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  1. I agree this is no place for squabbles. Take it private please.
  2. Glad you got it repaired. I am just now replacing the air dryer filter and valve body assembly that's in the same area as it was leaking air . Hope to have new parts tomorrow. Great to have this Forum so we can help each other. Gary L
  3. You don't need to go under the coach to check these valves. Open the AC radiator access door and they are right there above the Jack leveling valves and fluid tank . So no safety issue if that what the concern was.
  4. I would think its an airbag dump valve and part of the leveling system. Have someone listen while the air dump switch by the driver is activated.
  5. Bill A mechanic at the service dept in San Antonio Florida told me they had to have a service work order number in order to access electrical schematics for any coach. He was changing the dash house display computer in my coach and so I asked if I could get a copy of the schematics for my coach. He said sorry but no that's not possible . A proprietary item is usually so the company controls R&D plus the presale service work, a money maker for them but not good for the customer.
  6. Birdshill Not sure what your point is as to my Marathon problem . I am in the Maritimes and did not expect Marathon to have a service center close to me. I also do not need Prevost chassis repairs as I can do it in my own shop as I have for years. Electrical I also do myself as I spent 33 years troubleshooting Passenger Elevator hard to find control issues. When my wife got sick and Florida wintering was not possible anymore I wrote a letter to the president of Marathon explaining that I needed schematics for my coach and why. I never got a reply but later I called a contact I had the
  7. To clarify Prevost Canada will supply lots of chassis electrical drawing and fantastic support. It was Marathon , the converter that would not provide schematics for the House part. To be fair to Marathon they do have a tech support hot line that is helpful but in my case that wasn't sufficient to solve some problems I encountered and visiting their nearest service center was not an option (4400 miles return trip ) .
  8. Text me 9024564039 i'll send a couple Gary
  9. I had Prevost coaches for 18 years. Can't beat a Prevost for ride and durability . If I had bought a Royal instead of a Marathon I'd still have it as Royals are way less complicated. Electrical is not problem for me repairing passenger elevators 33 years but without schematics the Marathon had to go. By the way we are in Nova Scotia. We've been mostly snow free, Day time Temp -2 to +5 Celsius. We are close to the coast so we've had a fair bit of rain this Winter. Good luck in your hunt and travels. Gary 2007 HR Ambassador Text me, ill send pictures of ramp. 9024564039
  10. had two Prevosts and loved them. The last one was a Marathon Conversion and very nice ,well built, we loved it. However my wife had some health problems and we decided to winter home in Canada and not Florida as we had for 16 years. I was now 2000 miles from a Marathon service center and had to do my own repairs I asked Marathon for a set of electrical draws (Prevost house wiring is very complicated without drawing almost impossible to repair ) however they said no way their drawing were propriety and not given to customers ever. My only option was to sell it so I did. We found a goo
  11. Speaking of ramps I have built an outside ramp 12 ft long and I can stand up under the coach to work , its very safe made of steel beams and built to hold a 54000LB Prevost 45ft I had until a few years ago. I drive on my ramp to check the front then back on to check the rear area. As I do all my own maintenance and repairs its great to have. I will say that some air leaks are hard to find but dish soap and water in a spray bottle works great. Check the push on air connectors if you have any and replace with approved brass connectors , make sure you get them for air lines with the interna
  12. Dump all air. Forget about it for the Winter. When you start it next spring it will air up and be fine. Leaking air is a normal part of Motorhome ,bus and Truck ownership.
  13. Ok great Garybluegrass@hotmail.com Thanks
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