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  1. Just did the same thing Robert U did. My diesel mechanic ordered a new muffler. He had to replace the hangers and all connectors as they were rusted thin. Note, the old muffler was nothing but a hollow tube. The entire inside was gone. It was past due for replacement. Engine seems to be running cooler. I suspect the exhaust heat was being blown through the radiators. Just never stop learning. Thanks for the replies.
  2. Our 2000 Diplomat has similar issues. Earlier this year, a friend helped me take out the water valve. The company no longer makes a direct replacement so we cleaned the valve and the check valve and reinstalled and it works great. My friend had the Pex tools to connect the hoses, a big plus. To do this, the entire front face of the water cabinet needs to be removed, easier than it looks. It is about a two job. Also, if you are thinking about replacing replacing the sensors on the water tanl and holding tanks, this is a great time to do it. I am considering installing the Seelevel system and it would be very easy to do with the front face removed.
  3. Our 2000 Diplomat needs a new muffler. I am looking for a like replacement. Where will I find the correct part? Thanks 2000 ISC Diplomat
  4. I installed the Xantrex Freedom XC 2000. It works great. Even the Whirlpool microwave has no issues and the batteries stay charged. The remote control was simply a replacement for the old control, using the same wiring. I did have to install two circuit breakers to replace the ones that were built into the old inverter. I am planning to remove the doors on the Norcold and may have to remove water and gas valve on the back. It appears it will fit through the living area slide out window which is also an emergency exit, so the whole window tilts out and up. This will avoid removing the passenger chair and door. Time will tell. Should know in about a week. Our 2000 Diplomat is wired for the refrigerator to run off the inverter.
  5. On sale, Frigidaire was $600. The biggest issue for most frigs. is depth. It sits in the hallway to the bath and bedroom. Most frigs have handles and easily stick out farther into the hallway. Since we are not full time, we do not need 18 cubic feet, this one will provide great sleep at night and will keep everything cold, automatically will defrost and will fit nicely in the space. I may have room for a pull out spice rack, that would be a bonus.
  6. We are installing a Frigidaire model FFHT1425VB. It is almost 14 cubic feet. I would have preferred a French door with ice and water in the door, but did not want to go through the hassle of modifying the enclosure for the furnace. It will be cold and plenty of ice. No handles on doors to protrude into narrow hallway and the depth is perfect.
  7. After a trip to a RV salvage for a part, we have decided to replace the Norcold in our 2000 Diplomat. We were ushered through the lot in a golf cart driven by an employee. We saw a long row of burned out motor homes and that was enough for us. Many of the fires were refrigerator. So, we have a Frigidaire waiting to be installed. Over the years the Norcold has had the main control card replaced, fans replaced, electric burners replaced, and thermostat replaced. On a recent trip to Florida, it operated, as usual, with 36 degrees in main area and it made and keep plenty of ice. If anyone is interested in parts I will make them available before throwing unit out. I have followed this discussion for years. When the inverter failed, we replaced with a full sign wave inverter and our house batteries are new. The only time we run the frig on gas is when we are driving and occasional trips to Quartzsite or Oshkosh, so not worried about keeping things cold. Thanks to all who have contributed to this subject. I will try to document frig removal and install. It sits on top of the furnace so not a lot of room, but, this is not the first time it has been out of the hole, one heavy dude.
  8. I ordered a set of lights on Amazon, a direct replacement but not OEM. It took about two hours to remove the first one and an hour on the second. You should expect to get your hands scratched, it is tight quarters. Two of the screws can be accessed through the generator compartment, the third one is accessed by laying on your back and reaching up from the bottom. Well worth the effort. I never plan a trip to drive at night, but the new lights look great and work much better than the old.
  9. Our 2000 Diplomat with ISC engine has an issue with the low coolant light. When starting, it comes on then goes off after several minutes of driving. The light will come on while driving, then go off. The plastic bottle is full. Coolant temps are normal. Is the sensor located in the plastic bottle? Thanks for the help.
  10. I had same issue, about six years ago. I took it to an RV service center in San Antonio and they replaced the regulator. Took about 30 minutes. Greg 2000 Diplomat
  11. Thanks so much for all the help. The support here is great and I so appreciate it. Shocks will be replaced in about ten days, depending on the weather. The web site Ivan posted is great Greg 2000 Dip, Fusion on dolly pushing.
  12. I am assuming different models use different shocks. I read what others had done, but none were talking about a 2000 Diplomat. Is that a bad assumption?
  13. Just returned from a 2000 mile trip and need to replace shocks, lots of porpoising. Does anyone have part numbers for the front and rears? I suspect one brand can be cross referenced to another. Thanks Greg 2000 Diplomat, ISC with two slides.
  14. I had similar issue. There are several push on connectors that supply power to the unit. I found they were corroded and would not pass current. Cleaned connections and everything worked.
  15. The electrical connections are very simple and easy to get to. When I had issues, I found the connectors had corrosion. Cleaned connectors and back in business.
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