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  1. If you have checked your oil line connections and they are ok next step to check into is a rebuild kit to replace seals. Another option that might be available is to buy a core assembly this is the complete center section of the Turbo includes both turbine and compressor wheels. All of this is already assembeled ready to install into existing end housings. The 2 end housings I am sure are ok. Not sure if Cummins/Holset do this any longer but might be worth asking. Check into posibility of aftermarket replacements Cummins will not help you with aftermarket product but they used to sell good r
  2. Change my Never cold to JC refrigeration 120V 3 years ago. Has worked flawlessly. I did buy thr 3 year extended warranty for $125. Just for added info : This set up only pulls 1 to 2 amps and does not need to be level.
  3. Just changed my serpintine belt on my 2006 Diplomat 400 Cummins. Was not really that difficult especially with 2 people. One person under and one up top . Took us 1hour 15 min. I don't have a seperate belt belt for the AC. Ray is right, Yes, do change the tensioner at the same time. That is the easy part.
  4. I agree. My rear and side cameras are connected to a device very similar to that.
  5. Scotty, Great job really looks professionaly done. I have an 2006 Diplomat similar to yours I don't remember the grab handle ever having a light. Is that wire possibly just part of the harness and offered as an option on other models?
  6. Couldn't agree more. Wishing all a Happy, Safe and Blessed holiday season.
  7. For switch info try Carling Technologies .
  8. Currious, has anyone considered repainting just the roof line and end caps down to clearance lights white. What kind of paint is used on large boats ? Would I end up with the same problem again in time? Would the prep work be the same with a different paint and color. Don T.
  9. I have just completed the visual inspection of the Tensioner . Thanks for the info Jim. Looks good ,belt is centered and clearences look ok. Thanks for all the info. Actually the belt does not look bad no cracks stringer on sides but it is original and 47,000 miles. Don T.
  10. Thanks for the reply Bob. I think I will try from underneath. I have no indication the tensioner is bad just thought it should be done. My coach is low mileage but is 14 years old. Don T. 2006 Diplomat
  11. Ivan, Thanks yes it is the seal you described . Have not taken the window out yet but guessed it was something similar to what you described. Did you buy your from HD or Lowes? I will definetly use Proflex. Don T.
  12. Scotty did you go to Cummins? I'm in FL I think FT Meyers is closest. I did see Bobs post on cleaning his RR. What an ideal time that would be to make belt and tensioner change. Thanks, Don T
  13. 2006 Diplomat , Looking to replace window seal at copilot seat. Is there a specific seal to order are these seals the soft putty that will squeze out. In either case caulk is required. If they are not special design I guess I can use rubber weather stripping from Home Depot or Lowes. Don T. 2006 Diplomat
  14. I have a 2006 Diplomat and am looking at changing my belt and tensioner. I am guessing , because of RR This change can only be done from under the coach or do I need someone above and underneath ? Or is it a one person job? Looks like a real pain. Don T.
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