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    We bought our first MH in 2018 and are enjoying it.  2006 Monaco Diplomat 40dst w 3 slides, 400hp Cummins, 6 speed Allison transmission. Hail State!

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  1. @JDStew thanks, I watched the video and that makes sense. @pulsarjab I'll download the manual and look this over. I did not know there are 3 sensors. Thank you.
  2. @codelld interesting find! I cannot get that link to work, could you try again? Do you have a pic of the sender's location on the transmission? Thank you, Steven
  3. My Aladdin shows pretty much all engine and transmission info and the display doubles as the camera screen. There are 2 types of Aladdins to my knowledge. 1) Aladdin Jr-- what i have and 2) Aladdin-- this one adds in house monitoring info from what I've seen. Jeff, I have a VM w ohms, but am not too familiar w taking those readings. How do I do that? Thank you, Steven
  4. Hello all, I've been working on my to do list and since I've had the coach, the transmission temp gauge has not worked on the dash. It does work in the Aladdin but not in the scan gauge. I have removed the lead at the transmission, cleaned it and it didn't change. I think my next step would be to change the sensor out. I haven't found a replacement yet. Any suggestions on where to order one from? Tranny model#: E012544 Thank you.
  5. I'm not sure i should put this in this category. But after hurricane Sally and seeing one of these in action, I feel like owning one could be a good thing for a coach owner. The least expensive FLIR one i see is $600 and they go up from there. Anyone have any experience with these? https://www.flir.com/products/mr160/
  6. @Barry W That's great news! Congrats on a nice victory.
  7. In my case (06 Diplomat), I'm pretty sure it was the original and it sure seemed consistent w the new Eternabond.
  8. I can say that removing that Eternabond tape is a challenge in itself. I had a leak in BR slide and decided to remove all of the eternabond. I used a combination of scrapers and acetone to get it done. Once gone, it looked great and I felt good about my removal and then applied new eternabond. I personally wouldn't use any mechanical or electrical devices for removal. If you can get that acetone to get bw the tape and the roof it will help a lot.
  9. So far yes, just installed it Sun and haven't really used it yet. But there is one thing. I'm 5'7" and my wife is 5'. We are gonna want ottomans. This couch sits higher than the last one. But that's minor to me. Pics of what we have w slides in. I didn't have time to open it all up, but there will be about 12 to 16" of space be the mattress and the J lounge when the mattress is open w both slides open.
  10. I removed the vertical pieces to the valances. They just seemed to block out light and take up room. It's a pretty easy job to remove them. The PO replaced the blinds with these except for 2 windows. I found his receipt and measured and ordered 2 for those. It took about 3? months to get 2 blinds though. Here's the link of mine: https://www.selectblinds.com/rollershades/reminiscent-vinyl-roller-shades.html And pics of the bedroom before and after.
  11. @Barry W I misread your first post about not seeing the furnace on the Tstat. Can you post pics of what you see? On mine, you can use either heat pump or furnace, so maybe if one of yours is set to HP, you will not see furnace? My tstat has an on off slide switch on bottom to turn fully off. I forget the reset process. Found on FB Try resetting your thermostat. SYSTEM RESET OF DUO-THERM COMFORT CONTROL: a. Turn the ON/OFF switch to OFF position. b. Simultaneously depress and hold the MODE and ZONE push-buttons while turning the ON/OFF switch to ON. FF should appe
  12. @Moonwink this is how mine is too. See pic w no couch.
  13. Thank you. Would you like pics of both sides of the coach or of the couch? Can you post a pic of what space you are working with? Maybe we can help w ideas.
  14. Not at all. 4 screws held it down. I pulled those and slid it out for working space then started pulling bolts and took it out in pieces. It was mainly a 1 person job. I also did the same putting this one in. Took it apart outside the coach and brought in the pieces and put back together. Pics of bolt holes help. Sorry, its been listed for a couple of months with no interest. It's been thrown away. See above. Ordered here: https://www.braddandhall.com/ProductCart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=1359 Took about 4 months to get due to Covid. 68" wide.
  15. Replaced our tired, discolored cloth couch today w a new one from Bradd and Hall. This one has a memory foam mattress and cup holders.
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