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  1. Chuck, did you mean that the location of the Essex button varies? Regardless of where the coach was assembled... the Essex keypad does not have an external 'brain'. The keypad beside the entry door is a self-contained keyless entry system and is not connected to or in any way controlled by the wireless keyfob system. The OP's picture clearly shows a button and a bundle of wire attached to a wireless keyfob receiver. Like Dennis said... "That has NOTHING to do with the ESSEX door entry. " Cheers, Walter
  2. Maybe they pulled your Essex programming button back over to the dash? Mine is just hanging under the passenger cup holder. The poster’s picture shows the button attached to the black box, so that button is not for the Essex. W
  3. Yeah, that’ll be the box for the wireless key fob. Not the entry keypad tho . Are y’all talking about the Essex keypad??? That’s totally separate from the keyfob remote. The Essex keypad is a stand-alone unit with no external ‘brain’. There’s another push button switch connected to the Essex that is used to program the Essex keypad. cheers Walter
  4. Many years ago I had an automotive body shop. We would put an ad in the paper for a body man or painter and have a long line of unhireable applicants out the door. So I had the bright idea of adding a simple qualification to the add ‘must pass drug test’. Guess how many applicants we got! Cheers Walter
  5. I lost a lug nut recently and bought some replacements. They have "Tighten to 450-500 ft lb" stamped right into the nuts! Cheers, Walter
  6. I’ve got the chassis-side combiner disconnected from my lithium house batteries. It would be nice to have some power from the chassis while underway, but in general I’m not looking for the alternator to charge the house batteries. As as long as I don’t depart at night with low batteries, the house should be able to run for 2+ days. And the generator is there as an alternative charging source. At some point I’ll probably reconfigure the combiner relay or add a dc/dc charger, but so far I haven’t been real motivated to try and connect the alternator to house batteries. Cheers Walt
  7. Mine has the bmw lights, but I would assume they have similar mountings. Once I crawled up in there the attachments are pretty kludgy, but fairly intuitive. Mine just have some aluminum straps that go around the back of the light and hold it up in the aperture. I wish I had those van lights... I bet they are a much better fit for this application than the bmw housings. Cheers, Walter
  8. After you fill it, watch it for several cycles. If the neck is cracked the level can go up/down a few times, sucking in air each cycle till the level eventually settles.
  9. When the antifreeze heats up it expands, pressurizes the tank, pushes past the radiator cap and flows into the expansion tank. Then when the system cools down, it pulls the antifreeze back in. In mine, the difference between hot and cold is about 2-1/2 qt. If your level is not changing in the expansion tank it could mean there’s a leak where the pressure cap is soldered to the tube coming up out of the tank. This is a common failure point. If the tank is really low, it might explain yours not pulling in antifreeze when it cooled down, but if everything was sealed up it would likely expel
  10. Also, consider having the sync cylinder rebuild while you’re in there. Mine started weeping shortly after I had all the rams done cheers Walter
  11. Here’s my story https://www.irv2.com/forums/f115/need-advice-on-jacking-up-slide-out-431958-2.html Cheers Walter
  12. diysolarforum has an active bunch of diy lithium builders. There are a small number of Chinese suppliers that folks report having experience with, mostly supplying prismatic sells for diy battery packs, and the feedback is kept updated on that site. I'd stick with a known supplier with references on that site and not experiment with new sources. Xuba is one with many reports of good service and supplying as agreed. It's kind of a wild west market with these gray market cells. Apparently the sellers latch on to a good supply of quality cells, but then have a hard time maintaining their su
  13. I guess I should update... In general I'm really liking lithium batteries. But there have been some snags. As I dug into the batteries I found some serious problems with the construction. And after complaining to Xuba came to find they subcontracted construction to another company who was responsible for the shoddy assembly. Eventually came to the agreement that Xuba would find another contractor, carefully design a better-engineered 'product' version of the batteries and manufacture replacements. So that's where we are now. Xuba appears to be acting in good faith. The replacements
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