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  1. A few years ago (when we still had our Monaco), I ruined a compartment door. Alliance in Wildwood, Florida, BUILT a new compartment door in their shop (while I watched), painted the two-tone brown, mounted it, it dried overnight, and all was good. Everything took less than one day. Now, I need a new compartment door on my current coach. I am searching for any dealer (anyone) that builds them. I really don’t want to wait the 5-6 weeks if I order one from Newmar. If you know of a company that builds these, please let me know at rej@gte.net. Please, no west coast companies. Thanks.
  2. This is just a "heads up" for anyone planning to go somewhere in your RV in the next few months. We are located in North Texas (close to Dallas) and Friday are headed north to Des Moines, Iowa, then east to Chicago, then just south of Elkhart, Indiana, back up to Charlotte, Michigan, back down to Fort Wayne, Indiana, over to Toledo, then south to Dayton, Ohio, on south into North Carolina and then meander back to Texas. Please don't bother commenting on my route, we are going to those places for a reason and will spend 3-4-5 days in each location. My point here is that I have talked with
  3. This is a small printer we have carried with us in a drawer in the RV. It can print In color, scan, or copy, works on battery (it has one) or plugged in (cord with it), but is only 14 x 7 x 3..5 inches. We haven't used it in a while since we no longer have a vendor booth but it worked perfectly when we quit using it. Plus, one granddaughter works for a printer! $35.00 and you pay shipping. I can email a copy of the Instruction Manual. rej at gte dot net
  4. Regarding BLM spaces/sites... We RARELY use BML because of TV. My wife is a TV watcher (I'm not). We have driven our car through many BLM sites and found that most (of what we saw) were in/under the trees - perfectly nice sites but often blocking the TV dish (ours is on the roof of the coach). If the TV reception was okay, we would likely stay in BML sites but it typically doesn't work for us. Please, no suggestions to watch local channels. She records nearly everything so she can fast-forward thru the ads. The only other negative I can think of regarding BLM sites is that we have f
  5. We, too, boondock quite a bit and have done so in every state (except Hawaii), all ten Canadian provinces, and one territory. Our "normal" travel across country is to boondock 2-3 nights and get a CG for one. It works for us. Some comments... I looked into Harvest Host but was told by several people that they ended up parking in a lot of mud. We've never joined. If I was going to pay someone to park, I'd pay a campground. We have stayed at over 1,000 Walmarts or Sam's Club and a bunch of rest areas. I consider the Day's End Directory (daysenddirectory.com} the best "Guide" for
  6. Need some advice…On Thursday, wife was cleaning the flush valve in the toilet (flat valve in bottom that opens/closes by sliding horizontally) in preparation of lubricating it (Thetford told us to apply Vaseline to it). We have had this toilet in the coach for just over three years. It is a Thetford Aria Deluxe II. She has cleaned it using a small toothbrush and lubricated it several times.She dropped the small toothbrush into the black tank. That tank was about half full - about 30 gallons in it.Since it was Friday afternoon, I got through to NIRVC (they are local) and they suggested we first
  7. My experience is that you leave when you have to leave. What I do is plan my route on Google and, knowing about how many miles we are comfortable driving daily, look for campgrounds along my route (again, on Google) at, roughly, my "destination" for that day. Then call them, ask them what you need to know to determine if you want to stay there, and if all is good, make a reservation. IF the reservation is over a holiday (or even a weekend), ask if someone will be in the office or get a cell number for when you arrive. Our experience is that nearly every place will be open but not all will be m
  8. I'm interested but would like to hear from someone that has these and ESPECIALLY from someone that has used these. Anyone?
  9. Jack, Re your question about the lithium batteries... Yes, that was me. We finished the test (5 years long) and they were fine (my opinion). That was just four years ago - not 15!!! When we finished the test, we traded in our Dynasty and got another motorhome. The battery "company" told me to just leave the batteries in the Dynasty - NOT return them - so we did. I have NO idea where they are nor how they are now. The batteries worked for us and we were boondocking an average of 12 nights per month as I recall. Now, we boondock much less than we did back then so I do not have
  10. Sorry guys, but in eighteen years of fulltime RVing and traveling somewhere in the USA or Canada EVERY year, I have found that campground recommendations are nearly useless. After all, we want different things, i.e.,my priorities are different than yours. Plus, we have different needs, too. I have learned to call a campground with my set of questions. I always speak to someone there who "knows" the property. When asking for information relative to making a campground reservation, ask them anything you need to know to make a good decision. For example, our TV satellite dish is roof-mounted
  11. Ron Jones

    New To RVing

    We used to cruise pretty often. On our last one, we met a couple who were fascinated with our fulltiming lifestyle. They said they had talked about doing it but never owned an RV and were totally curious. We spent the evening together and they had a thousand questions. Ultimately, they returned home and bought a 24′ Class C and started RVing. They sent the following story to me about their first “shakedown” trip. Enjoy… We did have a funny thing, well funny now, happen to us on our way home from Spokane. Thought it might be funny enough for you to put on your website. We were
  12. I have had the Air Force 1 system on three coaches - two Monacos and one Newmar. Never had a single problem. Highly recommend it.
  13. Here's my experience. My jacks were retracting very slowly and would usually stop near the top (not quite completely up and stored). You could often see about 1/4 - 1/2" of silver (shiny) shaft and they simply would not go up any higher UNTIL I started the engine and literally moved the coach a bit. Then, they would "seat" themselves (fully retracted), my red light would shut off, and the green "travel" light would light up - but only after I moved the coach. I talked with a woman at HWH support AND another man who I had been told was the "guru" of HWH (totally different phone number but
  14. John, I replaced the total arm w/new blade. I got mine through O'Reilly's. Around $50.00!!!
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