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  1. The blocks are a great idea. I have hydraulic leveling, so I use the jacks to raise the coach and put heavy duty jack stands under the frame.
  2. It's a bit of work, but you could always carry 20 gallons or so in your trailer, drive until you run out, add enough to get to the nearest station, fill up and determine usable capacity.
  3. LOL at the graduation story. On the bright side, at least you had someone to push. 😉
  4. That looks really nice, and the POR-15 should prevent further rust. 🙂
  5. For that matter, could we all just get Zoom coaches, and go on Zoom vacations? It'd be a heck of a lot cheaper. LOL 🤣
  6. That's protected medical information. Not too many people would be willing to share that info I suspect.
  7. The POR-15 will actually hold up very well by itself, as long as it's not in prolonged direct sunlight. UV will eventually turn it chalky grey. It's extremely tough and resists chips and scratches well.
  8. Steven, Years ago I replaced my entire exhaust system. I got the pipe and parts from a local trucking supply house. The only thing I reused was the stainless tailpipe. They also helped match the proper flange and clamp for the turbo outlet. I got rid of the muffler. The turbo quiets it down a lot. Up front you can hardly tell the difference, and I'm not concerned about a little noise going down the road.
  9. The way they do this is they use the turn signal filament in the bulb as the ground for the side marker lights. It's a very simple and common way to get that functionality. When the turn signal is on and the park lights are off, the side marker flashes with the signal. When the park lights are on it flashes alternately.
  10. I use Setrab coolers on my racecars. They're extremely efficient, rugged, and the price may be more reasonable than a custom cooler. They make many sizes and configurations, I'm sure they have something that would work well in a coach application.
  11. In addition to triggering the starter motor, the ignition switch has to supply power to the shutdown solenoid on the injection pump. It's possible that when the rear panel is selected, this circuit is supplied via another path. It sounds like this part of your ignition switch is defective, or there is a broken wire somewhere.
  12. Lol. Actually, Fat Man and Little Boy were the nukes that ended WW2, saving untold lives. 🇺🇸
  13. That sender never did work reliably on my rig. I replaced it with a conventional float sender, and once calibrated it has worked fine ever since.
  14. Anything CAN be litigated. Even if you win, it'll still cost you legal fees.
  15. Looks a bit like part of a skateboard wheel.
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