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  1. This place may be able to help. https://comfortairgr.com/product-category/scs-victory-climate-systems/
  2. Pretty sure it's the covid vaccine shots, and it would be either pfizer or moderna at this time
  3. He said two 12v batteries wired in parallel which is still 12v but double the amps. I think what he's asking is if 2 batteries of lesser weight would be ok. To that I say why not as long as you still have the amps. Big batteries are really heavy. I used to man handle the batteries now they man handle me. I use the bucket on my tractor to carefully lift them into place now.
  4. Harvey has a valid point. We were preoccupied with the coil primary components we didn't consider the secondary, but the 2 cylinder diagram shows how it could be the secondary components at fault.
  5. The condenser should be across the points and they both connect to the neg side of the coil. The positive side of the coil goes to 12v. If you have a condenser connected to the positive side of the coil it is probably to kill radio etc interference This diagram may be a little clearer, I hope it helps
  6. It looks like he has the condenser connected across the coil and the coil neg grounded.. See the diagram
  7. You have the coil and condenser wired wrong
  8. I took my tensioner, belts, and misc parts to NAPA and they matched them right up. BTW an organization mentioned on here sometime ago ( AITA ) https://aitaonline.com/ (Americas Independent Truckers Association) saved me a quick 25% IRCC. That percentage seems to vary with the store, particular part and the person waiting on you. Anyway the organization is free to join and works fine for RVers as well as truckers.
  9. Kevin, I believe the sound you are hearing at the end of travel is normal. Some years ago there was a discussion by Fred White about this sound. After many people reported that they had the same sound and had always had it the conclusion was it is normal. My 03 Windsor does it and I don't worry about it anymore. Here is a link to a thread on IRV2 that shows what the underside of the bed looks like and why Ben ( 96 EVO ) asked about wood chips. Quick Tips and Easy Mods (Monaco Style) - Page 77 - iRV2 Forums
  10. I thought they were reversed too but wasn't sure. Let us know what you find and how the Raptor works out. Will you by pass the lift pump?
  11. What !!! Gave up your Crocs I love my Crocs, flip-flops between my toes bother me. It is a little cold right now for Crocs here in Tx Around the MOHO it's so easy to slip them off when entering the coach My foot Doc says to not wear either of them but I bet he does.
  12. Ernie Ekberg is the guru of RV flooring and he is friendly and helpful. He has a website too but I don't know it right now. ernietex@yahoo.com- or 817-475-3991
  13. Dennis, truer words were never spoken, uh I mean typed. 👍
  14. Does this mean that some coaches have a travel button? I'm pretty sure mine does not have such a button, mine just goes into travel mode when I am ready to go
  15. I suspect they will still be there, it's not a 1 wk thing as one might imagine. Some are there for quite a while and others move on. I haven't been but from what I've gathered it's more of a campfire gathering, maybe do some projects on their coaches. Even if you only drove out where they meet in your toad you could see if it appeals to you, wouldn't even have to stop
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