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  1. I've been using the TSD card for about two years. You DO NOT see the discount at the pump. I get an email from TSD (usually the next day) stating actual costs. The one I attached is real. Hope this helps.
  2. I have 8 working Flo-Thru sensors and new batteries for sale. See them here... https://tinyurl.com/shne7uz6 Contact me direct at rej@gte.net
  3. Does anyone know of a source where I can get a replacement 21-foot discharge hose for my Sanicon Turbo? If so, please send me contact info (rej@gte.net) ASAP - Please! Thetford is WAAAAAY behind and expensive ($100.00±). Plus, the quality of the Thetford hose is "iffy." They easily get pinholes and leak. Mine has always been covered by a "braided" cable cover and still developed that leak. It was NEVER even close to anything sharp that could puncture it. I am open to cutting that hose and adding a union but can't find anything that fits. Any help is appreciated.
  4. For Ric W... As I understand it, the only difference between the Flo-Thru and Cap sensors is that you can add air through the sensor (does not have to be removed) with the Flo-Thru still on the tire BUT the batteries do have to be changed occasionally (12+ months). I have tremors and changing batteries is a real chore for me - otherwise, it seems to be a rather simple task. The Flo-Thru sensors do work, sending tire info just fine and allowing me to add or decrease air in the tire with the sensor in place. Hope this helps.
  5. For sale… 8 Flo-thru sensors (that are on my RV now) and 8, new CR 1632 batteries (in original package). This system is in use now and to my knowledge, there is NOTHING wrong with any of them. The official name is… “Wireless Tire Pressure And Temperature Monitoring System” Model No. TM-507RV/SG (a TST product). I’m changing to all Cap sensors. If anyone is interested in ALL 8 at $25.00 each plus shipping, let me know at rej@gte.net or call me (LATE MORNING CENTRAL TIME) at 940-368-0068.
  6. More "Non Help"... I do remember the shop dropping the price to about "half" since they had failed to find the problem previously. I THINK I paid about $500 for the board (with their discount) and if so, that would pretty closely match with what you said.
  7. Try this... My wife remembers this board as the ECM (Electronic Control Module) but I can't verify that. I was NOT in the coach when they replaced it so don't know where it was located.
  8. Reply to Tom Cherry... I don't know how to reply just to you/your question but two problems exist... One, I lost EVERYTHING on my computer a couple of years ago so I have nothing. Two, I am not sure of the name nor location of the place that did this for me. It MAY have been Cummins but not sure today. Sorry. My best recollection is that the replacement board was about 3 x 5 inches and about $1,000.
  9. Had a similar problem with my Dynasty. It would just quit. Driving fast, slow, or idling didn't make any difference. No "fixed interval" discovered. I could restart easily. Cummins about wore out their INSITE trying to find the problem but no luck. It was pure coincidence that a Cummins tech in Anchorage was watching the INSITE, the coach was idling, and the engine just quit (like it had been doing). INSITE showed a problem with the "ignition" and shut down like we had turned "off" the ignition key. BUT, this only showed up on INSITE for a few seconds WHILE IT HAPPENED and would then the code would disappear. (Don't know why.) Cummins changed out a "board" and everything was great. Sorry, don't remember lots of details as this happened in 2018. My point here is this could ONLY be found if it happened with INSITE plugged in, turned on, and watched.
  10. Bob, we went on the Polar bear trip a few years ago to Churchill, Manitoba. Could be wrong but I think we did it with Monaco International and they (somehow) shared the trip with one of the commercial tour groups (not important to know now). What is important is that we initially met (got together) with the group in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Many left their coach in Winnipeg. We left ours in North Dakota. From Winnipeg, we were bussed to The Pas, Manitoba. There, we got on a train for a two-day trip to Churchill. It was a great ride, good food, good sleeping, and good scenery. They put us in a BASIC motel (had everything we needed) in Churchill. We were toured around town AND went out to see the bears in what they call a "Tundra Buggy." Our guide was wonderful. We spent the night out in the tundra in the "Tundra Buggy Lodge" and, again, everything was fine. (I'm guessing that the facilities are more "up-to-date" know than when we went - but NO complaints. We flew back to Winnipeg. I STRONGLY recommend doing the trip AND spend at least one night in the Tundra Buggy Lodge. It's one of those you remember and talk about. While I have LOTS of pics, I've attached two. Ron
  11. I will state that when my wife and I took driving instruction, it was well worth the effort and cost. I was so impressed that I wrote an article about it. Go to my website (link below) and also know there are several more driving-related articles on my site. We both attended the two-day Driving School and have sat in on the driving instruction offered at Lazydays in Tampa at least two or three times. You don't know what you don't know!!! http://www.aboutrving.com/rv-topics/driving-a-big-rv/ Go to my website (aboutrving.com) and search for "Driving an RV" (or just "Driving"). You should be able to see the list of driving articles.
  12. I have been to the RV Museum several times. It's definitely worth the visit but in my opinion, not worth it if you have to drive there from Cincinnati. You mentioned Aquahot service, I STRONGLY recommend you call so see if you can get an appointment. We were in Elkhart about a month ago and many places were 2-3 months (yes, months) of waiting for an appointment. I have used Paul's RV Service and Interiors, 66540 State Rte 19, Wakarusa, IN 46573 (574) 862-6778 (be sure to call for an appointment). on two occasions and thought he was fair, did good work, and I would use him again. I've known Tom at Elkhart Sales and Service for several years and recall that he told me they were writing appointments nearly two months out when I called him.
  13. Trying to guess at what you will need is simply impossible. Plan your trip so IF you break down, you are not obligated to be somewhere else or it's something that can be cancelled. That way two things can happen... First, buy the part you need since you won't have to guess what it is. (Do your shopping on the web and they will ship it or bring it to you.) Second, have an RV tech (maybe back home) on speed dial and they might be able to order for you. Then just set there and wait for the part. I also recommend getting some emergency road service coverage. (I use Coachnet - I do NOT sell it)
  14. Not trying to open the proverbial "can of worms" here but I need new tires - all of them. I've ran Michelins for the past almost five years and been happy with them but it's time for replacements. I bought the last set through thee FMCA discount program and it worked just fine. Does anyone have a suggestion for a tire company anywhere along the Gulf coast (from Georgia to north Texas) that carries a good inventory. Send me their phone number, I'll call. Thanks.
  15. A few years ago (when we still had our Monaco), I ruined a compartment door. Alliance in Wildwood, Florida, BUILT a new compartment door in their shop (while I watched), painted the two-tone brown, mounted it, it dried overnight, and all was good. Everything took less than one day. Now, I need a new compartment door on my current coach. I am searching for any dealer (anyone) that builds them. I really don’t want to wait the 5-6 weeks if I order one from Newmar. If you know of a company that builds these, please let me know at rej@gte.net. Please, no west coast companies. Thanks.
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