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  1. 120 gallon 10 HP, 20 gallon 2 HP & a pancake. I use air tools and a bead blaster frequently. I use the coach compressor on the road and don't carry a portable.
  2. Does it have the Trimark system? Trimark Doorbell Warning.pdf Door Tri Mark Lock UM17_22271-03_2013-07-Rev_5.pdf
  3. Duh, must have had a dyslexic moment! Thanks for the correction.
  4. This is what Cummins Quick Serve shows for my ISX. The pressure cap is used to increase the boiling point which varies with altitude and percent of coolant. Minimum Recommended Pressure Cap With EGR 103 kPa [15 psi] Without EGR 50 kPa [7 psi]
  5. Here's the service manual. Service Manual VTL05M001-SM-1.pdf
  6. I would like to see someone that has the MicroAir Thermostat address the points made in the MicroAir review, it is the only review I can find. Also, what thermostat was replaced, a 4 button or 5 button or??
  7. I read some reviews and decided they need to refine it more. Micro Air Review
  8. I think price pfister cartridges but would have to check.
  9. Bath faucet LaSalle 82223 is the Monaco number LaSalle Bristol got the faucets from Huntington Brass Photo from Huntington Brass Discontinued Page https://www.huntingtonbrass.com/discontinued-items.html#
  10. When you disconnect the hose from the fitting, cut about 1/4" off of the hose and clean it to insure the new fitting doesn't leak. There will be an indentation in the hose from the old fitting. I block the frame with pipe that has at least 1/4" wall thickness.
  11. They show a replacement for the 5 button Duo Therm thermostat, has anyone tried it? Easy Touch 5 Button Replacement Thermostat
  12. Did the "Fake 50 Amp 1" pedestal have a 50 amp breaker? I haven't run into that although that's what a 50 to 30 adapter does. Your "Fake 50 amp 2" is what the cheater boxes do, I use one frequently for 30 amp 240 volt input. It's rare to be able to use the 20 amp receptacle as they are normally GFI. My transfer switch/surge guard is a hardwired Southwire 40350-RVC which works well along with a Hughes Autoformer. In Mexico the Southwire unit shut the electric off due to high voltage (140 VAC on each leg) at night. It shuts it off above 132 VAC, I think the Progressive unit has t
  13. Glendinning Model M 50' Long Hose and Spool is an inch wider than the 35' hose spool.
  14. After much consideration I decided to replace the reel and hose on the coach. The 50' reel is 1" wider than the original 35' hose reel and I had the space. On a 45' coach it seemed like I was always a foot short of reaching the hose bib. It arrived today so I , of course had to immediately install it! The nut that holds it on the reel is 1 1/2" and the only socket that size I have is fairly long. The space is small so I used a pipe wrench to turn the socket. It was not easily turned so I called Glendenning to make sure I wasn't going to break something. I think it was about 5 minutes b
  15. I did find that post informative. I have had occasion to scoot underneath the front without supports. I put the generator out which leaves a cubbyhole to hide in and also can hide under the axle. I scoot in quickly and make sure I have my phone in case the coach comes down and imprisons me. I'll need someone to deliver beer... I store my pipe the same place as you. I carry two pieces of the large pipe and have two pieces slightly smaller that fit inside the big pipe. I can't raise mine quite as high as you as I have limiting straps which you can see in the photo. I gave up Cr
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