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  1. I was wondering if anyone had contacted Lippert and installed this on a Monaco Door ... It looks like it would work ... Any information would be very helpfull Thank you Mike 2005 Dynasty W/ 2019 Jeep Wrangler
  2. Mike R mrizzo@maloneyinsurance.com Thank you !!
  3. Hi Ronald I had the same thing happen to me last year.. I pressed every button and check every fuse and it ended up I had hit the button to raise my tag in error . That caused an error in the leveling system ... So I would check that .. might be an easy fix ... Mike 2005 Dynasty
  4. Great information here ... thank you One last question......... I believe this is the unit that I would be looking at to replace my current 2005 13500 heat pumps.... DOMETIC WHITE PENGUIN II 15,000 BTU HEAT PUMP AIR CONDITIONER 651816CXX1C0 I also know that I would need the adapter control board is Dometic #3313107.107 (control board adapter kit) as well as a new gasket .. If someone might be able to confirm the unit numbers that you have used in the past, that would be great .. I just looking to get my ducks in a row and order up (or wait for backorder) Thank y
  5. I would like to thank everyone for your help ... Looks like I will be ordering a new AC .... Penguin II HC with heat pump ..... Mike 2005 Dynasty w/ 2019 Wrangler
  6. Good Morning Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts ... I have a 2005 Dynasty with 3 roof airs ( 13500 Duo-Therm heat pumps) ... They have all worked great up until this week.. The #2 is only blowing about 70 degrees.. I have changed out some parts to see if it would help (I have quite a collection of spares) ... Control Board, Capacitor, Start Capacitor, and the reversing solenoid valve... The compressor does com on but doesn't seem to pull as many amps as the other units... It hovers around 9.9 amps while the other units hit around 13 amps . I have looked at the lines an
  7. Just wanted to give an update on my overflow problem. First a big thank you to everyone for your input and help. Tonight I finally replaced the two high limit thermostats and the control thermostat. It was pretty straight forward with the help of a socket that I purchased from Roger Berke along with the thermostats... And draining out about five gallons of antifreeze.....All filled up and back together and no more overflowing The furnace now shuts down when it gets up to temperature... so a happy ending !!! Thanks again Mike 2005 Dynasty w/ 2019 Wrangler
  8. I just wanted to weigh in and say that I received my Control Board from Paul this afternoon.. I installed it and along with the cable, it was a very easy installation.. The Board works great. I couldn’t be happier as I have felt that I was on borrowed time with the old Board. I would recommend anyone that has the Opus to contact Paul for this replacement... Mike 2005 Dynasty w/ 2019 Wrangler
  9. Hi Jim Thank you for the information ... that is a big help !! I think the best thing to do is probably replace all three at once... The most difficult thing is to get in there and work on the unit.. I love that its in the middle of the motorhome when it cold out but not when you have to work on it .... I think I will get a socket and ratchet with a center hole for the install ... Right now I'm using the electric side and then firing up the diesel when we need the hot water for showers then shut it back down ... I think that the your right and its all of the above.. The main contr
  10. I did check with hos forum ... I had asked him some questions and he pointed me in the High Temp Thermostat direction ... I didn't see any procedures .... Mike
  11. Just a follow up ... After doing some recon.... I believe that it is the high temp thermostats.... I attempted to "swap" them over but that did not work ... The unit would not fire after I did that .. So after the diesel side high thermostat fell apart in my hand, I'm going to purchase two and replace both as the electric side seems as if its going to let go too... Has anyone changes these ?? do you know if or how much antifreeze you have to drain our of the system ?? Is it as easy (I say easy but nothing is easy sideways in the middle of the bay leaning on the furnace motor) unscrewi
  12. Thank you to everyone for your help. I have reached out to Roger Berke. I’m thinking’s or let’s say hoping that it’s the high thermostat. I run it on electric and everything is fine. We don’t get that much hot water but we never did. I just drove home about three hours. Plenty of hot water from the engine heating if up. And the overflow thank is dead in the middle of cold and hot. The only time it “over heats” is on diesel.. I’m going to wait until tomorrow when it cools off check the antifreeze then see how to change out the thermostat. I did get in there when it was still hot and the
  13. I will check that when I get back to the motorhome I know that it was not overfilled as I’m the only service guy I’m thinking and hoping that it’s a high limit thermostat reset I will report back hopefully after I just hit the reset. Thank you for all the help Mike
  14. You may want to join rogerberke.com  web forum. He is an expert on Aquahot and a source for parts. 

    Here is a list of his various sites.

    1. Mike Rizzo

      Mike Rizzo

      I do belong .. great way to get information... the more I get into it I’m thinking it could be the thermostat that shuts down the diesel side.  I do have a request in from his site too

      Thank you 



  15. Yes all three zones are working. I’m thinking there might be a high temp shut off on the furnace or a check valve mike 2005 Dynasty
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