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  1. I think there are likely earlier discussions which cover your question. In the search box put “Microwave” and one of the results starts out with a Samsung question, but evolves to the Sharp which should fit yours. Note the 2 long bolts, accessed through the filter openings, with attach to a wall plate. You also likely have some side wood screws. That thing is heavy too, so the back plate of the Sharp is a much safer setup.
  2. There is, I think, an overflow tube on all these coaches. It might be blocked but some insect nest. I had a similar problem and eventually replaced the pump and the problem was solved.
  3. I’m sure do it yourself can be done, but the weakest point on the toppers is likely to be the stitching. Primarily, the thread used. The seams/threads deteriorate and problems start again. Be sure to do your research on this. I would echo the earlier recommendations of Stone Vos.
  4. Dave, Thank you and may you and your family have a Blessed 2021.
  5. Dean, I think you made the right choice. The eye/stem Bilstein you used is the same as mine and they provide good control without stiffness.
  6. Dave, maybe Chris T will see this post and advise what might be going on if the noise is coming from the awning mechanism. If not, you might contact Talin RV to get information.
  7. I looked at a similar microwave to replace my sharp and after reviewing the mounting requirements to an upper cabinet, I determined that the mounting would not work on mine. These things are heavy and the rear wall bracket and side screws of the Sharp gave me more confidence that it would not come crashing onto the cabinet while bouncing down the highway. You might have a solid overhead attachment point, but mine was weak and would not hold a 75 lb object.
  8. Are you sure there is no inverter outlet behind the refrigerator? They could have changed after 2005, but on mine, one of the outlets is inverter connected and the other is not. Both are on the same outlet. Disconnect from power and turn the inverter off- One should be dead, but should be hot when the inverter is turned on.
  9. I have had a regulator to fail in cold weather, I think due to some moisture that naturally accumulates and fails to vent out. Replaced it and all was good. That would be your least expensive check at this point.
  10. I think your owners manual will cover this, but if you are not prefilling the filters, the electric lift pump will fill them. With the ignition is switched on, the pump will run for a few seconds (you should hear this). You will need to turn the ignition off and on for several cycles, but the filters will eventually fill. Don’t just try to start, but use the pump cycles to fill before attempting start.
  11. I agree with Bob Nodine on keeping up with battery maintenance. The AGM Batteries do cost more, but the water worries are gone and the battery compartment tray will stay much cleaner without the wet cells. Also, the cost of the watering system, plus the cost of wet cells, will likely be near the cost of AGMs. And, hopefully they will have a longer life.
  12. I think we need to look back at Chris’ post, with regard to all the elements/needs that go into one of the rallies. It not just the campsite. All the people are volunteers and they live and work in other locations, even if it might be in FL or a nearby state. I, for one, thank them for their time to this point and I understand the logistics problems this causes. I know they want to have the Gathering, but I will understand whatever is decided. Scottys idea of Zoom is a possibility, but realize that it too takes a real investment in time. More power to him if that moves forward. I
  13. Dennis, Thanks for the reply. I need to do mine since it’s been a while but found getting from the back was a messy job and a bad place to get good working positions. I felt it needed to be done rather than from just the outside. Actually the side radiator does not get heavy dirt if I make sure to always water hose clean it when I wash the coach.
  14. Dennis, it appears you cleaned from the outside inward. I’ve tried to clean from the rear/inside and flush water to the outside, which is the part that concerns me. Did you get to the back side too?
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