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  1. Ron P., 2004 Monaco Executive My refrigerator in my 2004 Monaco Executive is worn out. I am told that the cooling unit needs to be replaced. My question is should I replace cooling unit or replace the entire refrigerator. If anyone has had any experience with this, please share. If you replaced your refrigerator and it was a good fit, works fine, please provide, model, price, etc. I saw that someone replaced their refrigerator with a Samsung RF18A5101SG. I have not used my refrigerator on LP. RON P. 2004 Monaco Executive
  2. I have the same issue. Answer would be helpful.
  3. It appears to be the drain hose. I will be checking in more this morning.
  4. I have the plastic tank with a radiator type cap.
  5. It buzz when cold. Tomorrow morning I will add coolant. It will buzz initially, then stop buzzing.
  6. Yes. But what would cause the reservoir to overflow?
  7. Ron P. 2004 Monaco Executive, Cummins 500 ISM. I am having trouble with my coach being low on coolant and the buzzer sounding. When I stop driving it appears to be leaking from the coolant reservoir hose. New reservoir. I can add coolant and the buzzing stops. After driving about 250 miles, the low water light and buzzer comes on. The engine temperature is 177-181 F. I recently had my heater hose to the Aqua-Hot replaced. Any ideas/suggestions.
  8. powersltc

    Solar Charging

    Ron P., 2004 Monaco Executive. I am venturing into something new as usual. I have solar panels but I have never tried to charge batteries. According to Aladdin it is doing something. I have it in the Inverter mode. How do I charge the batteries?
  9. I have added a gallon of coolant to reservoir and coach has been running for about 20 minutes. Temp 158 and buzzer still sounding.
  10. Ron P., 2004 Monaco Executive My 2004 Monaco Executive leaks coolant after driving/running. It does not run hot. Today, the low water began buzzing. Tomorrow, I will let it run and see if I can identify leak location. Any ideas/suggestions?
  11. Ni. It is not a loud noise just a click. No motor. No gears. Just click.
  12. I have looked everywhere and can not find a fuse marked bedroom. When the switch is pressed, there is a sound.
  13. My bedroom slide not working. Other two working. I got it from the shop today, oil change, etc. Any ideas/suggestions,?
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