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  1. This looks a lot like mine. I had to stop working on it due to an emergency. When I get back at it I’ll let y’all know what I find. Ron
  2. Vince, Here are some pictures I took today. They do look a lot alike. I didn’t find the capacitor. The motor and the actuator are behind the limiting switches. I’ll look at it tomorrow and give you a call. Thanks, Ron
  3. Thanks, yours looks exactly like mine. We have been through everything, or I should say the tech has. I’m about to get into it myself. Surely they checked the plug but you never know. Ron Vince, I think it is made by Tri Metals Fabrication. This unit folds down toward the front of the coach. The switch is 12 volt but the motor is 120. If your standing look towards the front of the coach the motor, actuator and circuit boards are all on the left side above the drivers seat. I think it does have limit switches but it’s been almost a year since I’ve had it apart. I’m not at the co
  4. The drop down front TV will not work. Two years ago I had a bad blowout and when I got the coach back a year later the TV would not come down. I have had it to several RV repair shops. They found several things that it could be. 1. The circuit board may be bad. For $450 I could send it off to see if it could be repaired. They no longer make the board and if it can’t be repaired I’m out the money. 2. the motor is bad. I have not tested it but I was told this. I searched for the motor and it is not available. For now I have disconnected the lift and made brackets to hold the TV up. I
  5. This is what happens without Tyron Bands. The tire came off the rim and after destroying the fender got stuck between the the wheel and the frame making steering impossible. I was lucky to have kept it up right as the back left side tires came off the ground per the driver behind me. This was at only 50 mph as I had just turned off the interstate. It took over a year to repair all the damage. Ron S 2004 Signature
  6. Congratulations Dave, you have done a lot for the Monacoers over the years. Thank you for your special help dealing with things on my coach after my blowout. I really appreciate the help. Ron Stevenson 2004 Signature Castle
  7. I had planned on attending this year, but after unexpected expenses and a 6,000 mile trip last fall we decided to not do Florida this year. I don’t have a problem with the location, in fact I have friends in Naples, Florida and several other events which I would go to if I make it over. So, I would be in favor of staying there since many members are there. Sorry I missed y’all. Ron Stevenson 2004 Signature Castle
  8. Instead of replacing my radio I up graded my house stereo to digital and my new Denon amp will hook to my phone so I can get I Heart radio and hear my local news where ever I’m at. I found that by looking on Amazon you can find what you need for almost any radio. crutchfield is good but expensive. I bought my equipment from Best Buy because they have a very good service department, are nation wide, match competitions prices and the extended warranty is very reasonable. I would advise buying that as we have a whole lot of shaking going on. Another benefit is my wife can listen to talk radio
  9. I have a Viva camera. It mounts on the dash and can be used as a camera, a guard for when you are parked or set to turn on when you have a incident while driving such as a wreck. It has a memory card that can be downloaded to a computer. It also connects to your phone. I have found it works well. Attached find an example of our 21 seconds of terror when we had a front right tire blowout and come off the rim. Please excuse the language, I was upset. I think it turned over so you will have to watch upside down. Fortunately we were only going 50 mph . Things happen fast 21 seconds. Ron
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