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  1. I don't want to get into a longer discussion, but I have to make a couple of points that relate to my motorhome only. The air bags and jacks are not integrated. If I dump the air in both tanks with the bleed valves on the tanks the air bags stay inflated, they only deflate if I push the dump switch and that takes a long time. It is likely if I blew an air line the bags would not deflate. The jacks only retract if I push the retract button or try to drive off with the jacks down. I agree no one should be in the coach so there is no chance someone would mess with any system that would retract th
  2. If you have jacks why not lower the jacks until they touch the ground. If the air bags fail the jacks will hold the motorhome. Frank O 01 Endeavor
  3. Chris, when I owned my business I placed a sign above the time clock that said: Customers Make Payday Happen. This was a constant reminder to my employees that without customers they would not be employed so make sure you take care of the customer. I also had another sign that said: Business is Easy, All You Have to do Is TAKE CARE of the CUSTOMER. Frank O 01 Endeavor
  4. My heater fan works on all but the third speed. What is possibility the switch is bad and not the resistor block? The last time the resistor block was bad I thought the fan only worked on the low and high speed. Frank O 01 Endeavor
  5. On my 01 Endeavor the black stripe accross the front is a decal. I am concerned when removing the mask it will damage the decal. Anyone have experience with this. Frank O 01 Endeavor
  6. When I replaced the skylight over my shower I used a hair dryer and a Foshio plastic scraper. This uses plastic blades like a razor blade. I found that EternaClean would not only remove the residue, but the paint so I used denatured alcohol to remove the residue.
  7. I used Boss Glass while in Phoenix a few years ago to repair a fogged window. Within weeks it was worse than before they repaired it. Frank O 01 Endwavor
  8. I place a 4x4 under my sewer hose to create a trap to block odor. Got tired of replacing vacuum valves. Frank O 01 Endeavor
  9. Dennis, I have not had it repaired.
  10. I wouldn't use Auto Boss Glass. The window they defogged fo me is worse now than it was before they worked on it!
  11. I received the same e-mail and called the number. I was told this was true and I could not call to get local channels as I moved around. I sent an e-mail to my Senator to see if this is valid and if so what the hell Congress is doing. I got an immediate reply from one of his aids that she would look into it and let me know. That was yesterday and I have confidence that I will receive a reply as I have dealt with this person before on other matters. I will let the group know what I hear. It may be time to switch to Dish.
  12. Mike ,unless you have a reason to go to Flagstaff, Phoenix or Tucson I would take I25 from Albuquerque to I10. Frank O 01 Endeavor
  13. Nate, I frequently drive with the furnace on. Frank O 01 Endeavor
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