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  1. That's for sure...never thought of recording phone call.... I like it. Thank you.
  2. No, I hadn't thank you! I see a fuse same 5A that i,s missing as well. Back story is, I was towed, truck did damage to bus, got fender?steps repaired, and had non start problems with p/u. Went down again next morning, they had bus running, when I arrived, drove 3hrs home, turned off and hasn't started. This info will be a good start. Good Holidays to all. If ever getting bus towed might want to take photo before tow truck hooks up. Thanks Jimbo
  3. Engine cranks but won't start. New batteries. Tranny and brakes communicate but not engine in J1939. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks Jimbo
  4. Just like to add, you might want to get the goodyear radial tires "endurance". I ordered on line to try and save and got 3yr old tires. Hope this helps... Happy Trails..... another item to consider would be the width of the wheel of tow dolly and vehicle being towed. Demco Kar Kaddy S.S is what I tow , is a bit of work. The fenders are cheap, previous owner had bias tires and drove it like he stole it, blew one fender off. I replaced with fenders from Tractor supply. Is well made. Cheers
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