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  1. Both guys gave good information. I have done business with Villa (Mike) with very good results. I have also replaced the drivers side seatbelt in an 04 Endeavor, I bought a new lower portion online, very reasonable. Bill B 07 Dynasty
  2. Many campgrounds have regular propane delivery days for folks wanting a refill. Bill B 07 Dynasty
  3. Cummins has a shop in San Antonio, They did good work on my coach. Not with my coach at the present time, can't give names or phone numbers. Bill B 07 Dynasty
  4. Find a large truck repair shop and ask who repairs/rebuilds alternators for them. You are better off having yours rebuilt. Many folks have replaced their alternators with another brand and had many headaches. Bill B 07 Dynasty (USN Ret.)
  5. Kind of dumb question, but did you have the Aqua-Hot zone fans on?, and have you tried closing and reopening the zone valves? Bill B 07 Dynasty
  6. In 04 Endeavor the coax connections at the rear of the coach were labeled backwards. Park connection went to the satellite receiver, satellite connection went to TV switch box. Bill B 07 Dynasty
  7. A couple of years ago I had a fireplace insert installed under the salon TV, the electric element provides more than enough heat in the coach. Bill B 07 Dynasty
  8. The drain valves should be just above the floor where you see the blue pex lines under the coach. Bill B 97 Dynasty
  9. Many folks (ppl) do not have manuals and are asking for assistance and/or advise and may not realize the wealth of information contained in the manuals or our parts list and our files section. When I see a request for help that I do not have a reasonable answer for, I just go on the the next question/request. I do read most questions and answers to further my own knowledge and information in the hopes that I can assist someone else where ever that problem may arise, at group gatherings, the person in the next camp site, etc. Bill B 07 Dynasty
  10. David, ABS sensor may be de dirty or picked up some trash. There may be some information in the "files section" of this group about the springs in the Omega awnings, if not Chris Throgmartin is the awing guru, he is a member here and may chime in, if not he can be reached thru Talen RV in Florida. Bill B 07 Dynasty ( was 04 Endeavor
  11. The round puck looking lights I have at salvage places in Goshen/Elkhart, IN. area. The last ones I purchased were about $5 each. I also have seen them online. Bill B 07 Dynasty
  12. Bravo Zulu Paul, I would say you made a Happy Camper(s) again. Bill B 07 Dynasty
  13. The rear six-pack leaks and my coach loses air and settles to the drivers side rear being low after a couple of hours causing the leveling compressor to run excessively trying to keep level. At 81 years old I have problems getting under the coach to work on anything. Bill B 07 Dynasty
  14. Thanks Richard, now I know where I will be going to have the six-packs worked on. Bary and Josams have done excellent work on my coaches for several years. Bill B 07 Dynasty
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