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  1. The sliding part of the drivers window is cloudy and difficult to see out. Is there a shop that can repair the window or does the entire window need to be replaced? If repairable, how do you remove the sliding window? Rich
  2. Is there something better than connecting/unconnecting coaxial connections to switch from satellite, cable and over the air TV use? I only have one cable going to the bedroom/outside TV's from the front. Rich Cole
  3. Chris, I have the Omega 1 style awnings on my 02 Monaco Windsor. The spring is weak or needs some lubrication since I have to help it rewind when the roadside front lounge slide goes in. I accidently ripped a 6" tear in the awning material recently. How do I find instructions for removal of this awning? Rich Cole
  4. I had to replace both of my headlight housings since water was leaking inside. I found numerous small cracks on the clear plastic housing so it was time to replace. How do you adjust the aim of the new headlights? Richard Cole
  5. While driving home from our last trip my dash fuel gauge went from half full to completely full and pegged to the right. The next day I started up the coach and the fuel gauge indicates correct level. I did check the four wires connected to the sender. They could use cleaning but they connected. Any clues why this happened? Richard
  6. Was thinking about replacing the propane gas cooktop with induction type. Has anyone done this upgrade? Rich
  7. I disassembled the sun visor end caps and found a broken plastic part from the housing. Glued the broken piece and the visor works great. It probably broke when the unit fell from the mounting above the windshield.
  8. It's time to change fluid and filters in the reservoir. I believe the fluid should be Dexron 3 ATF and filters Fleetguard 87610A. I have never done this service before and any advice would be greatly appreciated. Richard
  9. I wanted to replace the bedroom slide seals since I get a small water leak on one side of the slide out. What type of seals should be used since the lounge slide out seals are "P" shaped along the slide walls and the bedroom are flat? Also, any recommendation of supplier of these seals? Thanks - Richard
  10. I wanted to get a few ideas how to re-mount a flat screen TV in the front lounge area. I would like to reduce the size of the original mounting box so it is almost even with the cabinets above the windshield. Thanks for your ideas. Richard
  11. I have the Powervisor Maxi windshield sun visors and the drivers side will not come down. It sounds like it is jammed and will have to remove it and troubleshoot. Has anyone torn one of these units apart to repair? When the time comes to replace what other options would you suggest for a sun visor? Thanks Richard
  12. Tom, Is the ECM the electronic control module for the Cummins engine? What I was thinking about the Intellitec disconnect was to install it just to isolate the chassis battery from drains like the ECM. Where you suggesting the Blue Seas ACR for the same application?
  13. Thanks Tom for responding to my post. For me to charge my chassis battery when the genset is running I disconnect the generator wire from the BIRD and that closes the relay. I was looking at the Intellitec BDX Battery Disconnect System as a possible solution. The relay would isolate the battery by pushing a switch and would eliminate the manual disconnect switch in the electrical compartment.
  14. I found out that my chassis battery was dead after trying to start my coach. We have a 2002 Monaco 40 PST and the 8D battery is only about a year old. Unfortunately we store our coach without power and have to start the genset to charge batteries couple times a month. I do have solar panel for the house batteries charge but found out the line going to the chassis battery didn't have a fuse installed. Any ideas to reduce the parasitic draw of the battery? Rich Cole
  15. Somewhere in Iowa I lost the left front hubcap for my 2002 Monaco Windsor. Where can I find a replacement? Rich
  16. X-12 Lug Nut Wrench Set can loosen any wheel or set proper torques. Delivers over 3,000 FT/LBS without air or electric power. Set includes 1" square drive wrench, lug nut socket, ratchet handle, spare shear pins, metal carrying case, and square nut adapter. List price $619.00, asking $400.00. Contact me at 707-372-4002. Richard Cole
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