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    We bought our first MH in 2018 and are enjoying it.  2006 Monaco Diplomat 40dst w 3 slides, 400hp Cummins, 6 speed Allison transmission. Hail State!

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  1. I thought that too. But found otherwise. If you didn't read my post above, please do. I understand your theory using both jacks and airbags, but wanted to share my jacks experience.
  2. Jeff, I replaced my monitor with this one from rvcams.com. Tim is very helpful there. The new monitor is larger than existing and I used velcro Command strips to hold it in place. That allows me easy access behind it too. Sorry, no pic on phone.
  3. I'd like to share an experience I had one night. I arrived to site, slides out, let air out, then put out my hydraulic levelers. Got them where I liked them, turned off the leveling system, and went outside the coach when they suddenly and without warning retracted with the engage brake light flashing. The brake was engaged. My Nason switch failed. I can say, had anyone been under that coach at that point, it would have been bad. There would have been no time to escape. I replaced the switch and no more issues. That was an eye opener for me. 😬😬
  4. When I replaced mine it was a chore. Had to remove the screws and lower the panel and still had trouble. I ended up cutting the hole larger for better access. Mine was bad at the reel so splicing was not an option for me. Personally I've had good luck w hose parts at our Ace store. Maybe a plastic splice?
  5. Are you seeing any warnings? When mine did that, there was a light on saying the parking brake was not engaged, which it was. New Nason parking brake switch fixed that issue.
  6. Tom, it cam be done, but I am not the one to be able to tell you how. I would suggest you create a new post with your question as you will likely get more answers.
  7. What is it doing/not doing? Typically if low on fluid, you'll get warning beeps.
  8. I was able to take a good spring off one topper and go to Ace Hardware and find similar ones. I learned about these springs after losing my topper cover on the highway due to rusted springs. I still haven't replaced it bc a new one is over $800. I'm trying to find one off a salvage.
  9. Recently we stayed met up with @Scotty Hutto and stayed a few nights at Pine Mountain RV resort in GA. Neat small town, Callaway Gardens (known for golf, flowers, and butterflies) is nearby along w a great drive thru zoo. We have also stayed at Camp Gulf in Destin, FL and recommend there. For passing through and needing a place to stay overnight, I like the Tallahassee RV park which is right off the interstate. It's a small, quiet, quaint park we have used several times.
  10. Are you able to have them load tested? Even one or 2 bad cells in 1 battery will mess them up.
  11. Another vote for Stone Vos here. Even if he is a Michigan State Fan. 😜
  12. As a veterinarian who owns his own clinic, I see it too. Corporations come in and buy out clinics like mine, keep the same name, and start with many of the same staff. But the changes they make internally lead to bitter employees and frustrated clients who end up leaving and looking for another clinic that's not run that way. The corporate clinics are all about $$. It's been instilled in me to put the pet first and the $ will follow. Online pharmacies have been a big issue with all vets. It started out that they got their products through diversion...they would partner w vets who eithe
  13. I agree about the $179 not being a bad $. I pulled my battery tray out yesterday and am getting the rust gone and repainting. I'm not in a big hurry as we cannot go anywhere now so I'm gonna see if they go on sale after Jan 1
  14. Yes, we stayed at the horse park for 3 games the first year we had our coach. It's a great place. They had camping this year, but no shuttle to the games. Last year we were able to get a spot next to @Scotty Hutto on campus about 300 yards from the stadium. We hope to stay on campus again next year.
  15. When stored, I keep it plugged in to 110v. I'm not sure how long the batteries have been bad, so I'll know more once I have installed the new batteries. This year I replaced the Norcold w a residential GE fridge, but the dying was occurring before that.
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