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  1. Has anyone used the steel coolant surge tank sold by Veurinks RV Center. According to their website, it replaces the factory plastic one installed from the factory. Any other suggestions on a replacement. My rig is a 2008 Knight. I appreciate any feedback. Thanks, Jim
  2. Hello Tom, I sure wish I could shed lite on this problem as I have this exact problem on my 2008 Knight. I've had the problem for over a year now and haven't been able to figure out the problem. The amount of flakes that blow through has decreased quite a bit but there are still a few small flakes that blow out. I really can't tell if this problem is affecting my cab ac air flow or not. Overall, my cab ac only rates about a 'C' grade. I'll sure be interested to see if someone else has a fix for this problem. Thanks, Jim Bradley 2008 Knight, 38PDQ
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