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  1. It's a good idea to run the coach, genset, furnace monthly if that's possible. It certainly won't hurt to change oil more frequently. If you are concerned about the condition of the oil, getting an oil analysis is a good idea. I've been using Blackstone for many years; there are others too. I generally send in a sample for analysis each year before the oil change. Sometimes Blackstone will tell me the oil is good for more, but I change it anyway.
  2. That's encouraging to hear. Maybe the RS232 adapters I was using is the problem. I tried an old usb-to-rs232 adapter; that didn't work on both the Thinkpads which I tried. Then a Startech Express card. I'll try a different card when I get the chance. Do you recall which card you used?
  3. I have not been able to get the Intellitec PMC II software to run properly making a backup on anything newer than a Windows XP computer. Paul, have you been able to do that?
  4. I made an inquiry I made to Garnet and received a response. Their SeeLevel version with an interface to the Aladdin is no longer available. The tank level calibration # is the same on the fresh tank full or empty so I think there may be a problem with the cable or the interface module. I put a Seelevel in my Dynasty years ago so it looks like I'll eventually go that way. Wondering if anyone has the specs for the digital-to-analog converter which Garnet used to have for that model.
  5. George, You shouldn't need to hit the center bolt. Once the wheel nut is removed it shouldn't take much at all. Maybe there's corrosion in the splines; you might apply some PB blaster and let it soak for a while.
  6. We have two sons in CA. A winter trip there was a regular yearly thing for over a decade. General RV-unfriendliness, CG insufficiency, congestion and fuel prices made it tougher. Irate motorists & crazy drivers didn't help the situation. In January 2019 we decided to take the trip with our pickup, stay in a B&B a lot closer to the family. It was less hassle and resulted in more time to spend with the grandkids. Now we prefer that our kids to come visit us; sometimes that happens. After CA stops their 'shutdown" if that ever happens, we may decide otherwise but as of now we
  7. Do you have the rubber hoses with brass or steel threaded fittings on yours?... or the plastic VOSS connectors like mine? I just noticed that one of my fittings has a broken red clip. See Below, I do not know what, if anything, the clip does to hold the fitting together. I wrapped the tabs with a zip tie but do not know if that is sufficient to hold it. Has anyone with this type of connection replaced the whole thing with steel or brass "field-installable" fittings?
  8. I was thinking about getting a SeeLevel II to replace my rather inaccurate Aladdin tank sensors. I didn't know they had version a version which connects to the Aladdin system. I am not sure my coach layout is the same as your 05 Exec was so I'll start looking in my bay ceilings for the Aladdin bridge. Any more info you still have on this install will be appreciated.
  9. I recall so many times over the years, speaking with Bill about all the upgrades he made to this coach. Bill told me about things he fixed as he was advising me on how to fix mine. So many times I watched him fix things. I don't think he let anything go by for more than minutes from the time he got the necessary parts. He impressed me with his attention to everything on that coach. I just heard that Peggy reduced the asking price. Sad that Bill is gone, I haven't looked in a while at the ad.
  10. I can find the mate & lock connectors, pins and sockets online but not the pre-made cable ends like that. What is the URL where you found that?
  11. If you hear the relay clicking but no current output, that sounds like burnt contacts on the relay. Sounds like what happened to me years ago... I kept the old smartwheel controller ... somewhere... there were burn signs on the board at the relay as well as J12.
  12. Years back the Smartwheel controller on my 03 Dynasty showed burning at J12. At first I thought it was the connection but sometime later the headlight circuit went out. When I removed the smartwheel controller the circuit board where the corresponding "25a" relay was mounted showed burns as well. Some of the other circuits had been affected also. That's when I decided to make the headlight circuit permanent; durability of the on board relay is questionable.
  13. While waiting for my790R30 to replace the old Primary filter Setup I came across a picture in the 06 Sig Manual, below. The connectors on these look just like the ones on mine, and the filter system in the picture looks like the 790R30. It looks like it will be an easy swap if nothing breaks. My concern is if those plastic connectors break, where to get a replacement, and how to install them on the hose ends. Rather than that I would prefer the field installable metal type (JIC) but still not sure what size/type of that connector to get. I wrote to Voss so hopefully ans
  14. Check connections to be sure they are intact. The clock spring would be the next likely possibility. If yours is like mine was you can remove the center cover which exposes the wheel nut and a four wire connector. The other end of the connector is below where the steering column articulates. You will probably need to remove the cover for the steering column. Once both connector ends are uncovered you can check for continuity. When I did this I discovered one of the four wires had no continuity. That's enough to know clock spring replacement is needed. The clock spring on most
  15. @Mocephus, Well done. Curiously, I was working on something else in my FRB and noticed that pin2 on J12 is starting to show burn signs. Another project added to my list.
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