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  1. Monaco also used another company for some coaches including my 2007 Signature. The "Monaco Kit #" label on the wiper motor is where to find it: Diesel Equipment Company Wiper Technologies Wiper Technologies 877-307-7059 Greensboro, NC Label on my wiper motor: Monaco Kit # 09309035 Arm RA680-25RH Torque to 35 FT Lbs. wait 45 minutes and retorque to 35 FT Lbs. 36” Blade BA900V (V means vented blade)
  2. 2007 Signature I just replaced some weatherstrip using AmeriSeal Weatherstrip in stock and available at Space Age Paint in Mesa, AZ. 19600 in the rear bath and rear closet for the engine covers on the floor 15800 for the bottom of the curb side slides
  3. I've used Flo Rite for around 8 years with zero problems. I like it.
  4. Why is it always the pickle jar that is the first one out when the door swings open? Someone I know seems to forget to latch the door and no matter where the pickles are they seem to jump out first......
  5. You do not want to replace them, been there done that with a friends 2008 Patriot Thunder that was in an accident. The parts are available and would consider a different shop. There is no good replacement for a Coach Step.
  6. It should be in your Monaco Owner Manual, that manual is a great resource. Cummins has no information on what Monaco used for AquaHot, pneumatic and other filters on your coach other than Cummins specific.
  7. I have seen Energy Star refrigerator evaporator fan motors fail on MSW. It is an easy cure, replace the fan motor with a non Energy Star efficient motor. In my experience the normal replacement motor does not have that circuitry and works fine on MSW.
  8. Perhaps Atwood although they sold off a bunch of their divisions. My Atwood driver side power window regulator assembly is now Challenger Door. When the L shaped outer pane of my driver side fixed window broke Auto Glass Boss had a new one cut for it & they installed it. When an outer pane broke on my last coach door it was replaced by Duncan.
  9. I have the complete setup from a 2008 Beaver Patriot Thunder ceiling mount TV except the fiberglass pan which would not fit a 70" TV anyhow.
  10. As stated start cleaning connections. If you start with the batteries and clean the cut off switch connections, bulkhead connections, battery chassis ground, front run bay bulkhead connections (if power runs that way on a Diplomat), generator ground and generator + & - at the generator you will not only cure your current issue but will also avoid other electrical issues for a long time. Don't forget to check the cable ends for corrosion where the wire enters the connector, green is not a good thing.
  11. As Bruce mentioned some of us have the ceiling mount TV's. They were originally made for the old heavy 37" TV's which we replaced with a 48" and may work for a newer lighter 70" TV. Lift It made those and no longer produce them but does sell the components.
  12. The Coach Step 725-0072 on my 2007 Signature is the same as the 2008 Patriot Thunder. The Thunder was in an accident so we replaced it with a a Lippert 376003 (Kwikee 904239090) which has the mounting ears on the bottom whereas the original mount was on the top.. We used 4 long aluminum blocks, drilled for original mounting holes and drilled and tapped for step ears. It works but I just do not like the new Kwikee step, when it extends it has sides to trip on. My electric motor experience is that off brand automotive window motors are of poor construction in that the drive gear is pre
  13. Dave, I don't want to hijack this post. I read the owner manual again and did not see any reference to the cruise control when the VORAD is inop. I simply asked if his Executive has Vorad since it does have an effect on the cruise control. I saw the post stating the problem with the brake switch, however, if it turns out that it is not that there is another direction to look. I had that problem and wanted to give that insight. In my case, in the end, I think cleaning up the front run panel boards cured my problems and do not expect jimclark44 to have the same result. If you can sen
  14. Cruise Control does not work as normal when the VORAD fails on my 2007. The procedure is to simultaneously depress the Cruise On and Set buttons on the smart wheel and have the cruise control function without smart cruise. This may take more than one try.
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