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  1. What I would do is fill the system with the engine compressor then use the Viar ( sp ) comressor occasionally to keep the pressure up as you search for leaks. I use the air fitting next to the gen sometimes but never when it's humid. There is a thread on IRV2 about leaks and Timaz recommends this ultra sonic leak detector. I'll probably order one when I get back from our short trip. https://www.amazon.com/allsun-Ultrasonic-Transmitter-Headphone-Indication/dp/B079DPF98V/ref=pd_sbs_2?pd_rd_w=4g9es&pf_rd_p=651d64d1-3c73-45b6-ae09-e545600e3a22&pf_rd_r=CJNZJZGYS24RJSHR7Y
  2. Rob, I think you may have air assisted brakes. I like the idea, seems a little safer to me. Here is a link that describes them. https://kor-pak.com/need-know-hydraulic-assist-brakes/ Here is a little excerpt, Larger, commercial vehicles typically employ air brakes. This system uses compressed air to activate the brake system as opposed to the compressed fluid in a hydraulic system. Smaller, domestic vehicles will use hydraulic over air brakes. Brake with Fluid. Hydraulic assist brakes provide an additional safety feature to just about any vehicle.
  3. Here is a quote from Family motor coach ( FMCA ) that says hydraulic brakes. The R-Series includes the R4R, which is a straight-rail frame chassis that uses the Cummins ISB 300-horsepower engine (600 pound-feet torque at 1,600 rpm) and an Allison 2000 MH five-speed transmission with a push-button shift pad. This chassis is used for the Monaco Cayman and the Holiday Rambler Neptune. The chassis includes hydraulic brakes with ABS and is equipped with a 75-gallon fuel tank.
  4. 10-4, I try to give the truckers a break anytime I can. They are working making a living while I'm playing. A few truckers are jerks about RVs, most are friendly enough when I'm friendly towards them. Yrs ago we spent the night at a truck stop, woke up the next morning with an 18 wheeler about 6 inches from my door. I told DW he is telling us we don't belong here and I agree with him. Big brother is riding along with those guys and he'll probably be riding with us pretty soon. I hear the computer in our cars today knows everything and they tell it.
  5. Chris, I agree . We should think of how the other person may take what we say. Once we spit out something we can apologize but we can't get those words back. It doesn't have to be grammar, bulling of any kind is wrong and hurtful. It says a lot about the person doing it.
  6. 3 days, that's remarkable, I'm thinking 3 months for me, or if I got in a rush, maybe 2 mos. LOL And then there's Paul ( pcpronze ) who rebuilt his later model boiler. We have got talent on here, I'm impressed. If you haven't read it you guys should check out this thread. https://www.irv2.com/forums/f115/engine-quit-on-my-2000-diplomat-526808.html I have an 03 Windsor that has the old style AquaHot boiler and Paul has an 06 with the newer boiler so they changed boiler types somewhere in that time frame. That is importan
  7. It's been a long time since I delved into those coaxes but I think on mine one goes up front and the other goes to the wet bay for a park cable hook up. I don't remember ever using the cable though.. Lowes sells a little tone generator & detector for finding wires that will help you trace & find wires. It's sort of a Fox & Hound device but only $38. http://mobileimages.lowes.com/product/converted/032886/032886935398_07794817.jpg?size=pdhi Huh, my picture didn't show up.
  8. Any idea what the other coax goes to?
  9. Tony & Jon, Welcome to the best group around hope you both enjoy. Jon those pictures really caught my attention. In the 1st pict it looks so bad and the 2nd pict wala beautiful. Many of us have an AquaHot just like yours so watch out, don't put your address on here. I have seen some pictures of other peoples copper winding and yours gets the prize for best. It looks like winding those coils could be a wrestling match. Maybe you can put together a list of the supplies you used and the steps so that others of us brave enough and willing to endure skinned knuckles can repair
  10. William, You'll not get any grading from me and I have no idea why he chimed in as he did but I assume it was an attempt at humor. I went back to see what he said and it's gone, disappeared completely. Not sure now it ever happened. 😄 Vilsis has been here for a long time and sometimes it's a little hard to follow what he is posting but I don't remember him being obnoxious. Glad you're here and I think you'll find only good peop
  11. I've got 2 auto correctors, my phone and my DW. Not necessarily in the same manner though. 🙂 🤕
  12. William, Vilsis is from Switzerland as I recall so some things may get lost or mixed up in translations and the humor may be a little different. Ray Davis 03 Windsor
  13. Around here the dealers will not deliver less than 100 gals, and they don't like to drag the hose a long way either. I'm sure it gets heavy dragging it all day.
  14. As the OP my intent was not to criticize BlueOx, but was to hopefully make us all take a look at our tow bars now and then, and to show what can happen. There is no perfect apparatus regardless of who made it, each will be lacking somewhere. Yes Dennis, lets go. I'm heading to get new tags ( registration ) in a few minutes. That's setting me back $365 here where I live in Texas. I'm sure some states are higher and others lower, it seems like quite a bit to me but at my age everything seems high. I remember when tags for my car were like 10 bucks, of course I didn
  15. Well said Harvey, I appreciate and understand your reluctance to talk about it.
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