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  1. Well, got the new Sharp r-1874 home from Lowes, and after several hours and countless tries to get it installed, We made it !. It IS heavy (71lbs), and TRICKY to install, but in the end a drop-in fit from the Sharp r-1850. Looks nice, stainless steel instead of plastic trim. It IS a two person job, but thanks to Richard from this site, it is doable. Richards advice was a HUGE help. All is good again.😁

  2. We got the old 1850 microwave out, here is how it went. After unscrewing and removing the bottom plate holding the screens, we loosened the LONG screws/bolts and rocked the microwave forward. Had to remove the wood panel above the microwave to got the cord free. The hole in the cabinet that the cord went thru was TOO small for the plug. Monaco had added wiring AFTER they installed the microwave, so wiring blocked plug. I cut the cord since I am throwing the old Sharp out. ThenI rotated the microwave forward and guess what. They DID put wood screws in the lower walls of the microwave. V
  3. Thanks all. Got lots of good advice and instructions. Will proceed to remove and replace with Sharp 1874T. Will report back on results . Bigjon.😁
  4. Help ! My 22 year old Sharp R1850 has died, panel is all broken, need to replace. I hear that there is a exact drop-in replacement. How do get the old one out ??
  5. What make, model, year coach. Bushings in front end are worn.
  6. Check the AM solar website, lots of good info and how to videos.
  7. Interstate sells THREE quality levels of 6V batteries, Costco sells the cheapest of the three. I have them in my golf cart. NOT nearly as robust as the trojans I replaced. I replaced the 6V trojans in my motorhome with the premium 6V interstates(green cases). Big difference in price. Interstate says the premium 6V are made by trojan. I paid $160 a peace for the premium Interstates. They are performing very well, I boondock a lot. Google the interstate web site.
  8. lots of utube video's on how to the shades. I had mine restrung last winter in Quartzite.
  9. For those of us that could not make the gathering, the writeup was fantastic !! Thanks so much for sharing .
  10. Thanks for the reply's and suggestions. Good group.
  11. I am about to do the first oil change service on my new-to-me 99 executive with the M-11 cummins. I have seen oil capacity at 10.3 gallons, and maybe less with a smaller oil pan. anyone know how Monaco configured the M-11 in the executive. ?
  12. You got a bargan. Sounds like you found a real gem. Congrats.
  13. Can you give a ball park dollar figure. I too am in the mesa area. Jon...
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