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  1. Any updates, Woody? As several pointed out, you have one of the buttons on your bathroom Intellitec switchplate that enables that AquaHot blower. When a zone calls for heat, two things happen. The AquaHot control board calls for the circulating pump to run for that zone, and 12 volts DC is "sent" to the respective blower(s). You have already taken the difficult troubleshooting step. You have verified that the blower fan on the heat exchanger is good. If you take the front cover plate off of your AquaHot, and you have a volt/ohm meter, you can easily check out the remaining pieces
  2. This is a copy paste from our owners manual on our '06 Dynasty. "Winterize the Aqua-Hot: The Aqua-Hot can remain on during the winter months or it must be winterized with FDA approved RV antifreeze to prevent freeze damage. The RV antifreeze must be pumped through the Aqua-Hot until the solution appears at the hot water side of a faucet." They absolutely mean it. Like Speerfamily said, $10K seems to be the number that gets tossed around. From what I have heard over the years, folks that have gotten away with just using air are very fortunate.
  3. Good morning. Wondering if you've had any success, yet. That Intellitec system doesn't really have many wires to check. There is only one 4-conductor connector on it that is part of a "daisy-chain" that goes to every one of your switch panels. It is power and data, only. You can put something like a table knife behind the bezel and it will pop off. It pops off just a couple of nano-seconds before you think it is going to break. Then there are two screws that you will be able to remove to take the switch unit out of the wall. There is a 4-pin connector that you can see on the front,
  4. Again, looking at the schematic (Attached), all of your inputs to operate the slides come from either the Intellitec modules "A" and "E" or from the rocker switch that operates the generator slide. I think you said that the slides would work if you had one person press the Intellitec keypad for the slide you want to operate and another press the rocker that operates the generator slide. If that is true, then all of the inputs to the HWH board are functional. Also if that is true, then the only circuit that is not working is the input for the pump that comes from channel 5 on the Intelli
  5. Looking again at the wiring diagram, it shows a #18 orange conductor from that terminal #5 on the Intellitec module "A" going to either pin #11 or pin #12 on a connector at the HWH control box. (I expect that box is mounted on your front firewall, pretty much eye level, so it should be really easy to check that out.) There is a second conductor, also implied to be a #18 orange going to either pin #12 or pin #11 on that same HWH control box connector. That second one is "fed" from the generator slide rocker switch in the front run box, which explains why you were able to have the pump operat
  6. Check fuse #5 on your Intellitec module "A". That is the fuse that tells the pump to run when any of the house slides are operated. It may be labeled "SLIDE PUMP" and it should be a 5 amp fuse. Good luck. Looking at the schematic, that is the likely candidate for your problem.
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