards will work with your old thermostat. What I am hearing is that once the new Penguin II's ship, that initial inventory will go to fill dealer back orders. Many of the dealers have coaches waiting for these units. Once the back orders are met then I believe dealers will start stocking their shelves for direct sales to the public. Until then if your AC unit goes out then I suggest spending a couple days searching dealers around the country to see if they have a unit hidden away and sitting on a shelf. It has taken us 2 weeks to get capacitors, reversing valves and overload switches. There are all kinds of RV parts that are unavailble at the moment so do not be surprised if you spend a couple days chasing down a part and have to wait a couple weeks for delivery. It is absolutely crazy out there right now.
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    Scotty, On our 2006 Diplomat 40PDQ the furnace under the frig has one output directed to the dinette area and a duct beneath the floor that has three outputs, one to the bathroom, one to the middle of the hallway in the shower area and the other in the bedroom. The other furnace is in the curbside front slide and only has three outputs all in that slide. The wife likes a warm floor so we do use both of ours. I expect how one used either the heat pumps or the furnaces or a combination is personal preference. I don't know but think these only come in the 30,000 BTU size. I believe many who have a 2005 or earlier coach did remove that furnace to install the Samsung but those years had a lower ceiling height. Your coach is the first year Diplomat with the higher ceiling. Its your call so do what makes you happy. Bob
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    OK, I'll start New grilles for the Air Conditioners and Fantastic Fans and replacements for the fluorescent lights . I had posted this on irv2 but thought it might be OK here as well.
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    I thought I'd share something I discovered Sunday. My front rooftop A.C. was dripping condensation in the coach so I pulled the inside cover off while running to tighten the 4 bolts. On either side of the squirrel fan, there was a large amount of one of the interior layers of insulation being pulled/blown into the H ducts blocking at least 80% of the air flow going to the small round registers. I tore off the insulation and could quickly notice more air coming thru the registers. I've had that cover off several times, but never when running and never noticed that blockage. The insulation is pliable enough to fall down w the A.C. not running. The bedroom a.c. was about 75% blocked on one duct and 25% on the other. I wish I had pics, but my phone crashed before that. Looking forward to testing in the heat soon.
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    My bedroom AC unit was acting up recently. It would initially put out cold air, but after a few minutes the air turned lukewarm. The DW was not pleased and as she has tended to do, demanded I take the coach to a repair shop. Well, I’m not doing that. I noticed no condensation dripping from the outside AC drain line. It must be blocked. I snaked the drain line under the coach without success. Then I opened the inside vent and could visibly see the plastic drain line. I squeezed it all along it’s length by hand, while the unit was running. I could see mold was inside the drain line. Very shortly thereafter, water was draining on the ground from the outside drain line. Easy fix. Later I removed all three AC shrouds and poured a mixture of bleach and water into all the drains. Then ran the ACs to drain it out. All seems good now
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    I want to Thank everyone over the past few weeks that have taken the time to upload new files. There is a growing wealth of new information that helps to keep our coaches rolling down the road. New file uploads are now included in the daily digests. When you first open the Downloads tab under Browse, you will see the latest 14 newest files uploaded, the top 9 highest rated files and the top 14 with the highest number of downloads. I see some new files are very popular - keep the uploads coming. Don't worry if you don't get all the information in terms of title, description, and category exactly right. All uploads are moderated and I'll fix it (even add a screen shoot) before approving for the group to see. I'm always open to suggestions to improve how our files are organized and please let me know if you see errors. Frank McElroy
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    The first thing you should do is re-stretch the fabric against the coach rail. Simply removes the set screw on one end of the coach rail and then pull like the dickens on the other end. By doing this you pull the center of the fabric. taught If you need more tension then do as Scotty said. 2006 was the transition year for Carefree topper assemblies so you either have the SOK II model ( one screw in the plastic end cap ) or you have the SOK III which has multiple screws on the end cap. You need to know which assembly you have. The SOK II has a hold down bolt for the spring and it will be located on the left side. The SOK III assembly has a cog wheel and a tab built into the end which holds tension on the spring. So the SOK II spring is on your left and the SOK III spring is on your right. In either case always pin the spring before releasing removing the end cap on the SOK III or before losenning the hold down bolt on the SOK II. If you loose tension you have a 50/50 chance of breaking the spring. Scotty did well considering he graduated from the wrong MSU. 🙂 Go Spartans.
