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  1. Thanks I’m getting with some help and we are going to attack this problem. This is an amazing site with great help. Frank, I think it was you that helped me with a battery issue. You get another Atta Boy!!
  2. Looks like I have some learning to go through. Yes, it does go down more in the back than the front. I’ll let you know how I do.
  3. I’m Dan Sell and I have a 2009 Monaco Signature. My leveling system is giving me a headache. I have replaced some lines and connectors, soaped lines, connectors, and bags and can’t seem to stop the coach from listing to the passenger side. When I am parked In a campground or in my barn I have to re-level every day. I also have good hearing and can’t hear a leak. I have left the control panel on automatic and manual and can’t keep this puppy level. Help, please
  4. Direct industries.com has a variety of switches. I have sent this info to my tech guy and I’ll let you know what he comes up with. Thanks, I found some that should work!
  5. Thanks, I found some that should work!
  6. It is a video switch. Switches from camera to camera
  7. I have a 45’ 2009 Monaco signature and am looking for a multi positional switch for the camera system dsell556
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