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  1. Trying to find my oil pressure gauge problem I have put a signal tracer on the wire on the gauge then receiver on the wire at the sending unit and nothing. Bummer. I tightened all the connections at the gauge. Now I don't know if it is the wire to the sending unit, wrong sending unit, or signal tester not going that far. Does anyone know where the sending unit for the oil gauge is on a 03 ISC Cummins? The one I am testing is above the starter and I think this is the right one. Loose ground sounds like my problem but I have tightened the connections. Could be a wire loose in the conne
  2. My oil gauge on the dash is working erratic, it is pegged all the way to the right then at times it will start working but not often. I am thinking a loose connection or possibly the sending unit. I have located A sending unit on the oil filter side of the block above the starter that I think may be the oil pressure sending unit. Does anyone know if that sending unit is the oil and if not where is the oil sending unit. 2003 ISC 330 Cummins Thanks JimJ
  3. Just a followup on the transmission cooler radiator leak. The tank developed a leak for the second time, first time was 2 years before, I removed it and had it tig welded at a machine shop and it looked good but it developed another leak after around 400 miles so filled up with tranny fluid @$52/gal and limped to my destination. Took it off again, getting pretty good at this, took it to a machine shop and explained where it was splitting and that I wanted a patch welded over the corner where it was leaking. They Tig welded the crack then welded a patch over it. I think it will hold only time w
  4. I have developed a leak in the tank on the tranny cooler. I have had it welded twice so that isn't working very good. It is getting a crack in the tank in the same place and the weld isn't holding. I don't see any stress on it in that area but maybe the vibration is breaking it. If anyone knows of a source for the older Monaco parts please let me know. The radiator is 12" x 22" and mounts on top and r side I could try another weld job but would like to replace it. Thanks for any help JimJ 2003 Diplomat
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