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    I had the same issue, and here is the advice Chris Throgmartin gave @throgmartin: "Put the slide all the way out and then pin the spring which is on the right side of the assembly. Then remove the right en cap or tilt it out so the cog wheel on the spring is free. Make sure the spring is pinned before doing this. Now, bring the slide in about 4 inches, roll up the excess fabric, and then re-assemble the end cap. Now move the slide back out and check the fabric tension. You just put one wind on the spring. Every 4 inches of slide travel equals one wind. You may have to go 6 inches; the fabric should be taut. " Hope that helps! Chris will tell me if I got it wrong. 😂 PS - I have SOKIII slide toppers.
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    My experience has been that the Watts should be installed on the front first. If you only have one Watts link it should be on the front. If you do not have a Watts link on the front then you should do that before wasting time and money on an alignment. An alignment will have zero effect on wandering. The only time an alignment can reduce wandering is if your wheels are toed out. You can adjust the toe with a friend and a tape measure. Wandering is caused by your wheels not going where you point them and is usually caused by worn or loose steering components. In your case the problem is caused by slop in the trailing arms and the fact that you have a single Panhard bar. That single Panhard bar forms a fulcrum point allowing the front H-frame to pivot around the Panhard bar tie point at the H-frame. This is a result of the H-frame being mounted on 4 air bags that are very flexible by design. The Roadmaster chassis falls short in the fact that 4 trailing arms and a single Panhard bar will not completely stabilize the H-frame. Since your front axle is attached to the H-frame then your front tiers are attached to the H-frame. When your H-frame wiggles so do your front tires. If your coach is cruising down the highway at 60 MPH your front tiers are covering a distance of 88 feet per second. That converts to 1056 inches per second. If for what ever reason your front H-frame wiggles around the Panhard bar connection to the left or the right by 0.1 degrees then the direction of your front wheels will point 0.1 degrees away from your intended direction of travel. Assuming 1056 inches along the hypotenuse of the right triangle formed by the new wheel direction and the intended path of the coach then the Sine of 0.1 x 1056 = 1.84 inches. That means that in one second your coach will deviate 1.84 inches from your intended direction. In two seconds it will be off by 3.68 inches.
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    The xza2 is a long haul highway tire and I think the most energy efficient of the bunch. The xze is a regional tire. Great if you have a ups truck. The Toyo is a truck tire. I would not use it for the steer axle. I’m not sure about the other Michelin’s. I’m on my second set of xza2’s and like their performance . I had an issue with them getting side wall cracks but Michelin adjusted them at 50k miles and 6.5 years for about half price so they stand behind their products . The michelin xza2 needs about 5psi less air pressure than the Toyo so it rides better and is easier to inflate with coach air than the toyo. The Michelin’s xza2 have all had perfect wear patterns on over 80k miles and 16 tires . Can’t say that about gy670s that came on the coach. I imagine that the Michelin costs a couple hundred more than a toyo, but is more energy efficient and rides better.
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    Interesting video on the history of two of the greatest motorhomes ever built. I didn’t know the guys who started Monaco, CC, and Safari all worked together at Caribou. https://youtu.be/E2sXoX-BLNY
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    PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: I've gotten a few messages lately about "where are the files?" Everyone sees the files being uploaded by Frank (Thanks @Frank McElroy!!) and wants to browse them. All of the files brought over from the Yahoo! site under the "Files" section are under the"Downloads" section in the new site. (Sorry, but it won't let me change the name to "Files" 🤦🏻‍♂️) At the top of the screen, select Browse, then select "Downloads" to view the available files. From a mobile device, use the "pull down" menu (three little white horizontal lines in the upper right hand corner), then select Browse ==> Downloads.
