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  1. I had this Fisher & Paykel residential installed a few years back without any modification. It was able to be brought in and the Norcold removed out the side door. https://www.fisherpaykel.com/us/cooling/refrigeration/contemporary-refrigeration/freestanding-french-door-refrigerator-freezer-32in-17-cu-ft-rf170adw5-n-25097.html
  2. I have been with DirecTV now for over 20 years and truly do not have a problem with DirecTV customer service. I once had Dish Network and their customer service was horrendous hence my switch to DirecTV. I too have Verizon because I find when traveling cross country that Verizon gives us superior coverage to that of any other service provider.
  3. Woke up this morning and I now have ABC E & W back. Just have been a glitch in their system.
  4. My ABC East & West (396 & 397) still do not work. I reset the receiver but that didn't do any good. I'm going to wait a few days to see if it corrects itself. I prefer not to call if possible.
  5. Last night my DNS channel for ABC channel 396 (E) & 397 (W) were blocked. All other DNS channels were active. Did anyone else experience this ABC block? Maybe ABC are in negotiations with DirecTV to access the network?
  6. I replied to your question via email but it looks like I can't just reply using email. Anyway, I have the RF170 and have been using the adhesive Fridge Fixer for at least 3 years without any problem whatsoever. Tony
  7. I receive the Daily Digest but I do not receive an email when there is a post by anyone or when someone comments on a post. If I post a topic and someone replies to my post, I do receive an email with that reply. Is there a way to get an email notification on all posts & comments even if I am not a part of that post?
  8. I have the Sanicon Box Mount (not Turbo), Model 70200 and when I took apart the cover to expose the macerator pump, the pump itself is labeled Shurflo. Is that the pump what came with the Sanicon system? I was under the impression that Shurflo was a separate company to Thetford. If I wanted to replace just the pump to my Sanicon, I cannot locate a macerator pump for Sanicon. I can find the macerator pump for Shurflo. Is there anyone who has the Sanicon box mount can shed some light on this?
  9. I have a 2003 Holiday Rambler Vacationer which has a Sharp R-820BK microwave convection oven. I have replaced this unit previously with ease, but it looks like I have to replace it again and wonder if anyone has replaced their unit with another make/model without any modifications? It was quite easy slipping the same model into the slot and am hoping to do the same. Thanks.
  10. Still only ABC and CW have been affected. I won't waste my time calling to inquire because what will be will be. I would never consider switching to Dish because I am sure they are in the same situation. If it is canceled, I will live with it. Tony
  11. Unfortunately, when I click on the channel it brings up a notice, "Sorry we don't have any information about this program at the moment." I guess we will see what happens.
  12. Last night I had a program set to record on east coast ABC at 7 pm but it was changed to record at 10 pm on my west coast local channel. I looked at the guide and 396 east coast ABC was not there and there was on channel 390 Info a banner showing Important Information. This morning I looked at the guide and channel 396 appeared again but the 390 Info was still there. Now I never received a notice that the DNS channels were being taken away but I am beginning to wonder. Anyone else with DirecTV DNS experience this?
  13. nyrngrz


    Thanks Timothy. I see the screw in the middle and see 2 small holes above and below that center screw. Do you know what kind of a screw it is? The hole is really narrow and appears to be a deep hole.
  14. nyrngrz


    Well Paul A I did that already and it doesn't show how to access the inside where the blades are located. Do you have a Sanicon?
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