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  1. I had a crack in the cover that when the wind blew the rain just right would allow water inside the gasket area and drip down thru my filter area.
  2. I had a similar experience unfortunately I did replace accumulator etc. spent close to 3k and 2 years . Always ran great after filter changes for a while then warning lights and no power. Heard from a Monaco ex tech they had some trouble with the primary filter and suggested to by pass it. Well when I took the fitting off the inlet side I saw a pile of loose rust specs started picking them out and found a small piece of solder flat and about 1/4" round blocking the inlet hole. That when pressure was released when changing the filters would lay down then when it felt like it would bounce up an
  3. definitely check those grommets I just had one tear in half and when I checked the others they were all deteriorated and ready to fail. ended up replacing all 3 links. Roy 2003 dynasty
  4. Has anyone replaced the easygrip by moeller products on the engine oil and hydraulic tank. My engine oil has been a bear to remove from day one rubber looks ok not sure if that's how they are from new it takes a rag on the handle and all I got to get it out (and yes I unscrew it to release the rubber stop) the one on the tank is tuff also but it's rubber is starting to deteriorate. So am I barking up the wrong tree and they're always hard to remove? I did look on Moeller's site and it looks like just the plug/handle assembly is all you get not sure how the dipstick and diprod are removed did
  5. got mine from hoseandfittings.com all brass DOT
  6. Bob, Steve is spot on the only thing I can add is use a garden sprayer with kids bubbles in it much easier than a spray bottle and when I did it I replaced all my push to connect fittings with the swivel type on the protection valves. My figuring is since the valves go bad so often I would only have to unscrew the fittings next time and not have to cut and refit my air lines and buy new fittings next time.
  7. Bob, I have taken the Cape May Lewes ferry many times with my 40' Dynasty towing a large Toyota sequoia never been a problem. It's the only ferry I've ever take so I can't compare it to others. It can be a little tight side to side , height is fine. They treat you really your loaded in the center and drive straight thru and it's not a major truck route so most of the time your only surrounded by cars. I have always handled the ramp fine but after one time of going at low tide and driving almost flat onto the ferry and unloading the same I now try to time my trips according to the tide. It's o
  8. Ryan, Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner Anyway I agree with Granville they are the exact O-rings I plan to order. please take pictures and let us no how you make out. Roy
  9. Rich, Your predicament where you need that extra person is exactly why I posted that tip about using a regular extension cord we all have. With a plug on another short piece of wire with alligator clips you can rig up anything to test from one spot while your in another looking at your meter or test light while you control the actions. Anyway there have been some good post on this site about the 6- packs I myself am going to replace all my O-rings this spring when I get back from Fl. You can get all the rings for all three 6-packs including the ones in the solenoid that HWH doesn't sell for
  10. Bob I don't know much about Atlantic county campgrounds but down here in the extreme lower end of Jersey I can suggest 3. First is right in Cape May is the Depot Travel Park But don't get the wrong idea you will not be in a parking lot like some city campgrounds are. Quaint really nice quiet park but you are close and all lined up like a housing development. Second would be Seashore Campsites and RV resort this is a much much bigger park with all the hoop la even their own lake with a sandy beach and wooded campsites. Third would be Holly Shores camping Resort kind of in-between the two.
  11. Bob I agree with Bill about the Parkway. Not sure where you plan to visit in Delaware but there is also the Cape May Lewes ferry a little expensive but a great way to get into NJ. (I-95 can be a bear) and you'll be in the most beautiful county in NJ. (Not just because I live here either). I can think of no reason to stop in north jersey and like Bill I would be happy to recommend or help you anyway I can. Roy
  12. Did you look close at them for their part # on them. All of mine are lift-o-mat except my large bay door on D.S. so I assumed the previous owner had replaced it. Actually seamed like the whole door was replaced. Anyway I have a 2003 Dynasty on my P.S. the Lift-O-mat is 1670EH 0590N The D.S. is Supa C16-08260 which is 60 lb. which they list as a 20" Roy
  13. To you guys with the magne shades do you have any concerns with wind. Where I winter I can't leave without everything protected , Awnings in, chairs, tables, Etc. all put away. Winds whip up wild and crazy at anytime. I have been considering one myself and believe I would prefer outside vs inside type. And what about thievery ? Roy 2003 Dynasty
  14. Mike Mine started acting up similar to yours I found the coupler connecting the data wire from the thermostat to the unit had corroded inside. Probably causing the unit to keep getting mixed signals. I cleaned the jack ends and got new couplers and it behaves like normal now. Roy
  15. Long distance testing on the cheap. Take a old 3 prong cord off of something you were going to throw out anyway ( my case a drill) and put alligator clips on the wires. Then grab your extension cord and your good to go. As example you can be in the cockpit with your meters and test components no matter where they are. Thru the years I've added other connectors to my kit. male and female spades , male and female round pins all with wire leads. Roy 2003 Dynasty
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