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    To those who think Harbor freight tools are great. To the Harbor Freight Community: I'm writing to apologize. I often reach out to tell you about Harbor Freight's commitment to quality and all the investments we've made to deliver quality tools at the lowest prices. Your trust matters deeply to me and I'm proud of how far we've come. So when we have a product recall, it hurts. A few months ago, we recalled our Pittsburgh 3 ton and 6 ton steel jack stands (SKUs 56371, 61196 and 61197) due to a manufacturer's defect. We asked customers to return them and receive a gift card that could be used to purchase replacement jack stands. I felt terrible about that recall because you should never have a concern about the safety of any of our products. Today, I feel even worse. I'm disappointed and embarrassed because we've identified a welding defect in a small number of the Pittsburgh 3 ton steel jack stands (SKU 56373) that replaced the recalled jack stands. We're now adding these jack stands to our recall. Unfortunately, this defect wasn't discovered during the initial recall investigation. If you own these jack stands or any of the jack stands in our original recall, whether or not you have had an issue with them, please stop using them immediately and bring them back to your local Harbor Freight Store for a full cash refund or store credit (see details here). We have investigated all of our other Pittsburgh 3 ton steel jack stands (SKUs 56371, 56372 and 57308) as well as the Pittsburgh 6 ton steel jack stands (SKUs 56368, 56369 and 56370) and Pittsburgh 12 ton steel jack stands (SKUs 56374 and 56375) and did not find the defect. Although none of these other jack stands are being recalled, if you own any of them and have any concern whatsoever, please bring them back and we'll give you a full cash refund or store credit for those as well. I want to apologize to all of our customers. While we've dramatically grown our team of engineers and inspectors, and intensified our tests and inspections, I assure you that the lessons learned from this will drive further improvement. As the owner and founder of Harbor Freight, I want you to know that we stand behind every product we sell and that safety will always be our top priority. Sincerely, Eric Smidt Owner and Founder
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    More than likely the transfer switch. Have him check that first. Could be loose lugs or if an IOTA switch should be replaced.
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    I own an Autel EVO and this thing is flawless. It has many fixtures that respond to many of the concerns that some of you have about drones. I would not say it can't crash to the side of another RV while inspecting the roof of your own RV, because I found that that nothing is impossible or it would not happen, but all "good" drones, meaning US Robotics like the EVO or the new EVO II or the DJI Magic, all have sensors that prevent crashes against obstacles. You can you full speed against a wall and they would NOT crash into. I watched the crash video, and I don't say it would not happen with mine, but the low altitude alarms will be making me crazy, so is like a pilot on a A350 wants to crash it, it will crash. Features that they have are; Low battery warning, it will come on giving you enough time to return home. Will return home on its own, just push a bottom and it goes back to the take off point. You have to watch out that usually when you hit HOME, the drone will climb up, so watch for trees. Any new drone, Magic or EVO, will follow you, driving your RV, bicycling, canoeing or just walking. Autel works with a smartphone to access all its fixtures, so be sure you have a bright screen or a sunshade cover for it. I have a dedicated Crystal Sky monitor that is super bright, but it cost almost as much as the drone. EVO has 4K with a 3 gimbals axis, EVO II has 8K with 3 gimbals axis. Do you need 8K? Do you really need 4K? Those that are into video can understand that even a 1080 would take great pictures or video, will need more post in editing but still good. 4K needs more memory card space, equals less recording time; just double that with 8K. Get more batteries. DJI just lost a lawsuit with Autel, and they can't be sold in the USA, so whoever distributor has them in stock may want to get rid of them cheap. Search in Ebay, but before you buy anything in Ebay see how much it cost new. If you get one, just watch in YouTube instructional videos, skip those "open box" video, I am sure everyone can figure how to open a box on their own, but there is many video they are very technical, specially from the manufacturers or people they use it for a leaving. You can learn how to adjust setting so you don't have a jerking motion when you make turns and your video is very smooth. How to set your maximum speed, so when you push the stick forward does not accelerate like you starting a race; EVO can reach 60 mph, so if you want to get that "cinematic" look or either be careful with your finger or you set a lower (very low) maximum speed. Some " reviewers" like captain Drone, will tell you things that are not true, so read the comments too and get the real impression from the actual users, not from those that are "thinking" to buy one. I guess you can apply this to all the YouTube reviews. My 3 cents William
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    Conversing over the years via e-mails and phone it was great to finally get to meet you in person. Even I was surprised on how courteous I was to a Naval aviator. 🙂 Our staff goes above and beyond to make sure each customer is happy before they leave. We routinely get customers who drive very long distances to have Dustin or myself work on their coach but I think you may have set a record since you are Seattle based. Thanks for coming in to see us and spending time with our crew. They enjoyed having you stay with us. As for myself I enjoyed being able to annoy a sailor. I am still trying to figure out how you spent an entire airline career flying 747's. Most pilots have to fly a lot of crappy domestic routes to get to the point of flying heavies. You were blessed to fly the Queen of the skies for over 20 plus years for NWA. This Monaco group BTW has only one other 747 jockey that I know of, Ed Fogle, who flew the 747 and I try and annoy him often as well. I believe Ed flew the 200 series for United. Our group here is littered with retired airline pilots and I myself have worked on or inspected over 2 dozen of you jet jockeys coaches. Thanks again for making the long trip. It was great to sit down and tell war stories. I hope someday you can make it to a Gathering. God Bless you Gary. Stay safe and stay healthy. Semper Fi.
