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  1. No bead lock or bands were installed
  2. 2003 Monaco Signature I replaced all my tires at 7 years 3months. I had replaced the 295/80R/22.5 Goodyear tires with Michelin 315/80R/22.5 in August 2013 and have just replaced those again with Michelin tires . I had my Coach weighed at the Minot FMCA Rally and learned I had been running my front tires at a tire pressure lower than was required for the weight. Even so, after 7 plus years and close to 40,000 miles there was still plenty of tread left on the tires and no sign of side wall cracking. All in all, I am very happy with the Michelins. It was a huge difference in ride and handlin
  3. I have had pretty good luck finding parts for my 03 signature from Visone in Kentucky
  4. I has a similar issue on my 03 Signature. Did not charge on Shore Power or Generator. Dave Pratt pointed me in the right direction to the Big Boy Relay. It was not working, no buzz and no green light on the rear run panel in the engine compartment. There was a 7.5 amp fuse blown that caused the problem. Replaced the fuse and all is well.
  5. I am in the process of getting all my airbags replaced on my 03 Signature at Josam's in Orlando. I had a blowout on the front right tire and my air pressure had never been the same so suspected some damage in that area. Barry, the service Manager has a cheat sheet for airbags on many Monaco Coaches so you might want to give him a call at 407 438 7020, he may be able to help you out.
  6. Indy Dixons, I have not had an issue with any of the 12v lights. I did change all of the 2" halogen bulbs to LED's. There is 64 total in the coach. Rob (03 Sig)
  7. I didn't have a problem with those speakers. I am not sure what would cause that. Dennis H mentioned a cause that seems plausible to me.
  8. I had a similar issue and it was a bad wire from the woofer causing 'white noise' coming from the center front speaker. The woofer was mounted underneath the galley sink against the wall of the coach which was a bear to get at. I ended up replacing the Bose Surround system with a wireless system which turned out great. I forgot to mention I have a 2003 Sig
  9. I will be at my coach on Monday. I will take a couple of photos and post. When the TV is down there is a cover on the left side (looking out the front window from inside) you have to remove to get at the 2 limit switches.
  10. I have an 03 Sig and had a problem after a bad electrical issue at a campground pedestal that caused the TV drop down mechanism to stop working. There is a limit switch on the right hand side that was forced out of adjustment and when I reset it it worked fine. It is very sensitive on adjustment and does not take much movement to make a change.
  11. Problem solved thanks to Malcolm and Bill Pratt. Malcolm supplied an Ignition Wiring Diagram for the 03 Signature and Bill good suggestions. The problem was caused by a bad wire from the Ignition Switch (Ignition Terminal on the Switch) to the Front Run Board. I ran a new wire and all was well. During the course of this episode I did clean every terminal associated with the batteries both house and Chassis. I also installed a 3rd Chassis Battery (tight fit) and it made a big difference to the sluggish starting. As a result of all this I certainly learned a lot. Thanks to you all for the
  12. Malcolm, Could you give me a call at 863 602 4685. I would like to find out a bit more on your problem and symptoms. Thanks to you and Vito for the response, I will measure up for a third battery and look into that starter. Right now I am looking at a tow somewhere which I want to avoid like the plague so needless to say I would like to get it started.
  13. I do not get any dash warning lights at all. I spoke to Dave Pratt and he gave me some ideas on things to check so will do all that and go from there, will keep you posted on cure. (once I find it!!)
  14. Yes, I have tried it in both positions, front and rear I do not get any dash warning lights at all
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