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  1. Here is a quote that I used a couple of years ago and they matched perfectly to the the original. I sent them model and serial numbers off build sheet and they were exact fit. Quote from RV Awnings.htm
  2. Gary H garyjhenderson@charter.net
  3. Rich In my coach the plumbing manifold is on the passenger side in with domestic water pump and Aqua Hot system. The thermostat with a range from zero to 50 degrees is right next to the plumbing manifold. It has a remote bulb with a capillary tube extending into the next bay where grey/black and domestic water tanks are located. I set this thermostat between 35-40 degrees, when the ambient temperature drops below it's set point it turns a aqua hot pump and heat exchanger in the storage tank area. I do not have a rocker switch in the dump area on the drivers side. I only use this option wh
  4. Bill It's a remote bulb T-stat, the bulb is in the next bay where the tanks are. You can see the copper tube going to bulb in the photo.
  5. Bill I also have the aqua hot book. The seventh heat exchanger is in the basement compartment where the holding tanks are located the thermostat is in the bay next to the manabloc distribution panel. I know the heat exchanger under the sofa and the ones in the kitchen are in the same loop. If I come up with a diagram I will let you know.
  6. Anyone have a schematic diagram for the heat exchangers on a Aqua Hot system in a 2001 Monaco Dynasty. I have 7 heat exchangers and 3 pumps not including the pump for the engine preheat.
  7. The red handle and black handle are different sizes. If you call Viega 800-775-5039 they will send you a black tee handle one for no charge since they do not manufacture these anymore. Viega now owns Manabloc
  8. I'll check it out, maybe mine is the same, I have a ISC engine
  9. I ordered a new tank from John Carrillo, the guy is super helpful. It should be here this week. My question is the hoses that run from the engine preheat coil on the aqua hot tank where do they connect into the engine cooling system? I haven't had a chance to trace them out. Just in case anyone is wondering what is inside Old style Aqua Hot tank with domestic water on the outside see photos
  10. I have had Centramatics on all 3 axles on coach for the last 6 years, been through a complete tire change and never put weights on tires. Rides smooth as glass going down the road.
  11. I put 2 new Blizzards on my coach in 2018 and they work great and are alot quieter than my old penguins. No banging noise when starting. Also went from 13500 btu to 15000 btu gave me a little more cooling capacity
  12. I replaced mine a couple of years ago with a Samsung french door frig and it is working fine. I removed the entry door to coach and removed passenger seat. Then took doors off new frig. Old Norcold when out ok and new one went in OK. I had plenty of help lifting units. My coach is a 2001 Dynasty
  13. Mine has one under bathroom sink, and in wall near kitchen sink under counter, and also the one you have found.
  14. Sometimes those mechanical vents have to be replaced because the diaphragm in them dry out and they do not fully close and you end up getting an order inside the coach. There are several in my Dynasty.
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