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  1. Mike, Glad things worked out well and thank you for sharing the name and shop information with us. Bill B 07 Dynasty
  2. Mike, Have you called Allison? Bill B 07 Dynasty
  3. Mr Ellison, Thank you for the photos, while I do not have an answer, I have some leads should the problem arise in my coach Bill B 07 Dynasty
  4. Mr Ellison & Nevada Bob, I do not have a solution to the problem, just interested as I also have an 07 Dynasty Squire IV, perhaps you could send a photo or two showing the problem. Bill B 07 Dynasty bblansfield@juno.com
  5. Bob, Electrical problems are not in my realm of things to work on, this problem sounds like maybe one or more connections in the transfer switch may be loose and need tightening. When working in the transfer switch please use all electrical safety measures. Bill B 07 Dynasty
  6. Dale, First thing that comes to my mind are fuel filters could use changing, second is that exhaust break could use some maintenance, like lube. Bill B 07 Dynasty
  7. Mr Keith, The lug nut torque depends on the size of the stud and number of threads. For round numbers you are looking at somewhere around 450 to 500 foot pounds. I have used DynaBeads, ceramic beads from Innovative Balancing for many years and never had a problem with them. From the articles I have read, do not use powder type beads, it can plug up the tire valve stems. Bill B 07 Dynasty
  8. If it is like my Dynasty it's in the rear run box in the engine compartment. Bill B 07 Dynasty
  9. Steve, I would contact Stone Vos to purchase the fabric and it can be installed by yourself, a second person helping makes the project much easier. Stone Vos has provided the awning fabric for my last two coaches, always good service and prices. Contact them at 352-942-0224. Bill B 07 Dynasty
  10. When I had to clean my fuel tank on my 04 Endeavor I used clean barrels, I added a filter to the discharge of the transfer pump, both emptying and refilling the fuel tank, never had a problem. Bill B 07 Dynasty
  11. Bob, coils Can you compress the ceiling cover with your hand?, if so the vinyl is backed by foam and you could do what you are thinking of. As Hypoxia mentions those filters are restricting some of the air flow. I have had to reseal the air flow between the A/C return/exhaust and the ceiling to stop any air flow escaping into the ceiling. Also there should be a foam piece separating the air return and exhaust, this prevents the cool air from being drawn right back into the air return. Have you cleaned the evaporator coils in units. I have no problem keeping the coach cool while driving with the A/C's Bill B 07 Dynasty I should have proof read before posting, forget the coils after Bob. Bill B o7 Dynasty
  12. top flight, sounds like the fresh water tank overflow is stopped up with mud daubers, from the past couple of days folks have found the overflow just in front of the passenger side rear tires. A straightened out wire clothes hanger makes a good clean out tool, run it up the drain as far as you can. The gravity fill cap is usually on the drivers side of the wet bay, towards the top. Bill B 07 Dynasty
  13. Toby, There should be numbers on the side of the bearing, just about any good bearing supply place should have them, Motion Industries, WW Grainger would be a good start. Bill B 07 Dynasty
  14. Cathy, I am not familiar with your coach. At times when I got "too" busy trying to get underway and filling the fresh water tank on our 2004 Endeavor, it would overflow and show me where the overflows were under the coach. Other than a wet mess it should not hurt anything. Bill B 07 Dynasty
  15. Sounds like the battery disconnect (salesman switch) near the entrance door has been accidentally turned off, been there, done that. Bill B 07 Dynasty
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