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    I get e-mails from customers quite often asking me about the value of their coach and to also pass the word on that their coach is for sale. There are times I have to upset someone and tell them their asking price is way out of line and their coach is not worth what they are asking. But I feel I have a responsibility to always be honest rather then blowing sunshine in someones ears which doesn't help them. They ask and I give them an honest answer. I remember getting a call once from a customer telling me he was selling his coach and then told me the asking price. I asked how he arrived at that price and he said " that is what I owe on it and besides it is a great coach ". He was $ 30 K over market prices. Geez. What you owe or your opinion on it being a great coach is always over ridden by market price. I have not traded up ( though I would love to ) because our coach is paid off and I do not want to start the payment thing all over again at my age. I also know what our coach is worth and it isn't worth selling and starting over. At this point in my life I am looking to sink my money into appreciating assets not depreciating ones. 🙂
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    Just a comment about your comment about two air conditioners not being sufficient for a 41 foot motorhome. We have two of the newer Penguin High Output air conditioners and they do a nice job of cooling the coach. When the weather is hot we don't fool around and start the driving day with the fan on high on both units and the temp setpoint for the front unit at 72 and the rear at 69. The generator is started as soon as the coach comes out of the garage. While driving we also run the dash system on Max. The coach always stays comfortable and on our trip last week to Kentucky Horse Park the outside temp was in the high 90's in the afternoon all four days. Once parked we cover the front windshield if the coach direction has the sun shinning on the windshield in the afternoon. At night we always put the front unit on auto for the fan and move the temp setting to about 78 and the rear unit on either medium or high fan speed with the temp at 69. That keeps the front of the coach comfortable for watching television and the fan is not running creating background noise. We leave things that way all night because we like to sleep with the white noise from the air conditioner fan. We also like the bedroom cool and prefer using a blanket to sleep as we like the weight on our bodies.
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    If you're going to remove axles to tow, be sure to remove BOTH axles. Removing only one axle will result in the spider gears spinning MUCH MUCH FASTER than they were ever designed to do, and with no lubrication to boot. The spider gears and cross shaft will quickly be damaged by this practice, necessitating a complete differential tear-down for repair. $$$ Plus, once a spider gear seizes to the cross shaft, it's going to start spinning your driveshaft, and probably damage your transmission as well.
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    Bruce, the rear hubs on all large trucks are "full-floating". The drive axle supports no weight. If you remove a drive axle, it has the same effect as uncoupling the driveshaft--the pinion does not turn. It is common accepted practice that doing either (remove axle or uncouple driveshaft) is sufficient to keep from damaging a transmission. Picture is after removing the axle and prior to bolting on a "dummy" plastic cap to keep the oil from running out.
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    I drilled mine straight through and used stainless stove bolts washers and nuts. Works very well .
