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  1. When we run we always turn on our headlights then we never get the alarm as there is enough drawn to offset the over current alarm.
  2. Micro Air has them https://www.microair.net/collections/easystart-soft-starters
  3. I agree, there will be no service after the sale from here on out.
  4. Did the Mirror bases match the coach curve or did you have to finesse them to the body?
  5. I will not as I replaced it about 4 years ago. I will be using a time delay relay to turn on the raptor after the main lift pump shuts off to avoid an over pressure situation thou.
  6. as a side note they have the curbside and roadside swapped.... I know for a fact that the AH/Gen pickups are on the PS/curbside as well as the sender so I suspect the Engine is as well I will know soon enough as I am adding a raptor pump above the tank
  7. I am hoping the suction line is on the passenger side of the tank next to the fuel sender, auqua hot and generator suction lines, anyone know for sure? well darn it's in the manual...
  8. One end is at the water pump, the other end should be out of the back side of the head. At least on the ISL...
  9. https://www.irv2.com/forums/f115/my-thoughts-on-the-nason-parking-brake-switch-197560-3.html Bob details how to build your own in a PDF in post #32
  10. I just replaced all of my valves, one was leaking so I am sure they others were soon to follow. https://www.finditparts.com/products/3607973/hadley-h00450ce?sctx=eyJzIjoiaGFkbGV5IGgwMDQ1MGMiLCJzb3VyY2UiOiJhdXRvc3VnZ2VzdCIs InByb2R1Y3RfaWQiOjM2MDc5NzMsInJlc3VsdF9jb3VudCI6OSwicmVzdWx0 X2lkeCI6MH0%3D Reused the long actuator bar that was on the original as the new ones were to short.
  11. I will when we see him this winter.
  12. Jack winters in FL with us at Camp Florida resort, he has many stories of the early days with his signature.
  13. yes after look at where it is blocking or 20 ton jack stands under the rear frae rails will have to do
  14. it may be safer to dig a pit below the where the radiator goes than to depend on the air bags.. I have a heavy set of ramps 2x12's and plywood that I put mine up on for all things under the coach so even if air drops I am still safe
  15. All back together and working fine. Total materials to change out the boiler and all hoses. 9 gallons of Century Boiler concentrate 9 gallons of distilled water (ordered 5 gallon pails direct form Century, much cheaper). 70 feet of 5/8 Green stripe heater hose 10 feet of 1/2 Green stripe heater hose 1 foot 3/4 Green stripe heater hose 2 dozen big cable ties and 100's of paper towels and 1 tyvek suit. The engine side. New water pump from Cummins M&D distributors Part#: 5579024. Old one was not leaking but soon would have. $181.94 Much beefier than
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