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  1. I sure agree with Ron. We have been full timing for over 17 years and the last several have been tough. Although we winter in Florida, 4 months, the rest of the time we are on the move, usually out west, rarely staying anywhere for more than a week. We used to try to be fancy free and not reserve, but now we are finding we have to make reservations almost a year in advance. Everywhere we go the campgrounds are full, some favorites are completely booked for the entire season!
  2. My fitting in that panel broke and I had to get an entire replacement panel to include the push in fittings, I couldn't find them anywhere. But if you contact Actia Corp in Elkhart, IN, I'm sure they could tell you what they are or send you some. The last number I have for them is 574-266-2640.
  3. I have weighed my coach numerous times and it is adjusted properly right now. It is presently set at 48psi, I intend to set the new regulator at 48psi until I can get weighed again.
  4. Thank you very much David! I have ordered and will get it tomorrow.
  5. My tag regulator is leaking. Wondering if anyone has discovered a good source for a replacement. The one listed in the parts list doesn't look like mine. Thanks in advance.
  6. I think you said you have a Valid system, if you do, pull the fuse in the front run bay. With Valid the pump will run based on the pressure switch and doesn't care if the leveling system is on or off.
  7. I would like to add to this thread as well. We just finished up this morning having all our Girard slide topper fabric replaced and in addition our Girard window awning and door awning fabric replaced. From start to finish this job was handled wonderfully by Stone Vos, Ingrid getting all the awnings measured, double checked, priced and made. Then coordinating with TalinRV with Amy, an appointment that worked for both of us. It was such a breath of fresh air to have excellent communication, clear and precise descriptions, all the way down to an excellent description of when to show up, the
  8. On ours either switch works the step cover regardless of the position of the other.
  9. On our Nav, one switch is for the passenger front shade and the other for the step cover.
  10. I like you couldn't repair mine, so I bit the bullet and ordered a set, the only way they come back in 2019 for $1750. I lubed them up carefully and got them installed and one broke about 6 months later. Thankfully they replaced the pair under warranty, but I did run an entire season with only one lock. No problems. We full time and travel almost continuously so I do know our slides go out and in more often than most. Veruinks is where I got them.
  11. Yes, I have a Detroit Series 60. The only part number I have is DD 23520380
  12. Try replacing the coolant sensor in the overflow tank. That has fixed the same problem for me several times. I usually get a few years out of them.
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