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  1. Do you see a piece of blue pex sticking out from underneath somewhere?
  2. Me neither and I know my alternator light works. 200 amps LN and theoretical 1000w solar. Gen or not, have not seen it yet.
  3. Ray, I honestly have no idea. I usually only look at it out of curiosity to see totals and averages after a trip. Wonder if it was getting that information from the old GPS unit that I no longer have there, except for the roof antenna that's now unused.
  4. Dennis, our coach did not have Aladdin, only a Triptek and that one still works. The camera goes through it and text gets imbedded into the picture when on. Don't know if Aladdin was even available in 2000?
  5. I don't know if the Panasonic display looks like our in the picture did but when ours quit, the other attached electronics like a CD changer and GPS became useless as they were controlled from that unit. I replaced it with Pioneer flip up touch screen receiver/DVD with all kinds of features and never looked back. Lost a ton of weight in coils of long fat cables too. The original connectors don't fit anything so speakers had to be reconnected, not hard but a lot of them. There may be an adapter, don't know, did not care. All that stuff was way outdated anyways. Later replaced the old s-video ca
  6. You really don't need it to have a tank at all for just tire inflation as opposed to air tool use. I use Viar compressor on the road which is permanent to the toad if I don't want to start the rig, 20 gal tank for just automotive type air tools and 80 gal 7.5hp for bigger jobs like blasting or air sander and paint. That one goes to 175 psi so if parked in or near the shop, it will inflate tires in a hurry. It all depends on your future intentions and need for portability.
  7. I don't think it would be necessary to scan it since it is still available for pdf download, if soft copy is what you want https://www.monacocoach.com/rv-owners-manuals
  8. Moved to Texas 25 years ago. Got rid of snow shovel year later. Now I could have used it...nah, just wait it out.
  9. You can see both new and old in the pic. They look identical to me. I start digging for the source.
  10. Richard, couple of years ago I added an extra "belt line" in the rear where our wheel surrounding started to wave. Its not an exact replacement but I think it is aluminum and decent looking. If you think that you could use it, I would look through my pile of receipts to find the source.
  11. Ray, We are in the same boat here in N TX. Same thinking too.. All packed to turn the key and head towards AZ last weekend when our daughter was supposed to come home to house sit. By that time we were already under snow and ice. Took her 3 days of flight cancelations and rerouting across half of the country to finally get here from Atlanta. All I could do was to hide the bus inside the shop thinking thats the best way to avoid winterizing. Not so much, when blackouts started and temps went to zero. My shop oil heater still needs electricity. Running AH on diesel not possible while inside a fr
  12. I guess the newer version ECM is using a different logic if they say that you can't clear inactive codes, I can do that easily. I feel your pain. My last trouble was a broken wire to retard relay, found the break behind side dash cover where it goes down to FRB. It wasn't fun. Good luck!
  13. My ABS control box is above the ceiling in main basement storage, in front of aquahot bay. Pain to get to it as the ceiling is one big piece. The connectors are color coded and I did find the pinout for mine in Bendix manual. Our coach is much older but there should be documentation for yours. Are you sure that there isn't a second code that would identify the wheel position?
  14. In your manual should be a reference to location of ABS diagnostics button to activate and retrieve a blink code. Without that, it is impossible to know what's going on. You might inspect the wheel sensor wires visually but that's about all until you get the code(s).
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