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  1. Nevada Rob is right, it's the difference between the temperature going in the AC return vent (within the coach) and the temperature coming out the ductwork (and back into the coach), not necessarily the air that is outside of the coach. The 'outside air' and humidity does play a part in general by making the overall AC unit work harder, but the rule-of-thumb is to look for a ~20-25 degree change inside.
  2. Our German Shepherd Dog has learned to get her ThunderShirt and bring it to us to put on her when needed. I was initially skeptical about them, but they do seem to calm her down.
  3. We're in! We'll keep watching the update info.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply, Matt. I had an 06' Endeavor, and I always thought the bottom-location of the cord was a nice touch. I'd forgotten about how smooth the concept was for the release rollers/etc with the heavy cord (especially in cold weather). Guess I got some more thinking to do.
  5. I often chuckle with I read about propane-detector problems. I replaced two of them in our Endeavor years earlier than expected because they'd often sound off, and usually at what we thought was random times. That is, til wife noticed it was mounted close to where our dog liked to snooze. Methane is chemically close to propane 🙄 .
  6. When I replaced my original transfer switch several years ago because of a couple charred wires, I replaced it with the Lyght unit. During install, I was disappointed to note that it used small-head flat-blade screws that were very tough to get tight on those big wires without stripping out the heads. I replaced them with allen-head screws which are much more secure. I may have gotten a Friday-Monday switch (LOL) because I've not read about anyone else mentioning a similar issue with the Lyght screws.
  7. Sounds like good suggestions so far. Have you cut all 12v power (chassis and coach) for several minutes to recycle everything? The step 'brain' may have gotten confused. The plethora of electrical and mechanical gremlins that live in these things are the main reason I use only the dead-bolt on the entry door. That, and often leaving the bedroom window closed but unlatched (it's the highest one to reach from outside).
  8. Having the power-cord come out the little door over the side-radiator looks cluttered to me (it just hangs there), and am considering moving the cord-run to exit from under that back corner of the coach. Leaving the reel in place, it looks there's room to snake the cord down and around the fan\radiator & hardware thru a piece of conduit, and have it exit out from there- like the water hose. Has anyone attempted this already? Any thoughts pro or con?
  9. We went thru 3 (yes, three!) NotCold frigs in the first year in our Endeavor. Fourth failure wasn't under warranty so we put in a Samsung. And when I removed the final NotCold, I was shocked to see the amount of charred wood next to the flue/chimney. When we bought our Camelot, one of the big selling points to me was that the PO had already replaced the original Dometic with a Whirlpool.
  10. Awesome people and service and fair prices at Josams'. After leaving the Monaco Get Together last year at Lazy Days, the little 'fizzy' bubbles (they'd show up after a rain) I'd been watching around a seam on one of my front bags were slowly getting larger over time. I was near enough to the 'old' Monaco Wildwood location to swing by and get a replacement bag and take it to Josam's for replacement. I've had work done by them before, and once again they didn't disappoint. The shop was pretty full, but when they heard we were pretty-much grounded, they scheduled us in immediately. Almost makes me want to move closer to them for the future... "just in case".
  11. Yes, DishTV remotes (at least the newer ones) are also able to control more than just the tv. I was able to program one remote to do that, but don't remember how I did it so's I can program the other one too 🤔 . Wife said to "read the manual" (did she forget I'm a guy, and 'guys don't read manuals'?)
  12. Did it warm up yet? What was the results of your test?
  13. It took me 2 heating-blanket controllers to learn that same lesson (I'm kinda slow at times). I was told by one of the engineers at the 'old' Monaco factory (may it R.I.P.) that is the reason why they did not wire the bedroom outlets into the inverter circuit, but instead made them active only when on shore or genset power. CPAP machines and the like are also sensitive to MSW power and were the main reason for doing that, he explained.
  14. Some humor, and lots of helpful hints. Good job! Brings back memories of working in a British Car repair shop I co-owned. Every once in awhile, someone would drop a few SAE bolts/nuts/etc in the parts box of an ongoing project car. Lots of fun to watch, unless it was the car you were working on 🤬 .
  15. I mounted the board pretty high up on the firewall above the genset (so it's not actually 'inside' the coach), and spliced in additional wires for it to reach to there.
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