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    We bought our first MH in 2018 and are enjoying it.  2006 Monaco Diplomat 40dst w 3 slides, 400hp Cummins, 6 speed Allison transmission. Hail State!

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  1. This may be mentioned already, but check the generator starter connectors too. And it could be your starter is going bad. Happened to my Jeep.
  2. Thank you. I think I'm gonna go see the mechanic next. How hard is it to get software to read the coach's codes? Other than the Scangauge.
  3. Frank, this is from Scan Gauge D's manual. I'm not sure about the 223, but the 3 under FM implies the voltage reading is too high? This is what I came across looking at Cummins isl 400 codes--this site at least, does not show a 223. I looked in the manual you shared, @Frank McElroy, and it's dated 2004 and my engine is 2006 so I am not sure if it correlates. But this is all new to me and I am still learning all of this and appreciate all input.
  4. That's good to know. I have a diesel shop nearby. I will see what I can find out. Thank you.
  5. This is a pic. But I don't think its a Cummins code. The first time it popped up, we called Cummins and they said it wasn't theirs. I may be wrong though.
  6. I get one on my 06 Dip with the 400isl Cummins. My scan gauge gives me a code that I searched and found related to a voltage spike. I have a feeling my alternator regulator may be going bad.
  7. I had 3 fittings on my front air tank leaking. You could hear one and soapy water found the other 2. My pressure would hold for brake tests, but I'd be at zero overnight. Replaced those 3 fittings and now all is well.
  8. Garland, I have an 06 Diplomat and was recently sent this. Tim may have already sent it to you? My weldex screen went out and for troubleshooting it I plugged the rca cables into a tv and could see again, so replaced my monitor. You can try plugging in each camera to a tv to narrow down the problems. I have an intermittently working left and rear camera. Monaco Camera Wiring Diagrams.pdf
  9. I thought I'd share something I discovered Sunday. My front rooftop A.C. was dripping condensation in the coach so I pulled the inside cover off while running to tighten the 4 bolts. On either side of the squirrel fan, there was a large amount of one of the interior layers of insulation being pulled/blown into the H ducts blocking at least 80% of the air flow going to the small round registers. I tore off the insulation and could quickly notice more air coming thru the registers. I've had that cover off several times, but never when running and never noticed that blockage. The insulation is pliable enough to fall down w the A.C. not running. The bedroom a.c. was about 75% blocked on one duct and 25% on the other. I wish I had pics, but my phone crashed before that. Looking forward to testing in the heat soon.
  10. When mine leaked, it was at the hookup behind the fridge and was accessible through the rear panel. But mine leaked at the screw on connector.
  11. Will be available likely in August or September 2020. 68" brown Flexsteel sleeper sofa with air mattress and air inflator. Coming out of a 2006 Diplomat. Sleeper part functions well. No tears in fabric, but has expected fading and color changes for 14 years old. Couch is located in south Alabama close to I10. $250 obo. Pick up only.
  12. Steven P


  13. My 06 Diplomat manual also says 55psi max as mentioned above.
  14. Rob, I have a Weldex monitor that failed and it was easy to test to see of it was the monitor or not. Plug in a small tv and run the RCA wires to the TV, if you see your info, the your monitor is out. Call Tim at rvcams.com and talk to him. He knows these systems well and can help you troubleshoot and guide you for the fix.
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