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  1. Thanks Tom. I received a email from Duncan today informing me that they can't help. The window is not made any more and they have no glass to replace. They told me to try a local glass shop so now we going to Mels Glass in Cincinnati to see what they can do. I have appt. on Thursday for their review. Hopefully they can offer a replacement option. Never thought this was going to be so difficult. The windshield was a breeze compared to this side window. I will post what the outcome is.
  2. Thank You for your help. I have been in contact with Duncan. I first went to my local Glass shop that does my windshields in my cars and they told me the same info. They will not touch RV glass because of the trouble and time. I was hoping they could just remove the outer glass until I get it fixed, but they wouldn't. I now have covered with the clear tape and managed to go on our first trip.
  3. 2009 Monarch 33SDD. Driver side lower Dual Pain window broken. The inside pain is OK but the outside is in place but shattered. Looking for a shop to replace the window in the Cincinnati , Ohio area. LittleHome#2009
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