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    When I had an ECM issue there was no one that had the programming. That includes Cummins Corporate, Monaco Rev Group Coburg, Cummins Coburg etc.. Cummins Coburg originally did the programming for Monaco Oregon but they changed their computer system and erased all of those old files. I was able to get the ECM ISO programming file from another coach exactly like mine. Cummins has no idea of what your coach parameters are. They can make the engine run but without salvaging data from the old ECM it becomes a $175/hour guessing game. It is a bunch of pages of choices such as where it gets the speed input;" none-magnetic-digital pulses per mile- tachograph- data link tailshaft- datalink VSS- data link tachograph", number of transmission tail shaft gear teeth, top gear transmission ratio, gear down transmission ratio etc.. As you can see the list is extensive. Everyone should get a copy of their engine ECM ISO file and keep it with the coach the next time it is connected to a Cummins Insite computer, IMHO. It is an easy upload to the ECM if you ever need it. As an example of what the OP is needing, here is a copy of the engine parameters on my 2006 ISX 600 HP with electronic fan, VORAD with cruise control etc. Engine Parameters April 22 2020.pdf
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    Joe: I suggest you call Monaco Watts and talk with Mike Hughes. He's a good guy and has some solutions for wandering. When I spoke with him, I learned a lot and I've installed his Watts Link. https://www.monacowatts.com/ Dwight
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    As a side note, the Penguins are sold out at most dealers. Dometic was shut down for a long time and the inventory was sold out at many parts stores like PPL. For a while they didn't even answer their phones. Actually I just checked and PPL is out of stock of the penguin II. I believe Dometic is now back up and running and shipping AC units. We just got 5 in yesterday. We do not sell them to the public but rather keep them in inventory for customer jobs. We have a Dynasty in right now that the center AC unit went out. Another coach is coming in for 2 new ones and the other 2 are for future jobs ( probably my coach ). AC units are just some of the many parts that are in short supply due to the pandemic.
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    While you are checking things, take a look at the temperature at the outlet of the condenser coil. If it isn't getting rid of as much heat as it should the temperature and pressure will rise, overloading the compressor. If it is much higher than the other units then look for obstructed condenser air flow or possibly deterioration of the coil and fins. For verification, run water over the condenser and see if the amps come back where they should be.
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    I am getting this same panel removed and setup a SeeLeveL system installed. The panel works, but the more likely chances are that once you get this panel replaced the sensors will be bad too! Very common. I chose the SeeLevel as this uses external capacitance based sensors that cant get blocked or destroyed by the internal tank fluids. For the price it was a no brainer to change to a modern systen and still have 2 panels. one in wet bay and one inside. Existing cables are used to change over too, so I will not route all new wires either ! Just thoughts to offer you as you consider the options. I don't work for them, so my personal thoughts . for reference their site: https://www.garnetinstruments.com/rv-shop/
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    Steve There are several people looking for this size couch on the F B page you are a member of. Paul A
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    Jody, I spoke with a couple of nice ladies in parts department of Veurinks. Sorry, there was a typo previously. I was looking for a part and they had all kinds of info on my VIN, including paint codes and window sales sticker. That was just over a year ago. 616.965.9633
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    https://www.veurinksrv.com/ https://shop.findmyrvparts.com/monaco-rv-lighted-grab-handle-chrome-ends-08409478-p/190215.htm
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    The coach came with the 100W solar panel. It is of a different design than the other 10 Panels that were installed. Rather than take it down, or leave it disconnected, since it couldn't be incorporated into the house solar arrays, I connected it to the chassis battery. That way, with the Big Boy disconnected, I still can maintain the chassis battery - all for free. I would have to reconnect the Big Boy for the generator to charge the chassis batteries. I didn't want to have to open the engine hatch and connect/disconnect the Big Boy every time I arrived at a campsite/or RV Park. I believe what you stated about the Precision Circuits device is exactly how it works. The problem for me is that allows for an only 80% SOC condition when I stop driving, or stop shore power charging. That is less than ideal to me. It may be acceptable to you. As an Electronics Engineer, I find it more of a bandaid than a true solution. Ideally, I want all batteries to be at 100% SOC whenever I quit the charging process - whether it be from the Alternator, Shore/Genny Power or Solar Power. I do realize that is not always possible, but that is what I strive for.
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    Ben, Even in Celsius, it's hot!!🥵
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    I would also check the voltage drop at batteries while cranking it. Load test would be nice to prove them, not just voltage reading while idle. That would give better idea where to look next. Big drop or just a little or no drop? Starter solenoid, ground, who knows at this point. Don't know about a travel alarm, maybe just a green travel indicator? Either way, the lights may be going out due to a low voltage while cranking or due to the ingnition switch turning them momentarily off for the start just like some accessories.
  41. 1 point
    Grounds!! Bad or weak grounds are responsible for so many intermittent issues as well as destroying electric motors. So many people check positive connections and not negative. Chassis, frame etc grounds. Pull them off, clean them, reattach and seal with battery connector sealer.
