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  1. Thanks for all the feedback. Decided to go with the "Nordic" cooling system, 2 year warranty. I'll post on how the changeout goes and how it performs.
  2. Our 2005 era Norcold 1200 cooling unit has failed. Anybody have experience with "Nordic" replacement cooling units. Do not want to go to residential. Thanks -Drew
  3. Thanks all. I thought that this was the case but like to run things through the brain trust here
  4. When I release the park brake The dash light goes out. When I put the transmission in gear I get an audible alarm. This happens intermittingly. Usually get it to stop by switching back and forth from N to D. The brakes do release and am able to drive. Where do I look?
  5. My security software saw this download as a security risk and stopped the download. Never a problem with the parts list. ??
  6. Strongly suggest that you add "water miser vent caps" if you go with wet batteries. I second the picture taking of your wiring
  7. I've had good results with "water miser" caps. Way less water consumption and cable corrosion maintenance greatly reduced
  8. Time to replace the entire entry step on our 2005 Diplomat. Road shrapnel did a number to the step assembly. Already was experiencing control issues. My guy says cheaper to do a complete R&R vs. trying to piece it together. "Coach Step SCS/Frigette" double step, P/N 733-0001. Lippert couldn't match the P/N, asking for more info. Before I go crawling around looking for more info thought maybe somebody has already done the crawl. Appreciate any help Drew S 05 Dip 40PAQ
  9. Fixed the same problem on our 05 Dip. Wiring harness under the seat was getting bound up from rotating the seat. Cleaned the connections then re-ran wire for a little more flex
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