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  1. Wayne My unit was acting up like that and I found the other end of that (phone cable) goes up to the ac first and the couplers on mine were all corroded. After all ends cleaned and new couplers the gremlins stopped. Roy Mercier 2003 Dynasty
  2. Trimarkcorp.com Roy Mercier 2003 Dynasty
  3. I can't wait to meet in person the members of this group. I think it will be better than a backstage pass. Roy Mercier 03 Dynasty
  4. I have the same coach and last year it happened to me turns out the rubber ends on the ride height valve linkage had dry rotted and one in the rear had broke free. I replaced all three linkages and all is fine. As stated here many times BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL always have the coach supported (jacks,ramps, etc.) before anyone goes under there especially when working on the air suspension system. Roy Mercier 03 Dynasty
  5. yes that tip was from me and I carry a 12ga extension cord left over from construction days should power about anything especially if it's only 25' Roy Mercier 03 Dynasty
  6. sorry had no computer for a while anyway it's a Philips not sure model #
  7. Joe I have a 2003 dynasty that had all that you described and also the ir repeaters for the remotes. I went new and simple only original pc I still use is the a/b switch. Check your rear tv I had a coax cable there that went to the front. To make it easier for me I enlarged the holes in the back of the cabinets on both sides by quite a bit. anyway I found the coax from the rear tv and the one straight from the bay and the one from the roof antenna by way of the booster. So my a/b switch has the antenna on one side the bay coax on the other and out to a splitter and to the front and rear tv's. like I said simple for that part. I did install a blue ray/dvd surround sound player to use the original surround system when I need it. Don't use my dish anymore and sounds like you don't either because I too use the internet to stream. It's also easy to add tv boxes, modem/routers etc. this way
  8. I had a similar issue and eventually found the coupler for the data (phone) lines up in the ac units that connect the wall thermostat to the units had deteriorated and was messing up the signals. Cleaned the jack ends and installed new couplers and problem went away. I would check there. Roy 2003 Dynasty
  9. converting to led is cake look at sailorsams.com Roy 03 Dynasty
  10. Theo I've made two 3 month trips coast to coast opposite of yours mine starts on east coast anyway if you were to give it a straight line my winter trip went out I-10 and back I-40 . The summer trip went out I-90 and I-94 and back I-70. But of course it was hardly a straight line more like a ECG. We stayed at full hook up full power campgrounds the majority of the time as base camp and used the toad for excursions. Some were truly fantastic finds some average some just ok for a base camp. I'd be happy to share my findings if you gave me a idea of a route you plan to take and what you want to see. Roy 03 Dynasty
  11. Congratulations to all of you. I joined Monacoer's about 10yrs ago but too timid to post anything actually afraid to use my own name hence the miacasa ( according to my wife that's supposed to be my house in Italian she speaks it I don't ). So when I finally made my first post and was immediately responded to by truly knowledgeable and CARRING people it's kind of overwhelming you made it easy and fun. To all of you who run this site and the members that make it happen Thank you and Merry Christmas. Roy 2003 Dynasty
  12. That looks like a standard nonmetallic (romex) splice connector which a few manufacturers make now. About 10 bucks a kit so if anyone is doing a change out and gets stuck just get a kit and they are approved for in wall so no J box needed. Roy 03 Dynasty
  13. Yes I get my feed back from the toad brake lights. I built my cord from a 7 way molded trailer pigtail and just added another female end to it and of coarse a female end to the toad just like the end on the coach. That way I have battery charging and that auxiliary brake light plus the usual suspects and a spare. I suggest this only because if you want to add circuits later like this brake light for example you won't have to redo your cord just add what you need. My sequoia required running my wire light wires all the way back to my lights with diodes etc. so it was easy while doing that to tap into the brake light side. If you want to know more of what I did shoot me a email Roy
  14. Jeff I also have rvi 2 I don't know about the newer rvi3 . But in my situation I added a separate circuit and a red light on my dash that tells me if my toad brakes are activated just for piece of mind that I don't have a malfunction and burn my toad brakes up while driving down the road. Roy M. 03 Dynasty
  15. I agree with Chuck only I would charge your system with air and if it won't hold pressure ( stay at or below 50 psi) then listen for air that way no water mess. Roy 03 Dynasty
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