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  1. Jack, Re your question about the lithium batteries... Yes, that was me. We finished the test (5 years long) and they were fine (my opinion). That was just four years ago - not 15!!! When we finished the test, we traded in our Dynasty and got another motorhome. The battery "company" told me to just leave the batteries in the Dynasty - NOT return them - so we did. I have NO idea where they are nor how they are now. The batteries worked for us and we were boondocking an average of 12 nights per month as I recall. Now, we boondock much less than we did back then so I do not have
  2. Sorry guys, but in eighteen years of fulltime RVing and traveling somewhere in the USA or Canada EVERY year, I have found that campground recommendations are nearly useless. After all, we want different things, i.e.,my priorities are different than yours. Plus, we have different needs, too. I have learned to call a campground with my set of questions. I always speak to someone there who "knows" the property. When asking for information relative to making a campground reservation, ask them anything you need to know to make a good decision. For example, our TV satellite dish is roof-mounted
  3. Ron Jones

    New To RVing

    We used to cruise pretty often. On our last one, we met a couple who were fascinated with our fulltiming lifestyle. They said they had talked about doing it but never owned an RV and were totally curious. We spent the evening together and they had a thousand questions. Ultimately, they returned home and bought a 24′ Class C and started RVing. They sent the following story to me about their first “shakedown” trip. Enjoy… We did have a funny thing, well funny now, happen to us on our way home from Spokane. Thought it might be funny enough for you to put on your website. We were
  4. I have had the Air Force 1 system on three coaches - two Monacos and one Newmar. Never had a single problem. Highly recommend it.
  5. Here's my experience. My jacks were retracting very slowly and would usually stop near the top (not quite completely up and stored). You could often see about 1/4 - 1/2" of silver (shiny) shaft and they simply would not go up any higher UNTIL I started the engine and literally moved the coach a bit. Then, they would "seat" themselves (fully retracted), my red light would shut off, and the green "travel" light would light up - but only after I moved the coach. I talked with a woman at HWH support AND another man who I had been told was the "guru" of HWH (totally different phone number but
  6. John, I replaced the total arm w/new blade. I got mine through O'Reilly's. Around $50.00!!!
  7. Try these places... https://wipers123.com/ Your local O'Reilly Auto Parts (they ordered my special wiper blades for me) - not cheap. I carry my old set as a backup. You might try a shorter blade. Good luck Ron
  8. I wrote an article on what we did. Send me your email and I will send it to you. It has pictures. R E J at G T E dot N E T Ron Jones
  9. This is the best potential suggested so far. Thanks.
  10. Thanks but sorry, you missed guessing what I have. Currently, I have two lengths of Thetford hose permanently hooked up (about 40 feet). One has a small leak about a foot from the discharge nozzle. I want to cut off the end with the leak (about a foot) and reconnect the remaining good hose to the nozzle assembly using a rubber-like "sleeve" that was in my uploaded pic. I just can't find the "sleeve" NOR anything that looks like it would replace it efficiently. We can talk more offline if you want. Use rej at gte.net Thanks.
  11. Thetford only sells the hose with a connector glued to each end. They do not sell the individual parts. These parts make a GOOD connection but I just don't need another hose. Home Depot AND Lowes did NOT have a "fix."
  12. We have a Sanicon Turbo and I put an extra piece of "exhaust hose" on it. We can now reach about 40-feet to dump. I want to carry a spare but don't want to pay for a new hose. Does anyone have a source for the "rubber" connector that comes glued onto each end of their discharge hose. (See picture). All I need is the connector (or source). I have the discharge hose (the flexible, brown one at the lower part of the pic) and it is 1.5 inches in diameter. I can glue ion the connector. Thanks.
  13. I would like to check with DISH tv about costs, what we would get, equipment, etc. Does anyone have a recommendation for a contact person? A DISH sales rep/company is okay. I have had DirecTV forever and they seem to be getting more expensive with less options. Send phone # for contact if you have it. I am currently located in the North Dallas Area but SHOULD (hopefully) be able to move about June 1st. Thanks.
  14. .Just got the info (below) from a good friend who lives near Toronto. He is NOT prone to exaggeration. I have no way to check this info but have confidence in what he tells me. He is also buying a new RV Ron Jones"All National and Provincial parks and any provincially sanctioned agencies (conservation areas, marinas, etc.) are closed by edict and all private campgrounds, marinas etc. are closed. So even full timers have no where to go. It's a little disconcerting since many RVers live in their RV (as you do) and when they are told to stay home, the question arises: Where? I don't know wh
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