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  1. It sounds like you are not moving the coach, is that right? The ABS normally resets when you start to move. Also, just my opinion starting the coach for a few minutes, like 20 every week does nothing good. It is always better to drive the coach and let it get up to operating temp every few months.
  2. Gary, Our insurance was with Progressive, the first 5 years they will replace with a like unit, then after as long as you keep renewing they will pay the purchase price. Obviously if you have a loan, the loan would be paid first. After the first 5 years with replacement unit, it was just cold hard cash, less the pain amount obviously. No requirement to buy another coach. In our case it was a lot of money, and they knew it ,so the premiums went up and up, and like I said for awhile I paid them until we felt it was a more investment for the chance of a total loss.
  3. Ours was the same, and for quite a few years, we continued to renew with full replacement until it finally got way too expensive. Figured especially with us full timing, a big chunk of change would make it a lot easier to move on.
  4. So you are saying that even with the discount with TSD you are finding real truck stops nearby that are cheaper than that by $.20-.35? Wow, never has that happened for me. All I have ever seen is all the stops in a given area about the same posted price within a few cents. I better open my eyes. Wouldn't Gas Buddy do what you are looking for?
  5. That's an incredible difference, with our traveling I rarely see differences in price like that. If it was an open easy to access gas station I would go in also. And it won't be me trying to race you, we rarely drive more than 200-300 miles in a day unless something catastrophic has taken place, we take our time and enjoy the drive as much as the destination. But if access is poor or I think I have to worry about clearance and getting in and out, then I'll spend the extra $25. JMO
  6. I had Ernie do our floor in 2014 and there are no gaps in the flooring.
  7. I used TSD in Wilcox, AZ in May. Pump price was $3.39/gal, and I paid $2.88. Not sure on the taxes, it was at a TA.
  8. I agree with you Kevin. The discounts early in the year were huge as compared to now. We're in the east right now after being in the west all spring and summer and prices are way higher, both rising prices in general and location. We use the PenFed card and do get 5% off, actually points redeemable in cash if we pay at the pump. We do use that now and then when we have to go or choose to go to a normal station, not truck stop. But I like you, will gladly pay a little more for no hassles, ease of entry, fast pumps, and not having to go inside.
  9. It is strictly a choice. I don't choose to go into Sam's etc, especially with slow pumps and 4 inserts of a credit card. Each to his own but to ask if I can get into a campsite or even a pull through is a bit much, me thinks. I've only been doing this for 30 years and full timing for 17 so I will have to work on those things. And furthermore it sounds like you have a particular route you drive, we don't, we vary our travels each year and do at least 12,000 miles, mostly off the interstates.
  10. I am reading over Mudflap and it appears go have to go inside, is that correct? That is a downside for me, but if it saves $.50/gal, I could make an exception:-)
  11. I hadn't heard of the Mudflap app until now, I will check that out. I am a truck stop or truck pump type guy. I like the ease of getting into the pumps, and the fast pumping and not having to run my card numerous times. I do on occasion, but try to avoid it. Believe me if we pulled off to a TSD location and saw a truck stop across the street for less, we'd go there, but to wander around looking for Sam's or Costco or some such just isn't going to happen. That is just our feeling. TSD has really thrown Pilot/Flying J Good Sam out of the market, at least for now, they are not even close.
  12. What has been better? We have pumped over 2000 gallons of diesel this year and they are winning so far. If there is something better I would love to know. Thanks
  13. We have used the card at least 20 or more times this year. You can find the best discounts on the app on your phone, there are big differences in where you go or what state to fuel in. I take a picture on my phone after I pump and usually by the time we are pulling back out of the station, we can see on the transactions area of the app, exactly what we have paid. Very convenient. I, before this year primarily used Pilot/Flying J with the Good Sam card, but they aren't even close now.
  14. You say you have the valve set to open, electrically? Have you made sure the manual valve on the tank is open, they close it whenever they fill your tank.
  15. Usually the stock single solar collector only trickle charges the chassis batteries.
  16. Your number is for the front with a 3/4" hole, the number for the rear bags is W01-358-9376. You must have used a 3/4 to 1/4" bushing.
  17. I don't know where you are but Rudy Leggett near Houston is fantastic.
  18. I would think so, but if you have tried 2 different pumps in that position, I don't see how it could be anything else.
  19. From what you describe it seems that the check valve is stuck or corroded closed. If you replaced the pump and it still didn't work, it seems the loop to the front is blocked. I had a friend that had to replace his check valve as all the tapping in the world wouldn't loosen it. You could try bypassing the check valve to see. Just an idea.
  20. I would really tap on the check valve, sounds like it's stuck.
  21. Sure seems like CYA, doesn't it?
  22. When I installed our ML-ARC, I replaced the battery boost switch with the Blue Sea remote switch. Found 2 wires from the RRB to the FRB and used those to connect to the switch. It is superior to the boost switch as the lights in the Blue Sea switch let you know what position the ML-ARC is in. Auto, connected, or disconnected. Very pleased.
  23. Just my two cents, we removed the carpet and the tile and had Ernie install engineered wood on all surfaces except for the driver side slide floor. Love it and wouldn't go back. Been in since 2014, still completely satisfied!
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