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    2002 Monaco Windsor 40PBT, 2013 Honda CRV AWD

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  1. Todd, I read a few days ago that the ScanGuage D has to be calibrated for your particular coach. I had never heard that and I intended to check it out but haven't done so yet.,
  2. Yup, but it's really hard to carry those pole barns when traveling! 🙂 Could you tell any difference in the ability to keep it cool inside?
  3. I'm looking for the best product to reduce the heat inside from the roof. This stuff has great reviews but I am hoping to find someone that has used it and taken outside/inside before/after temp readings. Thanks for any comments! Joe
  4. My intake hose came apart when I tried to remove it, but it just had standard stainless-steel hose clamps, nothing special. I can't say if the clamps were around the part of the hose with the wire spiral or if the ends of the hose did not have the wire. ???
  5. Check my thinking on this, concerning the clamps. If there is a small air leak around the clamps on the intake side then any dirt that gets sucked in will still have to go through the filter, so no danger to the engine. I'm thinking I will just use standard hose clamps on the new intake hose. Am I missing something here? Joe
  6. Someone on another forum posted this link to as special clamp designed for the spiral hoses. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0050IJG2U/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1
  7. Mine just has the stainless steel hose clamps, like you would buy at Lowes, etc. . Guess I'm looking for problems where where are none! Thanks!
  8. Richard, since it looks like this hose is not smooth inside, was there any problem getting the clamps tight enough to no air escapes around them?
  9. Thanks Richard! I just ordered 3' of it and that saved me a few bucks, plus I don't have to drive 130 miles to get it! 👍
  10. Sent you a PM Well, I think I have the problem solved! The Donaldson P537448 is the replacement I need, and I am ordering it from Amazon. The intake hose split in two places when I tried to get it off! After a LOT of searching I found an industrial hose wholesaler about 65 miles away that has the 7" ID wire-reinforced hose and will sell me what I need for about $46. Thanks to all of your for your help! 🙂 Joe
  11. I found the list of filters in my Monaco owner's manual. They say it is a Donaldson EBA09-2037. When I Google that number it brings up internal filters only. The manual says it it a sealed unit. ???
  12. We bought our 2002 Windsor 40PBT in 2012 and have never changed the air filter! I have constantly monitored the indicator and it has never shown needing replacement. I was told by a reputable source that the filter should be changed every 2 years, regardless of what the indicator says. I respect the opinions of the folks here and would appreciate your input. 1. Should I replace it ASAP? If so, what is the correct part number? 2. Should I replace the indicator? If so, what is the correct part number? 3. Can I do the replacement myself? If so, what is the correct procedure? Thank you for your help! 👍 Joe
  13. I read that the "H" is for H frame. I think that must be what is called an "I" beam in the construction trades.
  14. The 2002 Monaco sales brochure says the chassis is a RM8H. I have been told it's a RR8S. What is the difference?
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