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  1. I would have given it a nice meal then let it go.
  2. Thanks Bob. What do you think of using the oscillating tool to remove the old tape? Good idea or too aggressive? Ed
  3. I’m not sure but can only assume the tape on the roof was original from the factory so don’t know if it’s Eternabond or something else. Ed ’05 HR Ambassador
  4. I have a Holiday Rambler Ambassador with an aluminum roof. Am planning a solar installation so thought it would be a good tome to redo the seams before making them inaccessible. I’m pretty sure they need it but a shop gave me two choices, remove and replace the old 4” wide Eternabond seal running down the middle of the coach and over the seams at the end cap to roof juncture or leaving the old Sealand down and cleaning it with denatured alcohol then laying a 6” strip of Eternabond over the old. Of course the latter is much less expensive. Would that be an acceptable course of action.
  5. “It is highly recommended that you follow the instructions in your owners manual foryour particular coach.” Sometimes that can be kind of hard to do when the owner’s manual says different things in different sections. My ‘05 Holiday Rambler manual doesn’t mention dropping the air before leveling in the main section but does tell you to do it in the boondocking section.
  6. You’re such a considerate husband. Setting a lofty standard.😂
  7. I use Eternabond but it’s not appropriate for everything. I need to know about liquid sealants.
  8. I plan to order some Dicor sealant for the first time. I’ve read so often advice to use it for various sealing projects. But when I looked for it on Amazon I found out there are at least two products under the Dicor name, 501LSx and 551LSx where “x” apparently designates the color. From the Dicor website it appears 501LSx is self leveling and 551LSx is not. How do I determine which I need. I’m sure it depends on the project. First up is sealing such roof items as vent covers, antenna attach points and other general items on the roof. I’m hoping for some guidance on my choice.
  9. At the bottom of this page: https://lionenergy.com/products/lion-safari-ut-1300 “Can I charge from an alternator?” ”Yes, the Safari UT will take too much current so you must limit it with the wire you use to charge it. For example, if you need 10-12 feet of wire, a 10-12 gauge wire will work to limit the current. Double check the actual current with a current meter and size the fuses appropriately. You may need to add fuses and other protective equipment to protect the system. To prevent possible damage to your alternator we recommend using the Redarc (Model #BCDC1225D), whi
  10. Not annually retightening the hold down bolts might help with an issue I have with my Wacko silencer. The inner plate Wacko supplies covers the bolts so you have to remove it to do that job. I plan to suggest Wacko put holes in that panel where bolts are but your advice might make that unnecessary.
  11. Sorry. I see now I left out Ambassador in my original post and just said Holiday Rambler 40 PLQ. Makes a big difference in the question. i do my best proofreading after I hit send. Unfortunately I didn’t even catch it then. Thanks all for bearing with me. Ed
  12. So, I’ve got Knight and Windsor. Can anyone break the tie? Ed
  13. Thanks, Ed Which order are they in? Best on top or bottom? Ed
  14. Does anyone know the equivalent Monaco model of my 2005 Holiday Rambler Ambassador 40 PLQ? Thanks, Ed
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