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  1. I have one exactly like that one. Lol. Thanks for the offer, but mine is in good shape.
  2. Is the sound quality much improved over the Magnadyne? Where did you place the subwoofer?
  3. Somewhat unrelated to the topic, but important to Monaco owners. My coach was 10 years old when I bought it from original owner. I found the dryer vent as it exited the coach, wasn’t sealed or properly secured. While washing the coach, I found this. A good reason to wash your coach now and then. The plastic vent sits on untreated wood. Mine was rotted. I replaced what I could and sealed it well.
  4. Beautiful. Nice looking house too. I’m from Michigan and would rather see pictures of snow. I’ve lived in it too long.
  5. I would like a convection oven that is quieter. I wonder if they exist.
  6. What did you replace it with and was it difficult to install?
  7. Mine is the Sharp R-1874/75. Same dimensions. 29 15/16” W 16 11/32” H 15 9/32 D
  8. Looks like a nice unit. I’d like to know that too. My wife is not happy with the OEM Sharp unit. I’d like to replace, but fear installation will be too difficult.
  9. Ivan is right. You have to get the coach weighed and preferably get weights at each axle end. You then take the higher weight from each axle end and go to the tire chart from your tire manufacture to determine psi. I did this at the Escapees park in Florida after I had purchased my coach and had placed everything in the coach. My pressures are 115 fronts, 95 drives and 85 tag. Coach rides well. I suspect if you were to air all your tires to 100-110 your coach would not ride very nicely and you might be too low in front. I had service done at Cummins a couple years back and they wrongly a
  10. I love my old 2008 vintage Sanicon. However, I had to take it apart every year and replace the propeller and clean it. Then it works very quickly.
  11. Here https://www.spyderauto.com/product.php?id=PRO-YD-FS05-HL-C
  12. How did you determine your belt tensioner was bad? Is there a set number of miles put on an engine that requires it to be replaced?
  13. I found the stock headlights were a joke. I don’t drive at night, but I wanted good headlights just in case. I replaced mine with a high quality headlight that not only puts out a lot light, but made my coach look more modern.
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