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  1. This is my son and his wife getting started working along side me . They have owned a Diplomat and currently have a Dynasty, so they are quite familiar with Monaco products. Ernie Ekberg
  2. Let me put a p s in here about my son: He had a Diplomat and his current coach you have seen the tile in is his Dynasty.
  3. Anyone can join my group. From there you can see albums of each coach and 9000+ photos: https://groups.io/g/ErnieEkbergFlooring of course, you can see photos on my Facebook page- Ernie Ekbergs' Flooring Thank you sir. Ernie
  4. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1145315955826540/
  5. If my son had not moved here to Mineral Wells, I couldn't do the fridge swaps by myself. We have a glass tech that can remove the windshields. He also has a skidsteer to raise the fridge to the correct height to bring it thru the windshield.
  6. If any oy you are in the area, stop by and we can give you some ideas. We are usually working on a coach. Also swapping out refrigerators.
  7. Folks, many of you have heard of me and quite a few have been to our place to have flooring. My son and his family recently moved to our town and purchased a nice place north of us with a shop that is to die for. He has been in the flooring business since he cut his teeth on tack strip. His work ethic mirrors his old man and he wants to get away from residential and commercial flooring and to do what I do. He will be working along side me while he learns the ins and outs of these coaches. He has a Dynasty and has installed tile throughout. You can see photos on his website Brents Mot
  8. Folks, this is my son, who will be working closely beside me for the near future. https://groups.io/g/Brentsmotorcoachflooring He also has a Facebook page- Tx RV Flooring and Design I'm still around- Ernie Ekbergs' flooring
  9. Make an appointment with me to get engineered floors. I have specialized in this for decades. Ernie Ekberg
  10. I have clients from all over USA and Canada coming here. You wouln't be disappointed
  11. It seems there is a trend to get the cheapest material and hope that it lasts. These coaches demand a better product IMO. Ernie Ekberg
  12. Have you thought about engineered wood? When a floor gets scratched, they all do, engineered wood can be fixed with a little stain- the vinyl material has to be replaced. Ernie Ekberg
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