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  1. powersltc

    Solar Charging

    Ron P., 2004 Monaco Executive. I am venturing into something new as usual. I have solar panels but I have never tried to charge batteries. According to Aladdin it is doing something. I have it in the Inverter mode. How do I charge the batteries?
  2. I have added a gallon of coolant to reservoir and coach has been running for about 20 minutes. Temp 158 and buzzer still sounding.
  3. Ron P., 2004 Monaco Executive My 2004 Monaco Executive leaks coolant after driving/running. It does not run hot. Today, the low water began buzzing. Tomorrow, I will let it run and see if I can identify leak location. Any ideas/suggestions?
  4. Ni. It is not a loud noise just a click. No motor. No gears. Just click.
  5. I have looked everywhere and can not find a fuse marked bedroom. When the switch is pressed, there is a sound.
  6. My bedroom slide not working. Other two working. I got it from the shop today, oil change, etc. Any ideas/suggestions,?
  7. DOT IP AP2 K 98 6K This is the number on the lens. Research says the headlight assemblies comes from the 1998-2004 Cadillac Seville. I found two for the Seville but need to verify. They cost a lot. Can't be wrong and stuck with lights I can't use. It certainly looks like same.
  8. Ron P., 2004 Monaco Executive I am looking for headlight assemblies for my 2004 Monaco Executive. I read a thread that said the assembly were the same as the 1998-2004 Cadillac Seville. I have been unable to verify. Does anyone have experience or parts number for these assemblies. Any ideas/suggestions is appreciated.
  9. Ton P., 2004 Monaco Executive Hello. Has anyone had the pleasure of changing out a sofa? I have a J-Lounge soda that I would like to exchange but it has a heat exchange vent in it. I have called Villa but no return calls. Any ideas/suggestions would be Appreciated.
  10. My 2004 Monaco Executive, I replaced with stainless steel marine cup holders.
  11. Mine just drain out of the bowl. I have to flush before use to fill the bowl and again after use. The bottom seal is okay. Not leaking.
  12. Ron P., 2004 Monaco Executive I have a Dometic toilet and it flushes find however the water does not stay in the toilet bowl very long. It eventually drain dry. Anyone have any experience changing the seal on the flush ball?
  13. Ron P., 2004 Monaco Executive QUESTION? Has anyone ever changed the heater hose from the engine to the Aqua-Hot? I need to replace the hose and any ideas/suggestions would be Appreciated.
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