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  1. Totally agree with you. Spent 3 days at Pointes West Army Resort north of Augusta, GA and opted for another 3 days. We live 150 miles from there and have already decided that is our "best place" for a getaway. Roy
  2. Don't know where you live, but in North Carolina start looking for corrosion at any connections. We moved from low humidity Colorado to high humidity North Carolina and I remember our last MH, a 1996 Rexhall Rexair steps stopped working and I found corrosion in most of the connections to the motor for the steps. Cleaned everything up and that fixed the problem. Roy
  3. Actually, after we have used most of our 100 gallons of well water from home, we use bottled water. Dasani is out now, CocaCola product. I have a similar issue with pressure gauges, having never had an issue with water pressure while connected to a campground water outlet. Are they really necessary? Just trying to keep my remaining years in proper perspective!! Life is good in Crossville, TN for a couple of days. HR is running like a top. Decided to make this 3000 mile trip on the Goodyear G661's manufactured in July 2015. No weather cracking and just still look great. Lif
  4. How important are filters? Having traveled throughout the US and Europe drinking water from wherever for over 60 years now, I can only remember one bad incident when I got sick. Running a marathon north of Frankfurt I drank from drainage from a pasture. Giardia. I guess I just choose to not live in fear. Have been RVing throughout the USA since 2004 without any filters in our class A motorhomes. Without problems. Roy Million
  5. e trailer, Stromberg Carlson Support Pegs. Mine are just riveted to the cap. Roy, 2001 HR Endeavor
  6. I am curious how others clean the radiator/intercooler on a HR Endeavor with a Cummins 330. I have sprayed the Extreme Green solution from the closet access as well as from beneath the coach, spraying afterward with a water hose. I find this a really questionable method and still can't believe an engineer would place the radiator/intercooler in a place so exposed to dirt/dust/oil/engine/blowby/whatever!!
  7. If I have any of that, I hope I never need to learn about or use it!!! Roy
  8. OMG. I'm through. 2001 HR Endeavor for sale. Just eagerly anticipating the next problem!! Cheap. Roy
  9. Went through this 2 years ago and after some research returned to Camping World for the 3rd time and told them to replace the pressure regulator on the propane tank and it has worked fine ever since. When it got cold enough, the pressure regulator failed. Don't claim to understand all that, but it worked in my case.
  10. Does anyone know where rubber seals for the slideouts on a 2001 Holiday Rambler Endeavor 40' can be purchased?
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