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  1. I bought a simple voltage monitor/display that plugs into the front cigarette lighter so that when I walk into the coach I can see what status the chassis battery is. The only other way I have to check it is the solar display that shows charging amps or voltages from house or chassis but this monitor is as convenient to look at. If your solar is working properly it should keep up with the battery charging provided you have the disconnects off unless you have a decent amount of solar, not parked under any shade, and live where the sun shines a lot. If I don't shut off my salesman switch
  2. When I first bought my rig I took it to Cummins for a complete service and inspection. It passed with flying colors. Then went on a trip to AK and when I returned I did another service on it as I clocked 15K miles. When I pulled the fuel filter I found it was almost clogged with a black slime. The dreaded Algae. I know at work, when mothballing equipment they recommended using a biocide and the maintenance department used Biobor. So that's what I started using. Problem with just using the Biobor is that it kills the dead algae but it accumulates in the tank. More research lead me to
  3. Back years ago during the Monaco bankruptcy the website used by dealers was left open and accessible, there was a post of the link on IRV2. It peaked my interest and ultimately found that I could find all the parts pages form my 2002 Windsor and spent a couple days scouring the site and downloading the ones I thought useful. The parts pages had both the Monaco part number and sometimes the OEM part number. Using the Monaco part number is usually not successful but in the past the OEM part number can usually lead me in the right direction to find a part but this is getting more difficult wit
  4. Back about ~6-7 years ago my coach was sitting in the driveway and I'd have to walk by it to leave. One day I caught a whiff of propane, the next day the same thing. So I got out a spray bottle of soapy water and fount the 2-stage regulator was leaking. The original regulator was a Marshal 290 which was obsolete, I was able to find he original spec sheet. Made a couple calls to RV shops near me, they didn't stock a compatible one. The original was a 2-stage which allows for higher capacity and helps in higher elevations. Since I had furnace, fridge, cook top, and water heater I didn
  5. My slide makes a clicking sound when it reaches the end of the stroke when I either extend or retract. I believe there is some of clutch type system that allows it to slip. I anticipate this while I'm moving the slide in or out and release the button just as it get to the end of the stroke. In the past this has been discussed I believe this is normal for my type of slide but I'll be monitoring this post to see if it may be something else. Attached is a parts breakdown for my slide, which may be the same as yours. 1 Slideout Bedroom mechanism.pdf
  6. I have read that the old style coolant level sensor could cause a problem of not reading correctly. Solution was to remove sensor, use a scotchbrite pad to clean the crud off of it and reinstall. Not sure if this applies to your engine coolant system or not. The old style sensor was mounted into the top of the surge tank down into the coolant. I believe it is a 1 wire sensor that senses that the coolant is at the correct level and is grounded through the chassis. I think if you unplug the sensor and take it ground & the light goes out that would solve your problem. Maybe
  7. When we bought our coach in 2008, we got a heck of deal. But we had to sell our Class C during the recession. It was neither a seller or buyer market. I sold it myself, first listing it on Craigslist, which was a mistake. The company I had worked for was kind enough to let me park it on their property next to a high traffic road. Got lots of calls, some lookers but no takers for a while. The mechanic that I use, and who had worked on my Class C's engine and transmission knew I was selling. He also knew I took decent care of my coach, brought his parents to come and look at it and the
  8. Slightly different circumstances during the "Great Recession" there was a huge swing in the supply/demand curve. People had purchased coaches prior to the bubble bursting and were desperate to get rid of them. A lot of people lost their coaches. It was a spiral as more coaches were for sale prices were driven down. Manufacturers, including Monaco, suffered the consequences with many going bankrupt. We had been looking to upgrade from our Class C, had actually been looking for years. Over that period of time we visited many dealerships and looked at both new and used coaches so we had
  9. I just looked at the manual for Xantrex inverter, there are installation instructions that include a decent wiring schematic showing the entire system including the generator, transfer switch and shore power along with the 120 volt circuit panels. I'd suggest you look at the make/model inverter you are looking to install and see what it has on installation instructions.
  10. If you take your rig to Cummins to have the codes read have them download the programming of the ECM onto a CD & paper copy. If something does happen to your ECM the record can be used to program a new new one. As previously mentioned, Cummins should be able to download the codes which should help lead you in the right direction to fix your problem.
  11. Here is one listed at Visione https://rvcomponents.visonerv.com/cgi-bin/md/M10/s1.pl I agree with Van, if you cannot source a new or used one rebuilding is a viable option. I working in mining and this is a common practice as OEM cylinders are usually pricey and may not be in inventory. Any decent shop can do the repair. If it is the outer barrel of the cylinder that is scored it can be replaced and or honed and oversized piston fabricated but it may be pricey. In some cases the mounting attachments can be reused on the new barrel. Same thing with the stem. If the stem is score
  12. I can reach it by removing the engine access door in the bedroom. I have two doors, on in front of the closet and one in the closet. I was able to easily reach it from the small hatch in front of the closet.
  13. I've not had an issue with the ice maker line running through the basement but I have had it freeze (along with the water valve) on the back of the Norcold refrigerator. This happened when I forgot to blow the line. In my case the water line came from the water filter under the kitchen sink. I would take this end loose and then disconnect at water valve and then blow out the line. I would disconnect the line from the water valve to the refrigerator and let the water from the refrigerator gravity drain out.
  14. 2003 is when Monaco changed the chassis design for the Windsor, going from the metal cage design to aluminum. They probably incorporated the design from the other models that had the aluminum structure, why reinvent the wheel.
  15. OK, your system is different even though it is only 1 year older. 2 parallel ducts that run forward and back. This is probably a more efficient system as the AC unit can push more air with this configuration with less chance of air recirculation or loss. The only thing your would have to make sure is that there is a good seal between the roof seals and the AC unit and the cross piece separating the cool from return air. Other Advantage is that you have better access to the evaporator coil. On mine I can barely see the coil let alone clean it.
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