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    2005 Monaco Signature Commander IV
    ISX-15 525HP

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  1. Hi Becky, I am glad the new controller fixed your problem. Paul
  2. Thx Jim, There was a box in a top shelf on a door, and the flap was under the door seal. Removed that and will monitor some more. Paul
  3. Back to not right today. Pulled the cover off the evaporator and it was all iced up and the drain hole had ice in it. Used a hairdryer to clear the drain hole and melt the ice. Power cycled it and waiting to see if it starts to cool. Paul
  4. Hi Kevin, I am glad you got to take your trip! Paul
  5. Back to normal this morning. It likely power reset when we shut off the generator. I’ll keep an eye on it.
  6. Our RF 197 has worked great for the four years we have owned it. For the last few days the freezer has worked great at -2, but the fridge is set at 36, and the fridge is showing 53 degrees. Any suggestions on what to check? Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions Paul
  7. Richard, The wiring diagram looks like the bay door switches are interrupting 12V from the Slide Disable Relay. Paul
  8. What at the preferred RV Surplus locations in Elkhart? I would like to find a matching ottoman for our 2005 Signature. Paul
  9. I am still looking for a mechanism if anyone has, or knows where one is. Thanks! Paul
  10. The Faria gauges are driven on a Faria Canbus between all the gauges. There is a separate Faria Gateway that Canbus that gets all the signals and send a them to the gauges. Faria no longer supports these gauges as they were custom for Monaco. Paul
  11. https://www.mikescustompaintinginc.com We have an appointment there for a full paint job on our 2005 Signature later this year. Paul
  12. I have looked into it. The black part is a tricky shape to print, but the real challenge is the clear plastic which is what deteriorates more. That would be very difficult to 3D print and be functional. There are some 10 button panels that only have 6 buttons, plus 4 more inputs from regular switches. There is a second 6-pin connector on the back of the PCB. Perhaps yours are like that. Paul
  13. Ram mounts just work great, and are not priced too high. Paul
  14. Hi Jim, It was great that you were able to get some of those keypad plastics. They are specific to Monaco and not available from Intellitec any longer. You will be able to change the functions assigned to each button and add new functions to previously unused buttons. Paul
  15. Hi Woody, Hard to say without a picture. You can text them to me at 678-772-3847. Paul
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