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  1. Yes. Everything was drained and the chassis was blocked in place. Paul
  2. When I replaced my o-rings, I did not remove the manifolds from the coach. I removed the solenoid/valves one at a time, replaced the o-rings, and replaced it. I did not remove any airlines. Paul
  3. Your SmartWheel controller looks to be #3 in the lower left of the FRB. To identify the relay, take a picture of the relay itself. The writing on it will include the manufacturer and the model. Paul
  4. I have posted an update in the Vendor section. We will shortly be shipping Version 2.0 of the controller!
  5. Our failed toilet controller has taken me on a journey I would never have expected! Our original model controller has helped over 50 RV Owners to keep their Magnum Sealand Opus in operation. When I started this project by making one to replace our failed controller I had no idea that it would be of use to so many people. There continues to be demand for these controllers so I have developed Version 2.0 of the controller. I have been able to reduce the depth of the controller by incorporating a smaller display and I now use flexible hooks to mount it over the edge of the back of the t
  6. Hi Clayton, Ours is a little slow to respond too but has always worked after a couple seconds.. I have not dug in to see why, but will do and let you know what I find. Paul
  7. Yes, I am sure they can. I am not sure it is economical to do it that way rather than just buy them from Atwood though unless you are doing it for yourself. Paul
  8. Hi Doug, Yes. That is available. I can find out a price if you are interested. Paul
  9. The cups on arms with a center hub is an awkward shape to 3D print without supports. I expect to we could come up with a multi-piece design that would be easier to print. I have a spare I can try to model it off. now that I liked, there are many designs to use as inspiration here. https://www.thingiverse.com/search?q=Anemometer&type=things&sort=relevant Paul
  10. Hi Jim, If you already have backups, I can program/reprogram keypads, I’ll PM you my direct contact info. Paul
  11. Thanks for the expressions of interest. I placed my initial order with Intellitec, so we should be able to get started with the first couple of users soon. I will be looking for user feedback from the first users to improve the instructions for the rest of the users. More info as I get the Intellitec pieces and can commit to a shipping date to users. Paul
  12. It is possible to have the Intellitec 50A EMS act as the PMC Master, or add a separate PMC Master and still support some output modules and keypads. It would be fairly straightforward to recreate/update keypads in this configuration, and no main CPU backup is required. Paul
  13. Hi William, I don’t think so. The Intellitec PMC Multiplex system was first introduced in the 2005 Signature, then other models in later years. Paul
  14. Yes. I am running this on Windows 10 64-bit. For a different project I wanted to resurrect an old parallel port EPROM programmer. I screwed around, bought a new PCI LPT port card, bought a video card for an old PC, bought an adapter for that card, and finally bought another old PC before I got it to run using a DOS boot from USB. Nothing’s easy. Paul I would almost buy a coach with a failed Kongsberg to bring it back to life, but I would need a working one to work out what it does as I have not found any documentation on it. More complicated than a toilet controller
  15. Hi All, I see a lot of people on this and other forums that are not having an easy time getting support for their Intellitec questions and issues. Along with others on this forum, I have gained a pretty good understanding of how the Intellitec system works on our 2005 Monaco Signature and how to backup and restore the main CPU and the keypads. I reached out to Intellitec about becoming an official Intellitec reseller, and they welcomed me! I can now order direct from Intellitec for any Intellitec parts that you may need. One of the important things that all owners with Inte
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