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  1. Didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about the items. One is a temperature sensor to alert me if my dog might get too hot when I am not there. But that doesn’t have to be operating when I am there. I should be able to turn the Starlink off some or a lot of the time. Of course all of this presumes I remember to turn it off. I still hope they make the portable unit more energy efficient. Ed
  2. Yes, I would put a switch on the Starlink to reduce it’s power drain. But there are internet connected items that need that connection 24 hours a day. My hope is the mobile unit will be redesigned to use less energy. Ed
  3. Without the Starlink I use 150-175 amps, maybe another 25 if I need heaters. My original plan was 740-840 watts of solar panels. Three hours of good sun should cover a days needs. But the Starlink’s 90-95 amps would indicate a need to increase the solar by about 50%. Ed
  4. Another question, does the unit use more energy when you are actively using it to access the Internet as opposed to when it is idle? Ed
  5. I put a Killawatt meter on my Starlink. After almost 22 hours the daily rate works out to 1.15 kw. I think that works out to about 95 amps at 12v? May have to bump my solar install up nearly 50%. Next I’ll be checking the speed of the service at various times of the day. Since it’s a worldwide system time of day may not make a big difference. Ed. ‘05 Ambassador
  6. Got Starlink Saturday. I’m in NE Oklahoma. Speedtest that day was 85 MB’s. This morning, 187! Can’t wait to get it for the motorhome. Ed. ‘05 HR Ambassador
  7. Yes. Exchanging a Magnum MS 2012 for my ME 2012. Pure sine wave with lithium setting. Decided to keep it as simple as possible so stayed with same brand. Should be a connection for connection replacement.
  8. I had the same problem. Had the switch changed by a respected shop. Didn’t really solve the problem. Usually the beeping only lasts a few seconds but worry it won’t stop someday. Don’t know whether to have it changed again by another shop or try something different. Ed. ‘05 HR Ambassador
  9. After originally planning installing four 210w panels from Continuous Resources for $194 ea. I’m thinking instead of going with two and possibly later a third 370w solar panel in my motorhome. I’ve found two products to choose from with wildly different prices. A Seraphim 72 cell mono from Santan Solar for $158 ea. or a REC 60 panel one from Wind and Sun for $357.67 ea. How do I decide? https://store.santansolar.com/product/seraphim-370w/?ref=errolprowse https://www.solar-electric.com/rec-rec370aa-alpha-series-370-watt-module.html Ed ‘05 Holiday Rambler
  10. Please don’t take this wrong but my thinking is if you’re tired of a subject don’t click on the topic. As for me I find occasionally someone adds something I didn’t know. Ed
  11. Picked the coach up from the shop. Tech had checked the dip switches and reset the thermostat. Also used his RJ-11 wire to check. Still no heat pump.Funny thing, though. I brought it home and exercised the generator. To get the load up on it I turned the forward heat pump on but since I don’t have rear HP now I turned that unit on A/C. But instead of cold air, hot came through the rear vents. So whatever mode the forward unit is in must override any mode of the rear unit, except OFF. A similar thing happened on my last trip in January. That was the first time using the motorhome after the heat
  12. Interesting Chris. I have an engine analyzer in my plane that I can download tons of data from and show in digital and graphical form. Also have a subscription service that uses a computer program to analyze and maybe predict problems. These engine analyzers along with widespread installations of EGT sensing are two of the best things to come along in decades. While our coaches don’t have the number of parameters that we can control while driving nor go through the range of environments on a given day as an airplane something like this would be useful? Maybe they could upgrade the Scan D
  13. How do I learn about this for my coach? As far as I know the engine brake function is disabled when using cruise control. Ed
  14. I have Dometic Penguin A/C’s with heat pumps fore and aft. Last fall I had my roof seams resealed which required lifting them. Now the front unit works properly but the rear one no longer has the heat pump setting. When I move through the mode selections there is not one for heat pump on that unit. What might have happened? Ed ‘05 HR Ambassador
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