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  1. That is how you get in and out of the Setup. Do it and see for yourself.
  2. Hold the UP and Down buttons simultaneously until you get a beep.
  3. Did you get into the Setup mode at all?
  4. Yes you got it. You can swap the left-right lines for a test. You may also want to swap the corresponding connectors for troubleshooting. It can get confusing.
  5. Then you have gen start. I believe to remember that for it to work, you have to set time of day first so it know when your quiet time starts/ends. That is at the end of the menu and then you just scroll through it again and set the AGS parameters.
  6. If you have Trace inverter and your controller is RC7GS, try to set time first. If you have Magnum, someone else will help you.
  7. You will have 2 ride hight ports for the rear axle. One on each opposing long side of the block, from each of the 2 control valves. Does that explain the single port on that side?
  8. Right, there needs to be a clear path from the Ride hight port to the air bag port when the Ride hight solenoid is energized. Air bags get air straight from the Bag port on short side of the block.
  9. I don't have Valid either but there are similarities. Looks like you ride hight valve on the low side does not get air from the Sixpack, right? You could check if the solenoid gets power when it should, in travel mode.
  10. Not a sound of fan or even buzzing from up there? If not, the phone type cable at back of the thermostat may need cleaning. The other side of the cable may be a suspect too if that does not help. There should be a phone cable connector/splitter behind the inside difuser, likely connecting 2 gray cables and one black. If it comes to it, I would, start with whatever is your zone one, probably the bedroom one.
  11. I have a car shop by my house, about 30 miles north east of Dallas, 2 miles from Lake Lavon. Now I only open for friends and family, when home. Number of parks around the lake.
  12. You know that you get to the drain tubes from inside, right? And you have compressed air, all you need is a screwdriver and an air hose.
  13. If you happen to drive around DFW and have the parts, I would crimp it for you. Or invest in portable AC crimper, might not be much more expensive than what you would pay someone. Also, sniffers don't work well in the wind.
  14. These are all good considerations. Time is a consideration as well. Cost can be a few dollars if you can identify the failed component unless the board is just burned beyond use. Sometimes there are boards for sale cheap too. I don't worry about the age of electronics if what they still do is what I need. Older units are usually easier to repair than the new technology and these days everyone just throws new boards at them in 5 minutes and charge what ever they can, just like with everything else. I just like to tinker with things when I have the time. I used to repair TVs and such in my young years so that helps.
  15. That sounds exactly like what I would do, keep the B running unless I had compelling reason to upgrade. Electronic components are cheap and there is nothing to lose at that point. It does take some knowledge tho and that's where the repair cost is.
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