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  1. Very nice. Does anyone know how to determine if your coach has had ceramic coatings applied? I’ve owned my coach three years and I bought it from the original owner. He didn’t tell me it was coated, but my coach still shines nice when clean. How long does a ceramic coating last?
  2. Ouch! Which model Roadmaster chassis is that?
  3. Hey Scotty, that looks very nice. If I understand your pics correctly, you replaced the old box Sanicon with the newer version. It looks like the waste drain exits under the coach and is permanently outside the wet bay...so all you do is attach your waste hose. Did you drill a hole in the floor? I have the old box Sanicon and it has worked well, but does the newer version perform better? You still have the grey water bypass right?
  4. We paid 4.09 a gallon at the TA in Coachella CA on Monday, before TSD discount. Now in Texas and we see diesel going for 2.85. Sadly I bought 110 gallons in CA.
  5. Thanks. I guess I should have known that. Lol.
  6. Hey guys this might be off topic, but I’m wondering if anyone has addressed this. We installed a new smart TV to replace the old power hog and ridiculously hot running OEM Sharp TV. The original speaker cables (see pic) have no ports in the new TV. Has anyone found a way to connect these cables to a smart TV, so that the surround sound speakers in the ceiling will operate?
  7. Yeah I not only put up my awnings in high winds, but we often pull in our bedroom slides at night to avoid the flapping noise from the slide topper.
  8. We love CA, but we’re from Michigan. No other state offers such beauty? Beaches, deserts, mountains, cities oh my. We will continue to visit as long as we can.
  9. I have one exactly like that one. Lol. Thanks for the offer, but mine is in good shape.
  10. Is the sound quality much improved over the Magnadyne? Where did you place the subwoofer?
  11. Somewhat unrelated to the topic, but important to Monaco owners. My coach was 10 years old when I bought it from original owner. I found the dryer vent as it exited the coach, wasn’t sealed or properly secured. While washing the coach, I found this. A good reason to wash your coach now and then. The plastic vent sits on untreated wood. Mine was rotted. I replaced what I could and sealed it well.
  12. Beautiful. Nice looking house too. I’m from Michigan and would rather see pictures of snow. I’ve lived in it too long.
  13. I would like a convection oven that is quieter. I wonder if they exist.
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