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  1. The heat exchanger can be moved, mounted elsewhere or eliminated- if you don’t need it.
  2. You can get some cheap vinyl planks to put down vs those speedy Lipperts. FYI
  3. When driving, it shows my " fuel economy" and had arrows that show if I am getting good fuel mileage or not. They change all the time and could drive you nuts
  4. It is an electronic box. I had them in my Liberty and Wanderlodge
  5. Paul, do you have the Detroit Diesel Pro Driver display?
  6. We do flooring all year round. I would add a 2x4 to bridge the gap under the own you cut to give it stability. You can do marine plywood, but regular plywood works just as well. As long as you don’t have any water leaks- OSB is ok, also. If you go to a plywood retailer- no box stores, you can find the rare and elusive made in USA plywood. Ernie Ekberg- on my knees for almost 50 years
  7. We are in mineral wells tx Texas rv Flooring and Design on Facebook
  8. Bring it to us for new flooring. ErnieEkberg if you buy something new, it will probably be in the shop for warranty work as there is not much quality control anymore
  9. Now I see it. Thought it was some kind of code that old people don’t have a clue about
  10. Diplomat way better than a thor
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