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    We bought our first MH in 2018 and are enjoying it.  2006 Monaco Diplomat 40dst w 3 slides, 400hp Cummins, 6 speed Allison transmission. Hail State!

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  1. My paint codes are on a sticker on the driver's seat post and also in the 1/2 bath cabinet (of I remember right..I know there are 2 places)
  2. @Jonbrooks good am and have a great trip. I noticed you have a PT cruiser on a tow dolly. The PO of our coach had a PT cruiser he towed and had a lube pump installed so he could flat tow it. You may be aware of that, but if not, I thought I'd share that. Happy travels.
  3. Terry, try doing a search on Amazon for the same part. I bet the link copied is one of many choices. I ordered mine new from Amazon.
  4. Brett, I'd suggest calling Tim at rvcams.com and talk with him. He's very knowledgeable in this topic.
  5. I swapped my Marinco ones out based on recommendations. One was ok and the other one...well the internals fell apart. I was lucky.
  6. Barry, my local Sam's had 1 Duracell AGM 6v and I waited just over 2 months and that never changed. I called or went by almost weekly. I checked stores up to 150 miles away and nothing. I ended up going w Trojans bc of that. They never could tell me when they'd get more.
  7. Got an update. I pulled the dash switch out today and see 2 blue and 1 red wire. The bottom blue wire as 13v and red and top blue have 0. With the switch on, I see 7v at bottom blue and red wire. Top blue keeps zero. I looked for a fuse but no luck yet. Seems like maybe the top blue should have 12V like the bottom? I have not pulled any lights down yet.
  8. @Dennis H @Jonbrooks Thanks. My inside bar is black metal. My outside bar has never lighted by design I think. I'll look into changing one day.
  9. @Jonbrooks nice. I'm curious as the lighted grab bar. Stock? Aftermarket? Is it dimmable?
  10. The PO of our coach had 2 12V flooded lead acid marine for the house batteries. He also had a fair amount of genny hours (methinks bc he didn't have enough battery capacity). Everything worked fine and as long as you are spending most time on genny or shorepower, you'd be ok, but if planning on dry camping, you'll need the 4 6V for longer battery life. I just replaced them w 4 6v AGMs. It cost more, but I'm wanting to be able to use the genny less when able.
  11. Love the woodgrain. What's the gauge below the speedometer? And the 2 below the fuel? Engine temp? Volts? Found it. If you haven't, you can download the manual from HR website. Section 10 chassis. Per the manual you have hydraulic brakes, but air parking brakes.
  12. I'd love to see a pic of the dash and all the gauges if you don't mind. I'd think the person could add gauges for you.
  13. Mine has that too and I forget which is which. But that got me thinking, there's a valve on each tank to empty the air to prevent condensation. With both tanks full, you should be able to empty one and watch the needles. Engine off, of course.
  14. I read those and figured for the price and the return if I didn't like them, I'd give them a shot. So far the 3 in the one fixture work great. I looked at M4LED but they are so much more expensive. I have similar ones in puck lights under my cabinets and they work ok but some flicker and have given me trouble. Maybe yours are a better brand. Thank you both. Steven
  15. I went on Amazon and purchased these bulbs to replace all 12 of the halogen puck bulbs. I like how they turned out in the one light and I do like the current light setups. I thought about putting new puck lights in, but if I can use the existing ones, I'd prefer to do that. I think my next steps will be to check volts at the switches and try to trace grounds. I'll pull the lights down too. There was a bad connection in the bedroom lighting causing issues. Maybe this will be similar. Thank you all. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01C8G7PUG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabc_3PGC5D4R665G86CNMAH3?_enco
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