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  1. K, I have solved the problem on 5 coaches plus mine. Tapping the bras check valve has solved all of them. Go to the main unit and feel the heated lines coming out of the enclosure. Also listen for the motor vibration. Tapping is not a light tap. I use a 3/8th socket extension in the copnfines of the heater bay and wrap it with a large lock jaw pliers firmly. JoeB 03 Exec PBDD
  2. I to was concerned about the vertical support while working on the underbelly and use a combination of supports. 1 block the tires front and rear - stops fore and aft movement (chocks on 6in ramps) 2 - When working on the rear 20 ton jack stands ( not from Harbor Freight) under the vertical structural tubes by the transmission which go to the main steel frame rails. 3 - in the front access to the frame is blocked by the generator and the H frame suspension, so 3 x 3 inch oak post from the H frame and the mail frame. 4 - Start with the ail suspension leveling system in the raised position. Woul
  3. Dave, I have drawings for a 2000 - 2003 Exec for about 60% of the drawings. I have copied them for others. JoeB 03 Exec PBDD
  4. Kevin, Can you attach a copy so that I may print it. Thanks Joe 03 Exec with a ISM and no info.
  5. I have had to replace numerous item like this. The best source is to remove and go to a local complete hardware store, NOT ACE. although they provide a great service and most products. JoeB
  6. Ken I have the same coach and ex problem. The key triggers 2 solenoids and the start circuit. The 2 sol. are in the front run bay upper left location. One is accessory and the other ignition. A weak solenoid will sometimes work, it tool 1 1/2 years for ours to go so dead that I could find and replace it. Check it for continuity and if not 100% replace it. JoeB 03 Exec
  7. Beside, both switches on, is the 120V breaker tripped? Third there is a 3amp fuse in the bedroom closet 12V panel that powers the relay for the 120V AH heating element. Another possibility is the thermostat on the 120V heating element. I'd call an AH specialist and ask for suggestions. John Carrol. (sp) JoeB 03 Exec PBDD
  8. Kaiser Wheel and Alignment Eugene, Oregon had them for my coach. JoeB 03 exec 40 PBDD
  9. Walter, The rear CCC's control the Aqua Hot 2 rear zones. One important issue is the front rear zone is for the Bath and concentrated pluming. Not sure you have a good idea. The temp sensor in the toilet area I believe is for concentrated location. Joeb
  10. Tom, Might try a rebuild shop specializing in diesel engine parts,they exist at lease in Portland the city of rioters.
  11. It should be plug and play as long as the thermostat controls only one zone. Many of the bedroom thermostats control 2 zones and require another control box.
  12. Pete, The high temp thermostats one is 12V for the deisel burner abd the other 120V for the electrical elements. The 12V are on the left the hight temp on top.
  13. Ken, I have a 03 Exec although I due not have a box just a solid wall. The air intake is above the cord reel behind the wall. My reel slips sometimes badly and the adjustment requires interior access. Glending later models allow adjustment thru the exterior access opening. I'm very interested in what you find out. please keep me posted. JoeB 03 Exec PBDD
  14. Just to add comment. I went to Dish because of the corrupt dealings once AT&T took over DT. Dish Hopper 3 and 2 wireless remotes on a 2 year fixed price agreement 250 channels about $92/mo. Winegard dish and mast/lng and 42 converter about $300 plus 1/2 hour tech switchover on the Winegard. I figure within 16 months I will be even, and receiving local stations a 10 minute only ordeal. Just to post actual facts. JoeB 03 Exec PBDD
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