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  1. Replaced the door bell mechanism with this https://www.amazon.com/dp/B019BW9TX6 Replaced the button with this https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000BQUTOA Button lights up and doorbell works now. Paul
  2. Head units have come a long way and have improved a lot. I doubt the Panasonic does much more with it than support for a Video In. Paul
  3. Hi Chad, Can you check to see if there a separate fuse on the Panasonic unit? You can check the video out from the See Vision unit by using a separate monitor or TV that Han an RCA input. Paul
  4. Sounds more like the 2004 user manual than the 2002. There is likely a fuse in the Front Run Bay that powers one or more things in there. If you touched a live wire to ground, it is very likely one or more fuses blew, but unlikely that you damaged anything. I would start checking to see which of devices has and does not have power on this inputs, then checking for the fuse or other system that feeds that. Paul
  5. Hi Frank, I believe that is the older 10-00849-000 kit. Intellitec now has a new one 10-01079-00 which has a USB connection rather than DB-9 RS-232C connection. These are still available through Intellitec distributors. I do not want to modify the system programming. The new item I am suggesting building would be a new way to turn things on and off from your phone or tablet. Intellitec has a Bluetooth module in their Road Commander line that may work, but they recommended upgrading the whole system from PMC to Road Commander. I will do a proof of concept to confirm I can
  6. Chad, Are your cameras the bullet style? Do you have an Aladdin system? Does the See Vision system have 12V on the 12V battery terminal and the Aux 12V out connections? Paul
  7. Let’s start with the pictures and see what we can get going again. The 2002 and 2004 Signatures are setup differently so the first thing is to confirm what configuration yours is. The requested photos will help with that. Paul
  8. I have previously been able to backup our Intellitec CPU and confirm I could program a replacement CPU, but this weekend I was successful at backing up our keypads and programming a replacement keypad to address one that would intermittently not work right. All the yellow LED’s would come on and the keys would be unresponsive. Fortunately this was a temporary condition and we were never unable to access the keypad functions for more than a minute or two. Now I do not expect this annoyance to occur. I have also been looking into building a device that would interface with the Intellitec sy
  9. @Chad A It will run fine. You just won't have your cameras or other data. I expect we can get you going one way or another. Can you post some pictures of what you are working with, as well as your dash and inside the dash area where the See Vision is, and the rear camera itself, and the relevant sheet from the wiring diagram? There will be a yellow RCA for each camera, and one yellow RCA for each display. Monaco has User Manuals for the 2002 and the 2004 Signature, but not the 2003. What type of cameras are your side cameras? Bullet or Intec box cameras? Do you have an Ala
  10. Thanks all. Found the blown 2a 12v fuse in the panel near the Intellitec modules. The button needs replacing too, but I can manually short the contacts of the button to make the single Ding! So new doorbell box as well. Paul
  11. I found my doorbell box behind a false wall in the cabinet under the sink in the bedroom. It is a NuTone KB-10WW-1 RevA. It looks like it was stuck on and one of the plungers in inoperative. The other is not conncted. I switched the wire to the other plungers, but it is still not working. Does anyone know where the 16VAC transformer is, or how it is wired to the button and the doorbell? Thanks! Paul
  12. 2005 Signature headlights are from a 2003-2006 Ford Expedition. Taillights are from 2003-2006 Chevy Silverado. Paul
  13. One member gave me some feedback on the difficulty they go had getting all the wires into one of the arms. I did another camera for them by cutting most of the cable out. It certainly makes for a shorter cable, but more work to do with the additional cutting and splicing/soldering.
  14. I have replaced relays on various boards. Some are tricky to unsolder, but with the right tools, not too bad. Paul
  15. I upgraded my low beams to HID from 9006 bulbs and they are great. However, it is incompatible its the smartwheel Headlight flash as they do not turn off and on quickly. One trick is to make the wipers sweep once and the smart wheel keeps the low beams on with the high beams. I am now looking at 9011 bulbs to replace the 9005 high beams. Paul
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