  42. 1 point
    I installed a new MSH3012 hybrid inverter. I wanted a pure sine inverter and I found a great price on the MSH3012, so it looked like the best option. I do like the hybrid design as I can switch from shore power to generator and back without my computer (or anything else) going offline. I can also use a small Honda generator instead of the large 12,500 Onan and the hybrid inverter helps out when the AC systems start up. Usually you look at your battery bank to decide what size inverter is right. You can do a search on idle current draw, but they are pretty similar. One caution on the MSH3012 hybrid is that it uses a single 50-60 amp supply wire where your ME-2012 uses two separate 20 amp legs. The MS2812 will also use two separate legs of 30 amps each. If you decide on the MSH3012, send me a message and I can send you a detailed how to.
  43. 1 point
    Jolly, on your new unit you can probably go the the manufacturer website of each item and download the pdf owners manual. That’s better than a scan.
  44. 1 point
    Battery upgrade. 4 Battleborn 100ah Lifep04, Replaced the Big Boy and BIRD with a LI-BIM, replaced the control board in the Magnum 2012-02 inverter/charger and replaced the remote control with an ME-ARC. Added a switch in the hallway to be able to energize the relay without having to turn on the ignition. Changed chassis batteries to Odyssy Extreme 1150CCA AGM's. Batteries are bolted down to prevent theft and to secure in the event of an accident. Didn't like the idea of having a single GFCI outlet controlling every outlet in the coach. Especially since Samsung does not recommend the fridge be connected through a GFCI. In the last couple of years I have had 2 instances of nuisance tripping caused by the fridge. The two outlets by the kitchen, one in central bath and the one in the toilet area are now on their own individual GFCI outlets. Propane and carbon monoxide detectors timed out so they were replaced. Added two new Kidde smoke alarms (one in driver area and one in the bedroom) and added a third smoke/CO detector in the kitchen area.
  45. 1 point
    Replaced the 1.5 din original radio with a 2 din Magnadyne M6. With Android , Touch Screen, Blue Tooth, WiFi, DVD Video, Apps, 4 Camera inputs and GPS Always liked the feel of a leather steering wheel. Tired of those curtains. Installed Automotion Shades in the cockpit. Wood trim to match existing cabinets.
  46. 1 point
    Replaced tank monitors with See-Level gauges. Removed a 5 gallon bucket of wires from the old gauge system. Added side turn signals. Amber in behind front tire, red behind rear tire. Replace all the day/night shades with "Automotion" roller shades.
  47. 1 point
    Installed the first prototypes of the front and rear watts. Again, major improvement. Still not completely fixed. Installed the TRW steering gear box after discussing with Craig several times. Only had about 3/4 inch of play in the wheel but it was enough to be irritating. Finally, the steering /handling issues are fixed. Drives like it should.
  48. 1 point
    On the next trip to Quartzsite Wanda and I sat in on a seminar on refrigerator fires given by "Mac the Fire Guy". So in went the fire suppression behind the Norcold. Eventually removed the Norcold and installed an RF18. It was just about this time, after several long trips we decided that we just couldn't take the poor driving any longer. So after a few months talking with Van we installed cross bars on both front and rear. While we were at it we installed new Koni shocks. Tremendous improvement in handling. But not fixed.
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    Tom, I sincerely hope you throw that toothpick away when done and not use it. :) ....Dennis Many of these products, like RidX cannot work because the product is not in the tank long enough. Read the labels. Products like RidX are formulated for septic tanks and such, not holding tanks or portapotties. Most smells can be eliminated simply by being aware of what you put in your tank. Flush only human waste and toilet paper. Wipe off your plates with a paper towel before washing them in the sink. Use plenty of water to flush and wash. Don't use baby wipes and/or flushable wipes.....Dennis
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    Wow. Thanks for all the tips and pricing on Michelin vs. Toyo tires. I can see that Toyos could be a couple hundred bucks cheaper per tire if I can get them in the twin cities in Minnesota. I did ask online from one place but got no response so far but with all the turmoil and closed places, maybe it will still happen. Thanks again, folks. Stay safe! Dave Jones 2005 HR Scepter
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