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    Retired pharmacist, golfer, ft grandparent to 6 father to two. Married just shy of 100 years (50) and love the Rv lifestyle. This site had been wonderful. Thank you Colonel, Fred et al for allowing me to find this venue.

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  1. Thanks again Tom, more good info. My son is coming out to visit. He'll do the "ground" work.
  2. Tom, all you said makes a lot of sense. I will start with changing out my AGM connections, clean and Tighten all. They are relativity clean with no corrosion but are 4 yo with very little attention. Then I'll follow your assumptions on genny but for that I'll have someone go under the 8k. I don't do ground work very well any more. At least now, if it happens again I know where to start to look if I haven't gotten to the fix yet. Thanks again, stay safe regards Joel
  3. Tom, problem is my house batteries were at 12.9 and float charging just before I disconnected shore to start genny. Battery boost also didn't work. Same clicking. I did decide to leave the CG and 15 min down the road tried the gen start and voila it started while driving. Would like to know why it clicked and wouldn't turn over? Thanks so, it all points to batteries but boost didn't work and charge was at float before disconnecting shore. I mistakenly didn't get the secondary code, thanks for that link, saving that one. After moving a bit and it starting without the boost indicates low volts but the meter didn't tell that story. Thanks again for the responses. Stay safe all.
  4. I've been parked for a few weeks so only 2 weeks since last start of gen. Tried today getting 3 blinking code clicking on prime and clicking on start not even trying to turn over. Tried from dash, from power wall and from gen itself. Reset gen breaker? Still no start??
  5. They are for the support rod that locks the slide out shutting travel. You should have two adjusting poles to fit into slot and pad to sit on slide out when closed inside. 
  6. My son and I both found it near impossible to push in on the hole button and move it either in the open, partially open or closed position of the awning. Also it looked like going from the last hole on the bottom to holes above it world decrease the pitch instead of lowering or dropping the pitch to get it where the top of the awning sloped toward the ground.
  7. Can anyone advise how you can lower the angle pitch of the awning down toward the ground. My awning came with the setting in the lowest hole which seems to be the lowest pitch but it sticks straight out from base parallel to the ground. There are five or six holes above the one it's in??
  8. Richard, don't do anything to change it and don't update. They are not supporting since 2017. Spoke with Adam, the developer and android didn't like his ad choice and locked him out of their platform. Only ios and iPad.
  9. Just finally got locked out of the allstays app for android. I know they stopped supporting it back in 17 but it kept working. Now I can't even open it. What app is everyone using that's as good as allstays in identifying all categories I'd Rv'ing
  10. I replaced my Aladin with a wireless. Works ok some loads of signal from 40ft
  11. Sorry before I said engine compression when I meant exhaust manifold leak. I dsys I wasn't a mechanic. I was identified by a very experienced 18 wheel driver who heard it when next to me in the fuel slot.
  12. I had Cummins do a compression check and they found a small leak in the block causing it to loose power especially up grade. Just a thought in not a mechanic.
  13. Hey guys, just a quickie to say I love the digest. I can see at a glance what is taking place and read the body all in one quick and easy process. Thanks admin et al for this addition.
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