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  1. Hi Steve A few more comments that may help. Again, my coach is '02, 36' Knight. We can now agree that you do not have air over hydraulic brakes, but if the parking brake is air activated, and you have air suspension, there is an air system of some kind. You will hear the release of air pressure when the parking brake is applied. It is called a spring bake because a heavy spring applies the brake to the shoes in large drum on the drive line between the transmission and the driveshaft (at least it does on my coach). When you release the brake, the air pressure applies force to the parking
  2. You must have an air system if the parking brake makes an air sound. To check for air over hydraulic brakes, open the large front cap cover over the generator. Inside there you can see the hydraulic master cylinders. If each of them has an air diaphragm attached, it is air over hydraulic brakes. Also you will hear the air sound when you apply and release the brake peddle. As I mentioned previously, my air dryer is under the coach. You must crawl under the coach and look in front of the differential to see it.
  3. My 2002 Knight should be like the Ambassador. The dryer is under the coach, almost in the center, in front of the differential. You may need a good strap wrench with an extension pipe to remove it. Scott
  4. Thanks. really good information to remember just in case. I am printing the page to keep in my coach with the Coach Net card. Scott
  5. Great Nic. I will send message tomorrow. Scott J 02 Knight, 03 Liberty
  6. Ice maker removed from a 2002 Monaco Knight. I am the original owner of the coach and recently the 1200 cooling unit finally failed. I went to Shipshewana and had J C Refrigeration install a 120 volt compressor cooling unit. During the work we removed the complete ice maker. Although it is 18 years old I have never turned on our used the ice maker in any way. I assume it works. All of the parts are included: the main ice maker unit, freezer plate, water valve, heated water line, thermocouple, gas valve, line and burner. I would be pleased to send all this to anyone who could use it. Scott
  7. I replaced my rear camera with a Voyager VCMS155. It is a color camera but I use it with my OEM b&w monitor. The Voyage does require an adapter cable "CEC into Four-pin Mini-din". Easy installation under the OEM rear camera "shield" on the rear of the coach. I purchase both items from RV Cams, Inc. 

    Scott, 02 Knight



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