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    Retired pharmacist, golfer, ft grandparent to 6 father to two. Married just shy of 100 years (50) and love the Rv lifestyle. This site had been wonderful. Thank you Colonel, Fred et al for allowing me to find this venue.

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  1. Richard, it's getting power from the Inverter, I assume, what parts of the Inverter am I looking at. Just put me tip on inverter end of com wire to magnum remote. The resets on Inverter are not disengaged and the green light is on? Where from here?
  2. Just had a new GFI installed worked fine until I disconnected from shore power and it started up again. Kicks off with very small load when dry docking red light comes on blinking, power coming to it and won't reset with push of other button. It resets fine with the genny turned on. Haven't tried with shore power yet, still on the road headed toward Eugene OR. Any thoughts 07 Diplomat
  3. This is for Chris T or anyone with the info, 2007 Diplomat right side front slide about 10 ft nothing on it but 2 recliners and a table needs a new floor from previous water damage. Outside bottom really starting to fall out from rot. What am I in for time materials and approx. Cost to replace?
  4. To followup on this, I unplugged from shore power and all the outlets were dead. Replaced GFI and found a bad connection on the Inverter side of the telephone communication wire between the remote and the Inverter. Fixed the wire connector and the remote works, didn't have to replace it. New GFI and my plugs on the galley side of the coach work micro, duplex plugs, bar area but on my opposite side, curb side plugs don't work. Nor does the directv or box power up as well or on wall on vanity opposite the GFI in the commode closet. No popped brakers and no other gfi's I can find on the coach..
  5. Tim, I didn't do a hard reset on the Inverter just an off, sit, and back on. My GFI works of the Inverter but the inverter is working so it has to be a coincidence that both the magnum remote and GFI went together. I'm replacing both. My fridge, when installed after my Norco had an Inverter plug behind and that's the plug they used when installing my fridge. My GFI is in the bathroom and controls all my duplex plugs except my bedroom night table plugs. They are 110 shore power or gen. When no shore power I plug my Bipap and clocks into the bathroom GFI when no shore power. Fridge continues to
  6. Dwight, I agree on the magnum remote being bad. I'm calling about it tomorrow of course it happens on a weekend. As for the GFI, I am going to home depot tomorrow to switch out either way it's not resetting and I agree it should be getting power from the Inverter. As for kitchen lights and duplex outlets near bed, they work from shore power. My fridge, residential, was originally installed to work off the Inverter which is a msw 1200 series. Fridge should have read not working off Inverter had to run an extension from bedroom to back of fridge to power. Micro, TV, most outlets not working
  7. Yes to Inverter, it's working fine, did a full reset of Inverter and remote. GFI is not resetting though nor is magnum remote displaying
  8. Transfer switch? What does that mean, the ATS is bad, burnt contacts? Wouldn't my board work on genny or shore power if that were the case?
  9. Will a bad GFI blank out the magnum board even if plugged in. I'm in a30amp site with no reading on the magnum no kitty to set AGS no amp readings but batteries seem to be charging 110 electric is ok, running extensions, Inverter is on at source. I tried unplugging the magnum 5 button in back and plugged back in. Nothing. Reset Inverter, nothing. No Inverter 12v working in coach including fridge. I ran extension to get the essentials, fridge, coffee reclining chairs etc. Any thoughts beyond GFI. Oh I checked panel, no breakers off.
  10. Coach finished on assembly line Friday at 3pm one foot out the door and done.
  11. I have the non lighted version with the Monaco name on the round hard plastic. Where can I find a replacement so I don't have to start fiddling with holes. TIA
  12. Getting old sucks but getting older and wiser is wonderful. I'm only 72 and I enjoy the knowledge and wisdom I've developed over the years. I love visiting with the kids and slowly passing the reigns to them. watching them grow older and wiser. My mind says do it and my body answers back very loudly, ARE YOU NUTS? So let's all remember to stay busy and grow older and wiser, let's not GROW OLD!
  13. Thanks again Tom, more good info. My son is coming out to visit. He'll do the "ground" work.
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