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  1. My 20 gal. (Home Depot) air compressor died today and I need to replace it to get my coach tires checked. I have been waiting, in the past, for the 20 gallon unit to get up to full pressure to air up 22.5 tires that were only 5#, or less, from being fully inflated. I am imagining I would be better served with a 3-6 gallon tank. I rarely use a impact wrench. What do you guys use?.
  2. I am trying to replace both (original) Dometic heat pumps (620215.421) on my 1995 Monaco Dynasty. I have contacted Dometic twice and PPL once and received three different recommended part numbers. I don't use the electric heat and so only need straight A/Cs. My thermostats are both 3105356.004 although one also controls the propane furnace. I had originally planned to do this myself but do not have access to a forklift and with the confusion over part numbers I might need to have a professional installer make the product selection. I live in the Phoenix area. Any knowledgeable advice regarding
  3. I have had this problem with the tach bouncing when the genny is running. In my case if you turn on your running lights the tach will quit bouncing. My problem was a voltage regulator that poorly handled the hand off of the load from the genny to the alternator. Every time the load shifted the tach jumped.
  4. I have seen plastic bushings like that where the rear rv? levelers attach to the frame.
  5. Running the new thermostat wiring for my 1995 Dynasty would be very difficult. Do the new units have controls on the units themselves, that I could get to by reaching for the ceiling to control A/C.
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