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    Interested in talking to anyone who has a similar Camelot to compare notes and upgrades.
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  1. I have been lubricating my exhaust break with regular silicon spray. I'm being told I should be using high temp silicon spray. I can not find any high temp spray of any kind in the auto parts stores or on line. So, what is everyone using to keep the exhaust break working properly? So far I haven't had a problem but, if I need to change my way of lubricating the exhaust break assembly I need to know what to use. Any thoughts out there? Don
  2. I need to change my email address from namvet77@*****.com to hikenbike77@*****.com. Hope that is not a problem. Thanks. Don Genesse
  3. Quick question about servicing front wheel bearings. I have a 2004 Monaco Camelot that I am getting ready to service the front wheel bearings. Nowhere in my manual or any data I have states how many foot pounds to torque the lug nuts. I have read views on what people think but I need facts. Also what is the foot pounds to torque the nut that holds the bearings in. Thanks in advance for any hard data that is provided. Don
  4. I am looking for a good reputable company to remove my carpeting and tile and upgrade to a new nice looking tile. Does anyone know of a good company around Tampa down the west coast to Fort Meyers? I have new furniture ordered and the old furniture is already out of the coach (except the drivers seat). I can remove the old carpeting and tile but don't want to tackle putting in new tile. Besides no one will want to do the job if the old stuff has been removed. Namvet
  5. I'm looking to upgrade the sofa's and chairs in my 04 Camelot. The current furniture is Flexsteel. Can't find much data on Flexsteel. Found a fair amount of data on shop4seats. Prices are a little on the high end but still doable. Haven't checked any reupholsters. Currently in San Diego but live in Florida. Not sure if I want to do all this on the road or wait until I get home. Does anyone have any advice on which company to go to, or if the hole patterns line up if I change brands? Any advice will be appreciated.
  6. I have a 2004 Camelot and I had the same issue. Checked everything. Called the factory (when we could) and the rep pulled the wiring schematic for my rig. He said it was a GFI receptacle . I looked everywhere and couldn't find it. I finally did find it and it was on the side of the counter opposite the bed. It was on the side of the cabinet facing the rear of the coach (just opposite the doors for the washer and dryer. You definitely have one or more. If you want I can come over to your rig and help you to try and locate it. Don Genesse Site 33
  7. I am confirming I am going to the February event at Lazy Days.  Didn't see anywhere else I could confirm.

    Don Genesse



    PS. above shows I joined December 10th 2019.  I have been a member for over a year. but I'm guessing the new date is when the cross over took place.

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