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  1. When I had that problem somebody told me to fill the black water tank about 3/4 full with luke warm water and add a cup of laundry softener. Driving your rig around to splash it around. this will loosen up the holes in the jet sprayer you can then blow everything out with you hose.
  2. As I live in San Diego I personally would wait until you get home. I know of only one good upholstery shop and that is in El Cajon. They have done good work for me over the years. The problem I can see is the waiting time. Most shops are booked for long periods of time. I think if I was you I would pick a time when you will not need the motor home.
  3. Very Striking. Well Done Gpa Fox.

  4. Thanks for you service. I was a Marine serving in Vietnam 1966 to 1968
  5. Welcome, I like you have a 2004 Windsor although it doesn't look line a Monaco because I had it painted.  If you go to my profile you will see the new paint job.

    1. Speerfamily


      Wow that is beautiful...love the blue!!!


  6. I had that problem also. try turning the key to on then go to the engine compartment and start the engine from there. you will find two switches together. One is for starting the engine for the rear start or front start. Put on rear start. The other switch is the start button. When you try starting it there you should hear a clicking noise keep holding it on. After the clicking stops the motor should start if not you have problems listed above
  7. Well I would like to say thankyou for all your help. The overflow line was plugged up. I filled the tank all the way up twice and put a little air presure in the tank and whala every thing works.
  8. the pump does turn on. I have disconnected both the hoses both sides of the pump. I am getting no water from the tank at all. If a line is plugged how would I free it up?
  9. My 04 Monaco Windsor fresh water tank is not getting water to the water pump. I always thought the water from the tank was gravity fed to the pump which is two bays away from the pump. For a long time while traveling I would get a vapor lock and would have to open a release valve and let a little water out of one of the lines to eliminate the vapor lock. Now I get no water at all although the tank is full. Is there a tube or hose inside the tank that might have fallen in? Is there a screen that could be plugged up? My neighbor and I put a new pump onto the line that come from the tank, but nothing. Any help on were to look for trouble shooting would be appreciated.
  10. Just wanted to wish everybody a Happy Easter and Happy Passover. stay safe!
  11. In order to get home when I would go up a hill,any hill I would down shift to 2nd gear and still had to pull over and wit until the temp to go back down. If you are familiar with highway 8 going from El Centro to San Diego there is a 6% grade in which I had to go uo in 1rst gear. It took me 2 1/2 hours to get to the top. Also this was at 1 o'clock in the morning. That's when I went to cumins. I just used this as one example as one of the problems I have. It Just seems that you take your rig in and a hundred miles down the road the same problem appears
  12. I have a Monaco Windsor 2004 of which I bought new. My problem is finding a knowledgeable repair shop especially while traveling. I had a overheating problem. This only happened when I would go up a little hill. I spent thousands of dollars trying to find the problem. I went to Cumin's who told me I had no problem. I went to four other shops of which two of them told me I needed a new radiator which would cost me $8000.00 Plus labor. Each shop charge me five hundred dollars to diagnose the problem. One mechanic bypassed the Monaco system which fixed the problem. As I had a stop engine light came on I took the RV in to have it check out. While in the shop the mechanic noticed a 2 wires lose. with further investigation he noticed they were the original wires led to the hydraulic fan system. This only one experience of many over the years. The worse is when traveling. So how does one find a rep-ital shop? What questions should I be asking before I leave the RV with somebody.
  13. I have a air leak in the suspension and can seem to find it. I did find a major leak and had it fixed by a mechanic. The Psi drops from 120 to 55 over night. Th air bags do not seem to deflate so any ideas on finding the leak or is this normal
  14. we live in Cal;ifornia an is to far for us.Would like to attend if closr
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